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“Nominal” is Latin for “in name only.” William S. Lind, author of books on 4th Generation Warfare, knows a thing or two about armies. He says the Afghan Army was a ‘nominal’ army – an army in name, only. In reality, it was a bunch of guys who needed a job but didn’t much care about fighting and dying for their country. The Afghan Army collapsed overnight because it never really existed outside the minds of bureaucrats who believed in it. An army that won’t fight isn’t a military force, it’s a social work project.

That brings us to the United States military with its woke generals and high-heel wearing cadets and purging the ranks for fear of white supremacists. If the US military isn’t a fighting force, what is it? It’s a stepping stone. For young people, it’s free college. For lower ranks, it’s a place to belong until you retire. But for top ranks – admirals and generals – it’s the finishing school for a job in the military-industrial complex, all those Beltway Bandits living off the Pentagon. Manufacturers of military equipment need customers. If insurgents don’t have military grade weapons, national governments won’t buy more. Their eternal quandary is: How do we get military grade weapons into the hands of terrorists so that national governments will buy more of our product, without getting caught selling to proscribed people?

The top brass of the US military ordered the bug-out from Afghanistan leaving behind billions (with a b) billions of dollars worth of military grade weapons and equipment knowing it would fall into the hands of the Taliban and from there would find its way to insurgent groups worldwide, causing national governments everywhere to need more and better military grade weapons and hardware. Our top brass are well on the way to becoming Salesmen of the Year.

Joe Doakes

There will be so much for a new conservative administration to fix…

… if we ever get one.

6 thoughts on “Nominal

  1. In discussing the anniversary of 9/11 this weekend with some friends and family to my left they still don’t get it

    Besides the guns, drones, vehicles, and planes, we probably left many computers and hard drives in tact.

    Radical Islam doesn’t follow the news cycle. Their plans and timelines are much longer than the attention span of the US media consumer. This didn’t go away.

    We will be paying for this for decades.

  2. To be fair to the former Afghan Army, they did take something like 60,000 casualties in the past decade or so, no? So I’m not quite sure that Lind’s characterization of them was entirely fair; they were willing to be under fire as long as they had airpower, but when that airpower was withdrawn, they realized they’d not been trained or prepared for true guerrilla war.

    To be fair to Lind, though, I’d feared that the Afghan Army was something of a stew of the devoted and the hireling myself, but the casualties they took suggested at least a core of them were in it to win it.

  3. and this is why no resignations are on the table – because from every angle, surrender was an inevitable™ success.

  4. bike;
    Several Afghanistan veterans have basically called out the lies of Joey Demento’s corrupt and feckless cabal. Those soldiers hadn’t been paid in over two months, were short on ammo, medical supplies and food, yet, most of them continued fighting, until the air support evaporated.

  5. Boss; that’s even more emphatic than I’d guessed. Yikes. One has to wonder; if Biden was trying to hand over Afghanistan to the Taliban, what, if anything, would he have done differently? The main thing I can think of that he could have done worse would have been to actually start targeting the Afghan Army, but I’m guessing that our soldiers and airmen wouldn’t have done that.

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