A Rohrschach Blob

The recent school shooting in Arlington Texas was all things to all people.

To “progressive“, it was a sign that “gun violence“ was still a huge bogeyman.To some fairly reductionist people on what is sometimes called “the right“, the news that the shooter was a black teenager, especially after a video of a chillingly violent altercation in a classroom that was said to have led up to the episode, confirmed a raft of biases about black teens, public schools and the possibility of rehabilitating violent teenage boys. Which, it was assumed, the shooter was.

To others, it was yet another sign that the law enforcement system had failed to put a repeat offender in jail, allowing him to continue to predate on society. Although to be fair, coming from people in the Twin Cities,

Turns out the story may be a lot more complicated than that, and that nobody had “wealthy black kid from a loving home, who has been bullied and robbed for being fairly well to do, shooting in self-defense“ on their Urban juvenile crime bingo card.

Berg‘s 18th Law is called a Law for a reason.

14 thoughts on “A Rohrschach Blob

  1. That little thug bailed out in 1 day. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of White Americans sitting in isolation cells awaiting their trials for trespassing and parading without a permit.
    I have faith in my people…the anger is building. I think that once people start getting fired en mass things will start to pop.

  2. Meanwhile…guy is coming to pick up my Vette tomorrow. This will actually piss me off more than selling the Charger. I’ve spent 5 years restoring it, and have grown kind of attached. But the reprobates are in control; we can’t have nice things anymore.

    We have an appointment at the bank on Monday to hold a mortgage burning ceremony, and I have paid off both of our new vehicles.

    Wife is looking for a job that has medical; that’s really the one piece missing.

    I’m also boning up to take the Master Electrician’s test. If I can pull that off, it’s a whole, new ballgame.

    Go Brandon!

  3. Oh, and I bought a 30 cu ft freezer.

    Hunting season starts this weekend; in my fair state, I can take up to 5 deer each year. I usually only take 1; 2 at most. This year, I’ll be filling out all my tags. I’m looking at grinders today, to make use of every scrap of those critters.

    I’ll miss rib eye…but we can’t have beef anymore.

  4. “confirmed a raft of biases about black teens”

    Good post, but I do not believe “biases” is accurate here. If you gave someone, who didn’t know the US population breakdown demographically, the crime stats by race, they would assume the country was 60% black.

  5. I’m still 48-72 hours away from having a firm opinion on the story. Facts as I understand them. Perp and some of the victims are black. Perp lived at his grandma’s house, which in the video looks like in a prosperous neighborhood. Perp got a lawyer right away. Not public defender. Weapon appears to be .45 caliber semi-auto, not a pea shooter. Multiple victims, including a teacher. Not clear if the fight participants were hit.
    Facts I’d like to have: was the perp a robbery victim? Were police investigating his tales of bullying? Who owned the .45? Did the perp carry the weapon routinely or just on the day in question? Was the injured teacher on duty in the room where the fight took place, or another location?

  6. Bill;
    You might want to get a propane powered generator for your house. I’m not ruling out Joey Demento and his corrupt cabal to shut electricity off.

  7. I’m way ahead of you hoss. I have 2 gas generators: a 9500 Watt that I have converted to use propane and a 4800 that is strictly gas.

    The 4800 was free…dude used corn liquor in it and wasn’t interested in rebuilding the carb….works great now.

  8. BTW, I also have my electric service panel wired to easily tie in my generator.

  9. Boys, if you don’t see what’s coming…try and buy a freezer on Craigslist…there’s a message there.

  10. Well, I’m wondering if the people living around Fort McCoy over in Wisconsin that voted for Joey, are still loving him. One of my customer’s sons is in the MNG Red Bull’s. When Joey dumped all of those “refugees” over there, he and about 20 more in his unit, were deployed to help out. He’s convinced that most of the young men that ended up there, are actually Taliban. In addition to the measles outbreak, there have been additional incidents that have caused concern to the command structure.
    First, within three days, all of the knives disappeared from the chow hall. They were not allowed to turn out the terrorists to search their quarters for them.
    Second, the females are in a separate facility. For the first 3 days, there were two female MPs on duty in the facility. Several of the males started wandering in looking to get laid. When confronted, two of them attacked one of the MPs, but, when the other one pulled her pistol, they ran out. Now, they have two armed male guards outside at each entrance and the internal contingent is now four, 7X24.
    Finally, a couple of them attempted to take down the American flag and hoist the Taliban flag.
    The males always treat everyone with disdain and constantly mock them, but unless they are physically attacked, they can’t do anything.
    Our new woke military – building morale.

  11. BPCT: Must be more preppers down in your neck of the woods. Plenty of freezers available on Mpls CL. Of course, there are more democrats here who don’t see anything wrong at all with the way the last 18 months have been handled.

  12. Yea, all of the big box retailers have now limited purchases of TP, Kleenex, paper towels, cleaning products and disposable gloves. We have two full size refrigerators and an upright freezer. The upright is full of beef, pork, poultry and seafood products. The other freezers, although smaller, are filled with frozen fruit, vegetables, pizzas and other bread products.

  13. Back to the subject, the video of the kid that got shot apparently beating the living snot out of the shooter would be a good start for a self-defense claim. He’s being thrown around like a rag doll. It depends, to be sure, on the other history of their interactions, but it’s at least a start to a “better to be tried by twelve than carried by six” defense.

    We’ll see what’s learned in the end.

  14. There was a huge fight in a high school cafeteria in Arlington TX yesterday.

    A group of blacks rat packed a couple of White kids, and the other kids jumped on the blacks.

    White kids have had enough vibrancy, and are fighting back. It’s a start.

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