Not Naming Names, Here…

A friend of the blog emails:

Mitch, I received this communication today as I am a Hennepin County Leader.  I wonder if some event prompted County Administrators to review the county’s motor vehicle safety policy.  Said policy is attached along with the document linked at the bottom of the paragraph (the document emphasizes what to do in an accident that occurs while driving a county vehicle).

What possible event could have happened that prompted this timely reminder to all county employees? It makes me wonder if some county employee when confronted about misuse of county vehicles or one who had a recent accident with a county vehicle might be claiming…”What, I didn’t know there was a policy against…” I thought you might find it interesting timing as I did.

You have my permission to share.

I’m sure there’s no connection…

5 thoughts on “Not Naming Names, Here…

  1. Meanwhile, across the river, Ramsey County is evacuating the Welfare Office located on Kellogg Boulevard (across from the federal courthouse and the old Post Office), moving all staff to other county buildings for the next six to eight weeks. It’s necessary because of anticipated road closures.

    This is a routine procedure, completely, normal, nothing to get excited about. We do it every time People Whose Lives Matter are expected in town.

    Plan accordingly.

  2. The message is a simple coincidence, like the car dealer in Chicago who got into an argument with Mayor Lightweight and then have investigators show up at his business a couple of days later to cite him for half a dozen or so technical violations. Completely random.

  3. I had an employer that actually had me sign an agreement saying I wouldn’t come to work drunk or stoned. Evidently that was becoming a problem,so instead of asking the question “Why are some of our employees coming to work drunk?”, they made us all promise not to do so.

    I responded by signing while saying “Oh, man, now I’m not going to be able to come to work drunk anymore.” Thankfully my managers saw the humor in that response….

    This case is even worse, because what they’ve got is an example of a worker who was using a work vehicle while intoxicated, and they’re trying to reinforce “the rules” while everybody knows that the head guy just broke them in a big way. Good luck with that.

  4. Imagine all the times the buffoon was driving around drunk in his county vehicle before his “accident,” double vision as he tried to track that yellow line, loaded gun on his hip, full of hatred and self loathing . . .
    You get the sheriff you vote for.

  5. This “communication” and the attached documents are intended to clarify that a dual-track punishment system is in place in HennCo. The politically connected need not be concerned, but those without connections will be subject to all penalties. The hypocrisy is not a bug, it’s a feature.

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