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  1. Every #nevertrumper conservative I personally know or who is a public figure has a visceral dislike of Trump. Their #nevertrumper beliefs are irrational. You discover this if you talk to them or read what they have written. Their criticism of Trump is laden with emotional words meant to convey disgust or contempt.
    If you have no emotional reaction towards Trump, positive or negative, (I don’t) it seems very strange and it is obvious that the #nevertrumper attitude comes from within the person, it is not a reaction to anything the person named “Donald John Trump” is or has done.

  2. Every #nevertrumper conservative I personally know or who is a public figure has a visceral dislike of Trump. Their #nevertrumper beliefs are irrational.

    Sometimes. But in many cases, it’s because Trump was a threat to the public figure’s rice bowl.

  3. In other neo-con news, Bush the (much) lessor has announced his support of Liz Cheny, there by putting a torch to the aspirations of both her and of his brother, JEB!

  4. “ Critical Nursing Shortages Hit Hospitals Nationwide as Nurses Quit or are Fired Over COVID Vaccine Mandates”

    “Jennifer Bridges knew what was coming when her director at Houston Methodist hospital called her up in June to inquire about her vaccination status.

    Bridges, a 39-year-old registered nurse, responded “absolutely not” when asked if she was vaccinated or had made an effort to get vaccinated. She was terminated on the spot.

    “We all knew we were getting fired,” Bridges, 39, told CBS News. “We knew unless we took that shot to come back, we were getting fired today.”

    Where will Pedo Joe turn his withering hand of fail to next?

    I hope some of the scumbags that stole the election suffer a devastating personal loss due to their actions.

  5. Everyone knew he was and would be that bad.

    Every #nevertrumper conservative I personally know or who is a public figure has a visceral dislike of Trump. Their #nevertrumper beliefs are irrational.

    A visceral dislike of Donald Trump is utterly rational.

    I dislike him intensely, but I still voted for him. I would vote for him again if I had to. Trump is a colossal a**hole, a world-class jerk and an out of control little boy – but he was and is precisely what the nation needed.

    Maybe the Biden voters are thinking the same thing too.

    Here is where I have a problem with them though. I voted for a corrupt narcissist because our corrupt elites were selling the country out to China, were engaged in forever wars, insane regulation, cultural destruction and god knows what else and Trump changed that – at least a little for a while.

    The Biden voters elected the hollow shell of man to return to the status quo.

    That is unforgivable.

  6. Aug 28
    “ On Saturday, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) said he’d been contacted by members of the U.S. military who said they would leave military service if forced to take COVID-19 coronavirus vaccines. Massie’s comment came after a leaked Army document said vaccines could be mandatory this September.”

    Sept 14

    “Army officer resigns over Biden vaccine mandate, ‘Marxist takeover of the military’
    Lt. Col. Paul Douglas Hague confirmed to Fox News that his resignation process has begun”


    “72% say they will quit…”

  8. I’ll admit I didn’t anticipate that Biden would be this bad, and a big part of it is that I didn’t anticipate the degree to which he would ignore the law as he (or his handlers) did what he wanted to do.

  9. We have been ruled unconstitutionally since March of last year.
    Stop acting as though you are a citizen. Citizens don’t ask for permission to gather. You are not a citizen, you are a subject.

  10. I was chatting online with a guy in Melbourne, Australia last night. The cops have deployed their armed “anti-terror” special forces, backed by MRAP’s, and are shooting people in the back with rubber bullets and beating the snot out of anyone they snatch up…for the crime of being outside without permission.

    The government has shut down cell towers in Melbourne proper, to keep people from live streaming the chaos to social media…think about that.

    There have been protests, started by dozens, grown to hundreds and now thousands. The situation is clearly untenable, but the leftist government of Victoria is not going to budge; they are using increasingly violent tactics against an unarmed population. There has been blood; there will be lots more.

    I suggested to “Dave” that it was a shame they were unable to defend themselves against armed para-military police. He brought up an interesting observation.

    He said because we are armed, the US Feds would use another tactic; cut off the food supply and let us fight each other. I think that’s entirely plausible, but it wouldn’t work for the reprobates because it would have an immediate effect in urban areas, where 90% are leftist scum.

    Grocery stores stock about 2 weeks supply of canned and dry goods; 1 week of perishables; a mob of blacks could clean that out in 15 minutes. The fighting would erupt very quickly in cities where people keep about the same amount of goods on hand.

    >70% of real Americans live in rural, or semi-rural zip codes.

    Folks in rural and semi-rural areas are much better prepared. I have recently upgraded my food and water supply to sustain a 2500 cal/day diet for 120 days. Healthy people can easily sustain good health on 1/2 that. I have generators and gas to fuel them and my truck. I till 1/2 an acre on our land and grow vegetables, corn for deer and feral hogs (and Carolina Reapers which I get $12/lb for); living in the South, we could grow food year round.

    We are not unique. We would wait it out and let the reprobates’ black pets kill them off in the cities, and let suburban reprobates kill each other off.

    Dave says we’d be surprised how many Aussies did not turn their firearms in…in rural areas. Dave is pretty sure the shit is going to get real messy down there soon, and if you’ve seen the video, you know he’s not kidding.

    Rat Biden’s mandate is set to take effect shortly. Many businesses have jumped the gun and instituted their own mandates. As seen above, people are walking away.

    I expect to have to walk away right after Biden’s order is in force, if not sooner. As many as 75 million currently employed people will join me.

    I wonder….what will we do with all that free time and pent up anger?

  11. Moderation……………………………………………….

  12. Twat wrote: “ Critical Nursing Shortages Hit Hospitals Nationwide as Nurses Quit or are Fired Over COVID Vaccine Mandates”

    How’s the mass civil disobedience against vaccine mandates going? Of 30,000 employees in the University of North Carolina health system, 60 have quit rather than be vaccinated. Of 23,000 in the Duke U health system, 97% have gotten vaccinated.

    Why even go into a career based on science if you think science is all bullshit? Any healthcare worker who does not understand the vetting process for drugs and vaccines should find a different field of endeavor.

  13. Huh, nice “appeal to popularity fallacy” by Emery, along with a nice diversionary tactic. Apparently “science”, in his book, means “basic logical fallacies once understood by every high school graduate to be false reasoning.”

    But since you mention the vaccine mandate, Emery, did you see what happened to Biden’s ratings among blacks after his decreee that they’d all have to be vaccinated? Seems as if President Zero forgot that blacks remember the Tuskegee Experiment when they think about federal government medical mandates. Oopsie.

  14. “Stop acting as though you are a citizen. Citizens don’t ask for permission to gather. You are not a citizen, you are a subject.”

    How’s the mass campaign of civil disobedience against vaccine mandates going? With a week to go before the deadline, University of New Mexico covid trackers shows nearly 100% compliance among faculty and staff, student compliance at nearly 80%

  15. “Every #nevertrumper conservative I personally know or who is a public figure has a visceral dislike of Trump.”

    Trump is losing support almost daily. Hitching one’s wagon to a 74-year-old former president who polls at 39 percent, and whose political message is based solely on anger and resentment isn’t exactly a winning formula.

    Biden won 10 million more popular votes AND crushed in the electoral college. When was the last time a Republican presidential candidate could say that?

    On the other hand, Democrats might wind up saving Republicans from themselves, which wouldn’t be the first time that happened.

  16. Hey rat…of the employees in the University of North Carolina health and Duke U health systems that have quit rather than be vaccinated vs, got juiced….what’s the ratio of admin, laundry workers, food prep workers, and janitors that got juiced to the doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, surgeons that walked?

    Lol…you fucking asshole.

    Nurses are walking in droves to take jobs as travelers; make $5k a week and no juice. Without them, there is no ICU.

    Isn’t it time for your booster, nimrod?


  17. Hey rat…maybe the exodus of men is your tranxie son’s big chance to be a SEAL Team operator!

    Get on that.

  18. How’s the mass campaign of civil disobedience against vaccine mandates going? An Illinois woman who tried to gain entry to Hawaii with a faked vaccination record was arrested because she had misspelled “Moderna” on the forgery.

    Vaccine: free; prevents death

    Fake vaccine card: up to $400; doesn’t prevent death

    I am not an economist nor a doctor but this does not seem like a good investment.

  19. The #TDS obsessed person usually resorts to the idea that it is okay to hate a person whom they have never met and who does not know who they are.
    Seems like a mental problem, much like being obsessed with the vaccination status of people you don’t like and whom you will never meet.

  20. Hospital: vax or quit.
    Nurse: I quit. I can get a job anywhere.
    Garden: No you can’t. If you want to work as a nurse anywhere in the country, you must vax. It’s SCIENCE.

    Garden Admin: vax or quit.
    Post office: we quit. Every single one of us.
    Garden Admin: oh. never mind, doesn’t apply to you. It’s just POLITICS

    Me: Now wait just a minute . . . .

  21. Emery still won’t answer that question, JD. The little prick is following the mantra of his ChiCom masters. Just like ObumblerCare, the assholes that implements these draconian and costly laws, make themselves exempt from their own crap. And, what about the employees of Pfizer and ModeRNA being exempt, too? The CEO of Pfizer is prevented from entering Israel because he’s unvaccinated and still hasn’t taken his own company’s poison. Why would that be, Emery? Oh, and as usual, your bullshit claim about Trump, is just that. Poll results released yesterday, say over 54%, including 25% of independents, say that they wish Trump were President. But, I’m convinced that he still is. Biden appearances and town halls, haven’t drawn more than 200,000 total.

  22. Bwaaaahahahaha! This just in. Two of the low rent loud mouths of The View, just tested positive for WuFlu. The funniest part? This was detected just hours before the San Francisco ho was scheduled to be on the show. This is just priceless!!

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