Our Bully-Girl Social Superiors

Nekima Levy-Armstrong, at the demonstration over the weekend outside what may have been the Minneapolis interim chief’s house:

My – she’s kind of a bully, isn’t she?

She’s well on her way to being Al Sharpton.

18 thoughts on “Our Bully-Girl Social Superiors

  1. At this point any person who stays in the twin cities who can leave, should leave. It is not going to get better. The inmates are running the asylum. Nothing good is going to happen with metro governance, the rot is too deep. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. Even if the GOP sweeps state and congressional elections this fall, nothing will change in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. They are a lost cause. All the nice things that good people enjoy about living in the twin cities are going to be destroyed. The restaurants will close down, the parks will be taken over by criminals. If you are running a gang in Chicago or Milwaukee, you see the metro as a business opportunity. You could hire a thousand more cops and it wouldn’t do any good with the judges and county prosecutors still working a radical left, race conscious agenda.
    The far-left radicals who run the big cities in the US are growing in strength, and Democrats would like to see them in charge everywhere, at the state and federal level as well as the cities.

  2. Mob rule. It’s great. I remember stepping outside my house two years ago and being able to smell south Minneapolis burning twelve miles away, no mean feat because my olfaction has declined with age. When I encounter Africanized names like Nekima I’m struck by the subtext of anti-American hatred thus expressed. “I hate you and this country and will do everything not to be like it. There’s no melting pot, just a foul mixture of warring tribes anxious to destroy one another. I’ll remain in my silo while doing my best to destroy yours.”

  3. 3 minutes after they started chanting, I’d have my power washer spun up and be spraying a fine mist of water over that mob. 3 minutes after that, either they’d be gone, or I’d have a lovely African village ice sculpture, which I’d add attractive lighting to.

  4. For those who have a Twitter account or those who know how to defeat the newest efforts by Twitter against those of us who simply “audit” Twitter, it is well worth your while to follow @RebsBrannon. And not just for this incident.

    In the context of the tweet above, there are actually multiple other tweets covering a lot of what happened at that protest. It all happened in a Lake of the Isles neighborhood; apparently where the next/interim Mpls police chief lives. That lady getting yelled at seems to be a neighbor out walking her dog who asked someone what kind of gun it was that Amir Locke (sp?) had. That was the question.

  5. jdm, I usually break up moderated comments and keep posting them until I find out what word the mod bot doesn’t like this time.

    Last time it was d0g…why? who knows.

  6. Blade, I’ve done that in the past but my comments just aren’t that important to take that much time – and besides, as I’ve noticed, some commenters are worse of than I: virtually every single comment from Ian is moderated regardless of what he writes. But he’s such a nice guy, he never says anything.

    I’ve offered to help figure out the moderation system but it’s present state is apparently OK.

  7. From here on in, I will be referring to this person as “Nekima Acute-Nomenclature”.

    Let’s ridicule her back into her deserved state of obscurity.

  8. Weird. There is so much to wonder about in this case, it’s a shame that Nakima’s picking a racial fight in the protest. Why was a no knock raid used? Who was the intended person to apprehend? Was there any relationship between the two? What did the St. Paul police have to say about the Minneapolis tactics? Why didn’t they ask for a no knock raid?

    Missing a lot of great chances to improve public safety and policing with this bludgeon approach, to put it mildly. And in doing so, is Ms. Armstrong (wasn’t she Levy-Pounds just a few years ago?) alienating the very people that would help her make her case?

  9. Hey jdm, I would bet anything the reference to a canine tripped it, because of the unlamented commenter who used the term as part of her nic.

  10. Darn it all (slap to forehead), Mr D, I think you’re correct. And Mr Blade warned me hours ago.

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