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Part of the reason I’m taking this tour through the MOB is to make sure I read some of the newer MOB blogs that, for whatever reason, I might have missed reading over the past few years.  There’ve been some pleasant surprises; when people ask  “where are the new blogs?” I can answer “all over the place!”.

One good example that is completely new to me is GOP Mommy. Jalen is, indeed, a mommy (of two), and also a GOPer.  Indeed, as she explains in her site’s sidebar:

A little about me: I am now a registered Republican and I make Alex P. Keaton look like a flaming liberal. I believe in a small government since much of what the government touches turns to crap. I am a fiscal conservative though I tend to be more lenient when it comes to (some) social issues.

Which sounds a lot like an awful lot of us!

And she’s had just about enough of the Susan Komen foundation:

I am literally sickened by the fact that the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is partnered with Planned Parenthood. How insanely hypocritical is it for a group that wants to save the lives of women with breast cancer to donate your donations to a group that DESTROYS the lives of infants? Don’t ask me to donate money to “save lives” when you work with a group that wants to END life for profit! Pretty sure “abortion” is the polar opposite of “saving lives”. Pro-murder groups- oops, I mean pro-choice (to murder)groups like Planned Parenthood have no business working with or accepting donations from any group that claims to want to help people.

Also, I find it interesting that having an abortion is linked to causing breast cancer. This simply means that the Komen foundation is helping to CREATE new breast cancer patients! Just know that if you donate to the Komen Foundation, they give a percentage of your donations to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. Think about that before you donate. Perhaps they should use donations to find a cure for breast cancer instead of for ending lives….that would seem to make the most sense.

My donations to the foundation have ceased permanently.

GOP Mommy is no shrinking violet!

So tune in when making your rounds of the MOB!

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  1. I read the SGK Foundation’s explanation of their connection with PP. Basically they said that the reason they provide grants to PP is that in some areas, PP is the only facility with the resources to provide things like breast cancer screenings. They also said that the grants they provide are earmarked specifically for breast cancer screening and that they check to ensure that it’s only being spent for breast cancer screenings and not other things.

    The problem of course is that money is fungible. If you provide money to a group that does something you agree with but that you know also does things you vehemently disagree with, they can (and likely will) take your money to spend on the things that you agree with BUT the money that they would have otherwise spent on the thing you agree with can (and likely will) be diverted to fund the thing you disagree with.

    In other words, if the SGK Foundation provides PP with grants to provide breast screening (something PP presumably already does), that means that money that PP would otherwise spend on breast screening is freed up to spend on performing abortions.

    IMO the solution for pro-lifers who want to contribute money to fight breast cancer is to direct their donations DIRECTLY to groups that fight breast cancer DIRECTLY instead of to a middle-man group like the SGK Foundation that funnels money to different groups, some of which may do things that pro-lifers find morally objectionable.

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