How Times Change

About this time seven years ago, I was writing the series of blog posts that eventually become my book Trulbert.

The book described a fictional breakdown of society after a financial cataclysm. I did it as satire because, honestly, it seemed like a more effective approach to the subject; Kurt Schlichter is going to put his kids through medical school with the proceeds from his fiction about a second Civil War, and he’s far from alone. And sometime humor is the best journalism.

Which isn’t to say Trulbert was “the best journalism”, but sometimes the indirect approach is the best one.

I’ve pondered doing a follow-up.

And I’m having a really, really hard time getting to “satirical” again. And I think it ties into the G.K. Chesterton quote – “when everything is absurd, satire is impossible”.

The Brandon Administration, and the times it rules over, are impossible to satirize.

I’m trying to figure out the angle for the next book.

A children’s story?

A musical?

I got nothing.

20 thoughts on “How Times Change

  1. A translation of a series of prophecies on parchment, written by Höðr, dating from 1362 found in a rough granite sepulcher recently unearthed at an archaeological dig near Kensington MN that foretells the Age of Brân[don].

  2. Do it Mitch. I bought a Kindle because of that work of yours. I’ve know idea where it is at now. But it was worth it.

  3. Mac it should also propose to explain what happens after the death of Brân, what’s coming next is the heart of it.

  4. Just make sure to put a nude Seven-of-Nine in there somewhere and you are golden.

  5. The Brandon Administration, and the times it rules over, are impossible to satirize

    The Brandon Administration… thanks! that’s effing brilliant. I’m using that from now on.

  6. Dystopian futures are out…we’re living one.

    Write about a black, gay M to F tranny that saves America from White Supremacists with her Wakanda superpowers…flies around with her jet black-pack and shit.

    10/10 it will become a movie, if it’s not already being written as a script.

  7. Of course he is, Kinlaw… dispatching evil doers with super BJ’s.

    The entire country is fake and ghey, rn.

  8. Going to self publish again? If you aren’t, be prepared to get a box full of rejection slips from agents because you aren’t an author from a historically marginalized group. Am I bitter? You bet. I’m trying to market my third book and every single literary agency uses that phrase in its website. If any SITD reader is interested in my first two works, they’re in the thriller genre and deal with a former doctor turned bounty hunter. Far fetched for sure. I’ll include a link in the comments if anyone is interested.

  9. Golfdoc
    as long as the former doctor turned bounty hunter is not portrayed in the cover art as Dog The Bounty Hunter with an MD then yes I’m interested! Cover art makes a difference.

  10. I self published a short-short Christmas story on Amazon. It was about sibling rivalry between Christmas trees. My graphics designer (aka my sister) insisted that we reduce the level of violence so we could market it for children.
    We made $3.61.
    Then I wrote an a short story about the revolt of a certain elf against Santa in Christmas Land. My graphic designer (once again my sister) wouldn’t touch it. She said that she had religious objections. This was maybe because of the part where the rebellious elf cut out his eye as a sacrifice to Tinkerbell, so that he could procure the ancient blade, called the “Myth Breaker,” that was the key to killing Santa Claus.
    I admit that it was a pretty grim story.
    Society has yet to recognize my literary genius.

  11. Clearly I think the answer is a “Hip-Hopera” in style of Hamilton. Thinking a fusion of Hair and Age of Aquarias and more modern hip-hopstylings to deliver the Age of Brandon:

    It’s the age of Brandon YO!
    Let’s go Brandon! Let’s go Brandon! Lets go Brandon!

    Thank me later

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