All Is Proceeding As Predicted

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

“If you ban guns,” we said, “criminals will just use another tool, maybe a bow and arrow. It’s a basic principle of economics of scarcity,” we said. “People find substitutes for items they can’t buy.”

“No,” we were told by all The Smart People. “It’s guns. Guns are the problem. Ban guns, problem solved.”

And now this. I’ll bet you a brand-new nickel The Smart People will call for bow bans and one-per-month purchase limits on arrows. Really, how many arrows does one person need?

Joe Doakes

Just another thing to add to the list of things Democrats will blame for crime before they get around to themselves.

7 thoughts on “All Is Proceeding As Predicted

  1. Norwegian police don’t routinely carry firearms. When they have to use them they run back to the office to retrieve them. And they start by firing warning shots. What a country!

  2. And certainly it’s not as if you can make a decent self-bow in a few minutes with an appropriate branch of hardwood or anything…..oh, wait….

  3. What you don’t understand, JD, is that nowadays being stabbed to death is pretty old hat in the UK (look up Lee James Rigby). The only aspect of interest in this case is that the victim is a MP, so higher profile than normal. On the other hand, he was a Tory and so the leftists are joining the muslims in celebrating his murder (if not gas-lighting it). For me, I just hope that the muslim community in the UK doesn’t suffer any repercussions for this murder – just like all the other times they didn’t.

    That Norwegian bow-and-arrow thing follows the usual course. Known weirdo was already being tracked by the police. Doubly weird because he’s apparently a Danish citizen who converted to Islam. As to the citizen thing, that may well be true but with a surname like Bråthen (or even his first name Espen) his Danish-ness has to be some sort of accident of birth. That muslim convert aspect is a dead (no pun intended) giveaway to someone who is, in the best case a loser, a miserable loner. Islam, especially political Islam knows how to take in these kinds of people and put them to good use.

    But that won’t be discussed because the one topic that no Scandis much less Euros are allowed to talk about is muslim immigration.

  4. jdm;

    Regarding Islam knowing how to make use of people with mental issues, I’m sure that they learned it from the CIA and/or the FBI.

  5. boss, I think the CIA/FBI were willing and eager students.

    It is tempting to look for the wellspring of suicide bombing in historical groups such as the Assassins (a group of radical Shiite Muslims active between the 11th and 13th centuries who were characterized by their willingness to die for their beliefs)—tempting, but inappropriate.

    Such self-sacrificing zealotry is common in the history of armed conflict, but the use of human beings as guidance systems, rather than as fighters, is relatively novel. The first human bombs did not arrive on the scene until shortly after conventional bombs were first used by militant groups.

    The invention of dynamite in the 1860s presented radical groups with a frightening new weapon nearly twenty times more powerful than gunpowder. Revolutionary and terrorist groups in Europe began using dynamite bombs but soon found that despite their power, technical challenges such as detonating dynamite in the right place at the right time were daunting, making failure more common than success.

    Almost by accident, Russian terrorist Ignaty Grinevitsky found that one effective way to use a dynamite bomb was to couple it to a human trigger.

    Grinevitsky was a member of the People’s Will, a terrorist organization committed to murdering Alexander II, leader of Imperial Russia. The People’s Will tried on numerous occasions to kill Alexander using dynamite bombs between 1879 and early 1881. All of these attempts failed, so by the time Grinevitsky was called upon to participate in a plot to kill Alexander, both he and the organization were desperate.

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