Let Me Spell This Out

Big Left has been chanting about “reforming” the Senate again.

Rep Phillips summed up a chanting point we’ve heard from the likes of Tina Smith and Nancy Pelosi:

Let me spell this out for the benefit of Democrats: the US is not – or is not supposed to be – a government with all significant power centralized at the national level, like the UK or France. It’s a federation of states – the United States, a group of independent and interdependent mini-nations joined in a federation with limited, enumerated powers.

Among the primary reason to enumerate and limit those powers? To prevent the most populous states from dictating national policy to smaller states.

It’s why we have a House of Representatives to directly represent The People, and a Senate that represents the interests of States; to check and balance the interests of both sides.

This enumeration of powers, and limits on those powers, is called the Constitution. The Constitution is very closely analogous to a contract.

And when you breach a contract, the law – well, a just legal system – offers relief to the parties to the contract. Including the dissolution of the contract.

Abrogating the Senate’s ability to check and balance the majority and act in states interest is a breach of contract, and grounds for dissolving the Union.

Prove me wrong.

NOTE: If your answer is “the question ‘can we secede’ was settled in 1965”? No. Two reasons:

  • It was settled in 1776.
  • If the contract is null and void – and it will be – then there’s no union to secede from.

F*** around and find out.

8 thoughts on “Let Me Spell This Out

  1. There is an unbridgeable gap between those who view the constitution as a protective shield and those who view the constitution as a barrier to be over come.

  2. The degenerates are working to undermine something that doesn’t exist in the US: Democracy. We’re a representative Republic; a confederation of sovereign states. If you don’t like what’s going on in the state you live in, find one you do like and move there; make friends with like-minded people and be happy. It really is just that simple.

    But that’s not in the reprobate’s playbook. They want to subjugate everyone, everywhere…it’s not gonna happen like that.

    I encourage them to continue their attacks on the systems that are keeping them afloat, for the time being. The quicker they complete their work, the quicker we can begin ours.

  3. There was once a liberal commenter on SITD who insisted that the states were the creation of the federal government instead of the other way around. It was not possible to change his mind. No matter that there actual documents from 1787 written by the founders that say “we, the states, are going to create a federal government . . . hey, look, we states just created a federal government and decided to make its capitol in a thing we states made called the ‘District of Columbia.'”
    The commenter also insisted his eccentric, demonstrably false belief, was absolutely driven by objective truth and was not ideological.

  4. Senile, drooling, gropey joe said that if Roe v Wade is overturned, lgbtqprst+++ kids won’t be allowed in school.

    Defend that bit of idiotic nonsense pouring out of this imbecile’s hole, troll.

    I know, I know: but Trump.

  5. Phillips says that abortion is protected, not buy the constitution, but by Roe v Wade. That’s new language. I wonder where the Newspeak dictionary is published? MSNBC?

  6. I’d hazard a guess than Deano (or many of his constituents) are unwitting beneficiaries of the legal separation between federal and state laws, since the weed they smoke is legal in many states but against Federal law,

  7. We might point out that the impending destruction of the right to prenatal infanticide is the result of changes to Senate rules enacted by Democrats to promote Obama era judges the GOP did not want to allow.


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