Honor Among Bureaucrats

Report apparently leaked last week shows – to the surprise of nobody – that the City of Minneapolis just was n ot ready for the George Floyd riots – or much of anything else:

An independent audit of Minneapolis’ handling of protests and riots following the police murder of George Floyd found city leaders and police ignored emergency plans in place, instead making decisions on the fly, according to Council Member Robin Wonsley Worlobah, who saw a draft report.

One line in the report Wonsley Worlobah pointed to reads: “We learned that MPD does not adhere to the principles of the ICS (incident command system) but rather addresses emergencies and crises with an ad hoc command structure.”

Of course, the fact that Minneapolis wasn’t ready was on display worldwide, almost two years ago – including the fact that Minneapolis’s administration had no idea how to ask a passive-aggressive governor how to get the National Guard onto the streets.

I’ll take a moment to air this tweet, by “Dr.” Katie Knuth, 2021 Minneapolis mayoral also-ran and..

…well, we’ll delve back into her resume in a moment.

The administration has “no clue about basic emergency operations”?

Now, it seems that at one point the CIty of Minneapolis had a full-time bureaucrat, a “resiliency director”, whose vague and unaccountable brief would seem to the untrained eye to cover things like “making the city resilient”.

Now, I’m just an untrained, unlettered peasant, but one might think it’d be part of a “resiliency director’s” brief to make the city…resilient?

So who was city’s first “resiliency director”, two scant years before the riots?


9 thoughts on “Honor Among Bureaucrats

  1. My god, what bimbo. What is it about the least talented that they are obsessed with advertising their credentials? Rather than actual achievements.

  2. The current resiliency officer for Minneapolis:
    Ron Harris is the Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Minneapolis. His focus is on three main pillars: racial equity, economic inclusion, environmental justice. Prior to being appointed as CRO, Ron served as the Sr Advisor to the Minneapolis City Council President and worked in her office for two years, negotiating the passage of multiple citywide policies, including a mandated increase in the minimum wage for all people working in Minneapolis.

    So it looks like Minneapolis will fail its next resiliency test as well.

  3. Why didn’t they just use the plan left in place by the prior Resiliency Officer? Should be in a three-ring binder with tabbed dividers, different colored sections for Flood, Earthquake, Riot. It’s all there – just follow the plan.

    I mean, she did leave one, right?


  4. JD, c’mon be reasonable. Little Katie put together the 3-ring binder *and* the tabbed dividers *and* the different colored sections *and* labelled each of them appropriately Flood, Earthquake, Riot, etc. You didn’t expect her to actually add content, did you?

  5. I suppose not, jdm.

    Maybe she did a complete and comprehensive job but her work product was saved on a computer which was accidentally wiped, like with a cloth?

    Or maybe she saved her work on a laptop and forgot it at the pawn shop? I hear that happens to some people.

    Bummer for Minneapolis, though. No plan, nothing to go on, nobody to ask for help.

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  7. I just checked and Katz’s PhD came from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Science. Over on the Ag campus. Not certain how far from the horse barn. Real doctors take care of sick patients. Period. Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t make it attractive.

  8. Don’t know about you guys, but since even a 1st grader from a public school could have pointed out the obvious, I wonder how much money was paid to an independent auditor to come to the same conclusion and who he is related to.

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