Privilege In Action

“Anti”-Fa / BLM “proteszters”, led by a man who is putatively George Floyd’s nephew, mostly-peacefully break into the home of the judge in the judge in the Kim Potter case, live stream the whole thing:

Among the many problems, here?

  • If no legal consequences befall these “people”, confidence in the “justice” system will get smacked.
  • And consequences happen here, but not for regular citizens – and they generally do not – then that’s another self-inflicted hit.
  • And when people stop trusting institutions to create the order (combined with justice) that makes regular life possible, they do it themselves. And that’s usually a very bad thing.

Worst part of all? If Mike Freeman does something about this (which seems unlikely to this cynic; what, arrest George Floyd’s nephew?), that’ll be the good news – since whoever replaces him (Ryan Winkler?) will be even worse.

9 thoughts on “Privilege In Action

  1. Defund the police. Then, if you feel threatened, you can pull your gun out and blow the motherfuckers head off. There will be no one to arrest you.

  2. Note to self.

    If you harass, threaten, dox, vandalize the car or other property of these woke Jack weeds, identify yourself as AntiFa or BLM. Hell, over 98% of the BLM protesters are white anyway, so it won’t be a stretch.

  3. Nothing happened to John Thompson when he called for arson in Hugo. Different rules for progs. After all, January 6th!

  4. Read this twitter thread for more about the break-in

    Can’t make it up.

    Rice was convicted in 2017 on felon in possess’n of a firearm. The “mandatory” 60-mos sentence was stayed in a dispositional departure.

    In a recent probation violation, Judge Regina Chu slapped him on the wrist.

    Chu is the judge Rice is trying to intimidate.

  5. Prior drug arrests in 2011.
    A violent predator in the black community, so released back into the wild by Chu.

  6. Given their relationship, one wonders why Judge Chu didn’t invite him in for cookies and milk.

  7. Know what *really* sweet, sweet?

    Using sum dat Onkle Fentanyl reprayshun money for gold teefah’s, yo.

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