Continuum Of Sanity

If we consider the notion of “sanity“ as a continuum, with “very very sane“ on one end, and “not sane at all“ on the left, it’s pretty fair that our systems Covid fear mongering has driven this particular mother (and teacher) to the “left“ end of the scale:

An arrest warrant has been issued for a Houston-area mother whose teenage son was allegedly found in the trunk of her car at a COVID-19 drive-thru testing site on Friday…According to the charging documents, Beam told Gordon that her child was in the trunk because he had previously tested positive for COVID-19 and as a result, wanted to “prevent her from getting exposed to possible COVID” while driving him to get additional testing at the stadium.

Gordon told Beam that she “would not be receiving COVID testing until the child would be removed from the trunk of the vehicle and place[d] in the back seat of the vehicle.”

On the other end of the scale? This entire Twitter thread:

Sanity is pounding at the door.

And from inside the trunk, where applicable.

18 thoughts on “Continuum Of Sanity

  1. It’s very telling when;
    a. The CEO of Pfizer declares that their product, offers “little, if any protection against WuFlu”.
    b. Rachelle Wollensky finally admits that over 75% of people that died with Covid, had at least FOUR co-morbidities,
    c. Documents that prove the evil garden gnome FAUXci, has been lying about gain of function research and
    d. Scott Gottlieb and a guest doctor on CNN, both declare that MASKS DON’T WORK on WuFlu, because, like most sane people knew, it’s an airborne virus.

    The best part of these admissions by the liars that perpetrated the “plandemic”, is that it shows Emery to be just another ignorant sheep.

  2. Excellent grab-bag of facts there, boss. I saw mentioned somewhere that if the teacher/mother in question can get her 13 year old son in the trunk, he must be pretty compliant. What else has she done to him?

  3. Gee! It sounds like the best strategy is to take common sense precautions, isolate the sick, and protect atrisk populations!
    Just like I’ve been saying for the last 20 months.
    Not that I am some kind of genius. There are at least two ways to solve technical problems with a social component. One is more scientific: determine your current status and your desired endpoint. Gather current data using metrics selected for their usefullness, research past problems that are similar to the problem we face now. Procede carefully, in small steps, at each step checking your metrics against what you had predicted, and adjusting your tactics as neccessary.
    The second method is story telling. You devise a narrative that has a conflict, with good guys on one side and bad guys on the other. The only metric you use is whether your story is making the conflict important, the good guys good enough, and the bad guys bad enough.
    Guess which method Fauci, Dem politicians, and “public health experts” chose?
    Remember the early efforts to make ER people and “front line workers” into heroes? Shaming people who didn’t follow the arbitrary “social distancing” rules? Shaming Trump for not wearing a mask after he had recovered from covid? Telling people that they were killing their grandparents? Villifying DeSantis & the 20-somethings who partied in Florida on 2020’s spring break?

  4. It must be a comforting delusion to believe that Covid-19 deaths are no big deal because they’re only happening to 99-year-olds who have 17 serious diseases anyway. If that were true, we wouldn’t be looking at a million excess deaths in the US in 2020 and 2021.

    Read this piece for a comparison of how the vaccinated and unvaccinated are currently faring in New York and Seattle, two of the country’s Omicron hot spots.

  5. Covid-19 was a great weapon for the Dems to use against Trump but it’s no longer useful. The unintended consequences were the creation of a huge number of highly neurotic behaviors in people who ought to know better. I’ve seen this at work in my own family. The phrase “tested positive for Covid” is not, and never was, a clinical diagnosis of disease. That’s why we see athletes testing positive, denying any symptoms, and returning to action one week later. It was always larger than Trump, because the same insanity reigns throughout the world. Perhaps a population psychologist will explain it some day in terms of mass delusions. Covid is real, but its economic and social impacts will be far greater than what it does to the respiratory tract of 99% plus of humanity.

  6. The study doesn’t reassure me. It admits vaccinated people died of Covid, but asserts they were going to die anyway, so the vaccine isn’t totally useless.

    Tells me nothing about unvaccinated people’s mortality rate, or how many of the vaccinated died of the vaccine instead of Covid. And it’s from the CDC, which has been lying to us about Covid for two years but now, suddenly, I’m supposed to believe this study? They were lying then but they’re not lying now?

    The existence of Covid is not the hoax. The panic over-reaction to Covid is the hoax. This study is part of it. And the result of the hoax is the Texas Teacher that Mitch posted about. Own it, Lesko, she’s all yours.

  7. It must be a comforting delusion to believe that Covid-19 deaths are no big deal because they’re only happening to 99-year-olds who have 17 serious diseases anyway.

    You’re so right, little guy. That’s you just threw those seniors with the Kung flu into the old-age homes. Like NY state, NJ, CT, MN, and Sweden. “Get better!!!”.

    No one luvs them old folks like Democrats, the DFL, and Social Democrats.

  8. Really, Emery? The vaccines do not work, according to the psychopath that has made billions for his company, Bill Gates and numerous government droogs, yet morons like you and your ilk, still hang on to your failed scam. The CDC and their media fear mongers have been making this up as they go, spinning it when their lies are exposed.

  9. As I’ve explained before, the way every respiratory virus has worked throughout history is to kill the weak, leaving the strong as survivors with herd immunity, after which the virus is a seasonal nuisance and largely ignored. United is confiriming what scientists have known for at least a century and what Conservatives have been saying since the hoax began. Glad to see them coming around.

    But sad to see that in an airline of 70,000 people, every one of which is required to be fully vaccinated and boosted, they still have 3,000 breakthrough cases representing a 4% failure rate. That’s a hell of a ‘vaccine’ you’ve got there. I don’t recall 4% of my classmates having polio, or whooping cough, or measles. And I don’t recall any of them dying from adverse reactions to the injection itself.

  10. Stop testing and *POOF*, no more pandemic. This testing fetish is what is keeping this monster alive. We don’t check for common cold and yet it is now just as deadly as the latest Wuhan Flu strain.

  11. no more pandemic

    That woman who put her 13 year old in the trunk of the car wants – hell, needs that pandemic to continue. She is something, she’s important, she’s got a mission in life. She’s part of a movement with thousands of other mental midgets (aka retards) just like her (and the Emerys). Before this all, they were nothing. They ain’t giving it up, tests or no tests.

  12. Joe Doakes on January 11, 2022 at 2:52 pm said:

    As I’ve explained before, the way every respiratory virus has worked throughout history is to kill the weak, leaving the strong as survivors with herd immunity,
    . . .

    That is not entirely true, Joe Doakes.
    The Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-1918 preferentially killed younger people. Supposedly this is because an earlier strain of the Spanish flu had been a pandemic in the 1870s, so people who were around in the 1870s had enhanced immunity from the 1918-1919 version of it.
    I had a grandfather who was around in 1918-1919, stationed at Fort Snelling. He told me how awful it was, the sick wards at the fort were full, every day he lost friends his own age to the Spanish flu. So-and-so died this day, the next day he buried another friend.

  13. That is not entirely true, Joe Doakes.

    From your story, which I don’t doubt, the virus’ logic is that, strictly speaking, young people without the antibodies possessed by old people are The Weak. I mean, it initially seems back-assed, but on second take, perfectly logical.

  14. USA Today published an article today, explaining how pedophiles are misunderstood.

    They changed the headline after 30 minutes, then took the story down.

    I’m guessing after hearing the screeching of 80IQ nitwits like rat Emery the past 2 years, they thought the ground had been prepared.

    Alas, no. Maybe after a few more boosters…

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