53 thoughts on “Fearless Prediction

  1. Eh, Reagan was a “Pollyanna” and a warmonger as well when he told Gorbachev to tear down the wall, no? Not too many people, even conservatives, thought that was possible. But he ended up tearing down the major edifices of Communism from the Bering Strait to Thuringen. It was enabled by things like the “reckless actions” in Afghanistan, Grenada, and the like.

    Today, the remaining edifice of Communism appears to be the system of control set up as KGB operatives gave control of formerly state owned enterprises throughout the old Warsaw Pact. It’s the major reason many of the former Soviet Republics suffer so badly from corruption. Its lynchpin is the little baldhead, and little baldhead is going to be gone once there is a certain threshold of pain crossed. I don’t know that there is any other way around it, but the end game is freedom not only for Ukraine, but also Russia.

  2. bike did are just compare Reagan/Gorbachev time to Biden/Putin? Are you well? Do you REALLY think Putin will stop whatever he is doing just because… what exactly? Kumbaya? It took a generation for the wall to come down! OMG! I am done with this conversation – I cannot manage this level of naivete and obtuseness. Get well, bike, you really need to take a doze of reality.

  3. I think Putin will stop when the oligarchs realize that Putin is for real about putting a portion of the USSR together, and that means no more western wines, no more western cars, no more western medicine, no more western yachts, and no more western freedoms for them, either. Then they will find someone to put some polonium in Putin’s borscht. They know very well where Putin’s moves are leading, and they don’t want to be the next on the purge list.

    I have no great love for Biden, but he is essentially doing the same thing that Reagan did with the mujahedeen vis-a-via Ukraine. He is arming people who know d*** well why they don’t want to be ruled from Moscow and is bleeding the Russian army dry. We can only hope and pray that wiser heads with access to the Kremlin act before too many Russian soldiers die for the little baldhead’s megalomania.

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