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Ambulance Driver takes the vitals on Obamacare and Massachusetts; it’s potentially worse for the Dems than they thought (emphasis added):

ObamaCare is deader than Julius Caesar.

But that’s not the only thing to learn from this bombshell of an election. The Brown campaign is now saying that while voter opposition to Congress’ health care reform was strong, their internal polling pointed to Brown’s stance on terrorism to be his biggest wedge issue.

Brown was consistent in his message that terrorists did not have a right to a tax-payer funded lawyer, that they should be brought before military tribunals and not the Federal Courts, that detaining them without trial was fine with him and that waterboarding was not torture and was a technique that should be used to garner information.

Ambulance Driver believes that a vast majority of Americans agree with this and those elected officials who have misjudged the electorate on this issue now have a lot to think about.

I suspect that the current Administration has grossly underestimated how concerned about security  – not just “War on Terror” security, but in a larger sense as well – the American people are.

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