As polling results (and, I suspect, internal polling) show the GOP statewide slate is showing promise, two things are happening:

First: The DFL is throwing everything they can find against the wall. Look for a raft of abstruse “Campaign Finance Board” accusations – the political equivalent of “Karen” demanding you wear a mask while out walking. It’s impossible to run a campaign without violating some rule or another, and everyone involved knows it; the charges are there purely to logroll the gullible.

Second and less predictable? Donald Trump, looking to burnish his record as a kingmaker, has bungee-corded into the state with a raft of endorsements. Earlier this week he endorsed Kim Crockett and Scott Jensen.

The bad news? It gives the DFL another framing point to use to try to seize control of the message.

Jensen’s campaign is reacting, I think, appropriately:

“…ultimately, we only care about one endorsement: the support of Minnesota voters. We are continuing to barnstorm this state, engage in meaningful conversations, and work every day to earn the votes of Minnesotans by fighting Walz-Biden inflation, ending our crime epidemic, protecting parental rights, and funding students, not broken institutions,” Jensen said.

A source close to a statewide candidate told me yesterday that it was not the news they were hoping for: they were just starting to get the conversation in their statewide race focused on issues rather than personalitymongering; Trump’s endorsement may have complicated that.

The good news, maybe, possibly, if you’re a GOPer who’s forgotten what contending in an opinion poll, much less winning an election feels like? Trump, burned by a couple of bad calls in primaries, is likely saving his last-minute bungee endorsements for candidates who’re going to burnish his record. Which means – I’m guessing here, but not without some reason – that the GOP’s internal polling is looking more like Trafalgar and less like Survey USA.

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  1. One of my neighbors was one of the fundraisers for Michelle Benson’s short campaign for governor. He believes Jensen is a drag on the GOP ticket. Which in this political environment which favors republicans may turnout to be true.

  2. One of my neighbors is a volunteer for the Walz campaign.
    He told me that Walz is so terrified of going to jail for the MDE scandal that he has started sniffing glue again. Word on the street is that they are prepping Dayton to step in, as soon as they can get him sobered up.

  3. Apparently the base “always” knows best when nominating candidates. I was also a Benson supporter — Michelle came with zero baggage compared to Jensen and his conspiracy nonsense.

  4. Ha! For Christ’s sake Bot Boy.

    You want to talk about conspiracy theories when you feckless hero candidate just sought out an “endorsement” from one of the biggest conspiracy theorists in the country? Pound sand you hack!

  5. ^ sure, buddy.

    [Benson] already nodded to COVID-19 criticisms in her initial campaign statement, decrying an “extreme agenda” that she said is dividing Minnesota with “radical, leftist policies.”

    “Trying to defund the police while crime rates are skyrocketing. Shutting down schools, and crippling neighborhood businesses, when the science and common sense says it’s safe to keep them open,” she said. “I’ve seen enough, and it’s time to get to work.”

  6. Would have been a layup for Benson — more crossover appeal than Jensen. The fact that there is only a limited likelihood of that happening now is actually a condemnation of Jensen/Birk.

  7. ^^ Which candidate would have the best opportunity to poach democrats. Not going to win without crossover support..

  8. So many of the people who criticize Jensen have never been through the door of a medical school. It’s outrageous! Next thing that you know, we’ll have non climate scientists — maybe even people without graduate degrees — thinking that they can post their quaint opinions about climate science on Twitter and the Facebook.
    The Metaverse itself may even become contaminated with misinformation.

  9. Which candidate would have the best opportunity to poach democrats. Not going to win without crossover support

    Yes, which one?
    In 2015, she co-sponsored legislation that would allow businesses to refuse to provide services for same-sex couples

    I fine w/ this legislation – and Ms Benson is also my senator – but is someone who would co-sponsor that legislation a good crossover candidate? I’d sure like that explained.

  10. Is that really a pic of Emery, Blade? Or is it one of them internet “deep fakes” I am hearing about? I am no expert, but the whiskers look like maybe they were made with photoshop or one of them other high tech computer programs.
    But what do I know? I surf the web with Mosaic for Amiga and I use a DECwriter instead of a display so I can’t do lot of image analysis.


  12. From the Star-Trib. Ouch!:
    The Attorney General’s Office is the first state entity to publicly question whether federal authorities acted urgently enough to shutter Feeding Our Future. A Star Tribune review of state and federal records shows that Minnesota officials provided federal authorities with little or no evidence that Feeding Our Future was misappropriating government funds.
    The FBI had to build a case from scratch, obtaining records from “hundreds of bank accounts” and following the money to dozens of conspirators, according to search warrants filed in January. Those bank records led to indictments that laid out how millions of dollars meant to feed needy children was used to buy cars, jewelry and expensive real estate, with the perpetrators covering their tracks by submitting fake attendance sheets and phony invoices, according to court records.
    The Attorney General’s Office has broad authority to conduct civil fraud investigations and could have initiated its own probe or demanded the nonprofit’s bank records before the feds stepped in. Ellison’s office began representing the Education Department in court when Feeding Our Future sued the department in November 2020 for blocking its expansion plans.

    If Ellison’s office had used its investigative power to pull bank records, it could have found that the alleged conspirators paid at least $524,579 in bribes and laundered $3.2 million in program funds between July 2020 and March 2021, prior to the FBI’s involvement, according to a Star Tribune review of the federal indictments.
    Ellison did not launch his own investigation into Feeding Our Future until February 2022, after the nonprofit ceased operations and had pocketed about $250 million in federal funds.
    Ellison declined an interview request. In a written response to questions from the Star Tribune, Stiles said it’s possible the Attorney General’s Office could have obtained “some evidence to discern fraud or misdirection” if it had demanded records from Feeding Our Future earlier. Such findings could have jump-started the federal investigation or given state regulators ammunition to act on their own.
    Stiles said it is more likely that Feeding Our Future would have fought aggressively against a records request in court, potentially filing a “sham lawsuit” or motions to quash it, delaying the office from obtaining the information.
    While a delay could have occurred, the Minnesota Supreme Court has upheld the attorney general’s right to seek such records when that authority has been challenged.

  13. That’s him UMMP. I admit to adding the whiskers, but he was shedding at the time the photo was taken.

  14. ^ Good ol’ Strib, waddling in after all the fun is over. Hakim must’a effed up and/or pissed someone off royally to get this treatment just before the election.

  15. Looks like Hakim’s time is up. We’re left to wonder what form the next destroyer will take.

    We know it won’t be the StayPuft marahmellow man though, too White.

  16. Hakim took one look at that suspect list and said “waa maya!”

    (Somali translation: Oh, Hell no!)

  17. When elected, Ellison was praised as a “rising star” in DFL politics. After George Floyd, the riots, the continuing crime wave in the DFL stronghold metro counties, and the MDE scandal, well, I guess Ellison is being thrown under the bus.

  18. I might have seen that you added the whiskers, Blade, but I usually view images on the web by sending them to my old Centronix 101 dot matrix printer so I have higher resolution than ascii art. But last week the Centronix started leaking oil from the print head shock absorber so I took it offline. The BBS’s tell me I can replace the Centronix shock absorber with a front wheel shock from a ’76 Datsun b200, so I ordered one, but thanks to Buttagieg, “supply chain issues” means it may not arrive in my mailbox for months.

  19. MP, my takeaway from that story is some of the bribe money ended up in hakim’s pockets. If only there was somebody to follow the money trail and not erase the footprints.

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  21. UMMP, marvel and be jealous of my Qume daisy wheel printer!

    Lightning fast; precise and makes a pleasing noise as it speeds high resolution text and graphics to my hand!

  22. The Pelosi hammer fight is getting weird.

    Pelosi told the 911 dispatcher dude was a friend. When the cops got there, Pelosi and the dude were in their undapants, Pelosi had the hammer and was well, hammered 🥃🍸

    Everyone is saying this is a GrindR date gone bad. What do you think rAT? Sound familiar?

  23. BN, you might find this of interest.

    So this is what happened Thursday. Elon musk took over twitter and the tech equities all shit the bed: Meta down 25%, Amazon 20%, Apple 10%, etc. Nancy Pelosi, daughter of mob crime boss and married to gay money manager Paul who at age 82, runs a San FranSicko money shop, Financial Leasing Services LLC, has a very bad day and goes home to blow off some steam with a gay hooker who is apparently an incestuous pedophile. They get to arguing over drugs in their underwear at 2AM (at age 82 in the home of the third in line to be president mind you… meaning secret service were there). Nancy’s fake faggot husband calls the police to report a domestic disturbance and they send over the VIP squad to handle it tactfully because that vengeful bitch would ruin the career of anyone who would not. Then while the cops were there the gay prostitute picked up a hammer and cracked Paul’s skull open in front of cops in the home of the speaker of the house. He is rushed to a hospital for emergency brain surgery and the media hacks at Rolling Stone run cover blaming MAGA white domestic extremists. Welcome to Weimerica circa 2022.

  24. These kind of disputes between male patrons and male clients rarely reach the point of violence. If they did, that’s all we would ever see on the nightly news.
    I am glad that I am male and not female, I am proud of the male sex, but even I am embarrassed by the sexual antics of so many men.
    Really? You’re a guy with so much money and power you could be partying with multiple gorgeous women who wouldn’t charge you a penny and you want to shag some middle aged guy? WTF?
    Maybe it’s my working class upbringing but if I ever felt the urge to make out with some dude I think I would cut my own d*ck off.
    Not that there is anything wrong with that!

  25. i think we know why Nan Pelosi is such a wretched, angry bitch. You’d be angry too, if every time you returned from a business trip the whole house smelled like ass and phallus cheese.

  26. You can argue that political figures from both sides suffer from political violence, often from mentally unstable people. But only one side really seems to enjoy themselves when it happens.

  27. Say rAT?

    While nothing would make me happier than to know someone busted into Nancy Pelosi’s house and beat her husbands withered old ass because they’re scumbag, leftist grifters, the truth is the only way this had any politics involved would be if that faggot prostitute from Berkely had an Antifa flag hanging out if his ass.

    This was a GrindR date gone wrong. Everyone knows it. You can be sure, because not one leftist media site mentions those two faggots were in their undapants when the cops got there.

    This story will vaporize by tomorrow.

  28. ^ OK, but I have a couple of questions.

    Why is this considered political? I mean, The guy had BLM signs at his house. Paul called him a friend? He was in his underwear. This Liberal extremist was known to Paul.

    Bonus question in this regard, can’t you even get Trump involved somehow? Rob Reiner did, Donald Trump has been spreading The Big Lie for 2 years. The violent assault on Paul Pelosi and the attempt to murder Speaker Pelosi is directly related to that Lie. Donald Trump is 100% responsible for this and Jan.6. He must be indicted and never be allowed to hold office.

    Question 2) Remember quotes like these when Rand Paul was attacked?

    1) Friendly reminder that Rand Paul’s neighbor was right about everything

    2) Today we are all Rand Paul’s neighbor

    3) I don’t think we could pay Rand Paul’s neighbor enough money to live next to Ted Cruz

    4) America stands with Rand Paul’s next door neighbor. Rand Paul used to hate @realDonaldTrump Now @RandPaul sucks up to him. Rand Paul’s next door neighbor has never wavered. He has always hated Rand Paul. Tonight I stand with Rand Paul’s next door neighbor. #TrumpChaos

    5) Anytime I need to feel just a little bit of hope about the world, I think of the time Rand Paul’s neighbor beat his ass and broke six of his ribs

  29. It’s odd that, apropos nothing, urine would be on your feeble mind, rAT

    Is your daughter/naughty nurse administering a urine enema to relieve your constipation, right now?

    tia rAT!

  30. “I wasn’t aware anyone paid attention to Gateway Pundit.”

    Since the publisher is a boy touching faggot, it doesn’t get far beyond the Pedo market…again, odd that you’d bring it up apropos of nothing.

    You’re outing yourself bigly rAT.

    Keep going, buddy!

  31. How is it you know of Only fans, rAT?

    My wife sends you free memberships? Really?
    Are you saying you doxxed yourself to my wife? Sorry, but that sounds like another lie. I don’t think you have the balls to climb out from under your rAT pile for anyone.

    Does your daughter/naughty nurse not satisfy all your needs?

    tia rAT!

  32. How is it you know of Only fans, rAT?

    My wife sends you free memberships? Really?
    Are you saying you doxxed yourself to my wife? Sorry, but that sounds like another lie. I don’t think you have the balls to climb out from under your rAT pile for anyone.

    Does your daughter/naughty nurse not satisfy all your needs?

    tia, rAT!

  33. Say rAT? Did you and Epstein have a time share arrangement between yourselves?

    He was known as a purveyor of young girls to leftist scum, but sis he dabble in boys for special friends too?


  34. rAT, I swear I know your daughter/naughty nurse.

    Her street names “Wendy o’ Wow”… right?

  35. Tom — your angst just encourages predatory people to attack you. Try not make yourself an easy target.

  36. Free speech might be tougher than I thought.

    Musk promoting conspiratorial nonsense reveals yet again the true measure of the man.
    Musk deleted his tweet spreading an unfounded conspiracy about Pelosi’s husband. And his fans are now upset that he has “caved to the leftist mob”…

    Normal people desperately try not to be the main character of the day, Elon Musk spends $44 billion for the honor.

  37. Nancy Pelosi stands by her L❤G🧡B💛T💚Q💜 husband. She wants everyone to know the hammer was successfully removed from his ass, and that no gerbils were harmed during the spat.


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