Already Gone

From a letter to the editor:

And, in cozy bungalows in Highland Park, and Victorian proto-mansions in Crocus Hill, and condominiums down by Raymond, dozens of smug, cosseted nonprofit employees no doubt chortled “Good! More city for us!”, too snugly molded in their ideological bubbles to see what this means.

5 thoughts on “Already Gone

  1. Man, that lady is retired. Has grandparents buried there. I assume she has grandchildren. Five? six generations? That’s a lot of Eddys.

    Oh, well, good riddance. It was time for Granny Jeannie to get the heck outta Dodge anyway. The new StP needs new blood. Those Afghani refugees in WI, for example. I’m thinking they will add a new and interesting angle to the Twin City gang wars. I mean, along with their pedophilia. Maybe StP can get itself a grooming gang – very European.

  2. A few years ago, our division director’s motto was, “Delight the Customer.” You may not be able to give the customer what he wants, but when he leaves, he should go away knowing someone listened to his concern, understood his problem, explained how to solve it and directed him to the appropriate resources. He should leave delighted with the attitude and service he received.

    That division director was replaced by an affirmative action hire. The new motto is “Racial Justice and Diversity in the Workplace.” Most of the award-winning division management team turned out to be old white people and they’re gone now. Next out the door: everybody who doesn’t get the vax.

    This is not your grandfather’s city anymore.

  3. An intelligent person considers the situation and the options, comes to a thoughtful decision and acts.

    Been there; done that

  4. I’m not a lifer, but I lived in highland for 29 years. I got out in August of 2019. Best decision I’ve ever made. I still go to church there, get my car fixed there, same barber and come back for Cecil’s and Shamrocks now and then. I miss my neighbors at times.

    The ruling class has lost all commitment to basic city services. Streets and public safety. It’s sad. I know many people who have left Highland MacGrove and more in the process of leaving.

    The new folks coming in are naive don’t know what’s coming.

  5. I left Highland Park in December of 2020 after 33 years. Moved to Texas. Miss some of my neighbors, bicycling buddies, Lund’s, Highland Grill. Don’t miss DFL leadership of the city.

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