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  1. I’m in favor of withholding treatment for left wing propaganda pushers like her, just because.

  2. The Disney Corporation has programmed Audio-Animatronic Biden speaking in the Hall of Presidents to make a major speech this evening describing the nation’s newest thrill ride: Covid Capers.

    Wait, that’s not right. The Chinese Central Committee has ordered Comrade Biden to give a confession this evening describing the nation’s newest humilitation: Conquered by Covid.

    Nope, still not right. Unnamed White House staffers hinted Usurper Biden would read from the teleprompter this evening describing the nation’s newest Five Year Plan to defeat a virus by doing all the things that didn’t work last time: Covid Comedy.

    Maybe the “let ’em die” idea will be one of the Six Points in the Five Year Plan, along with “Mandatory Masks,” “Freeze Florida Funds,” “No Vax No Fly” and “Nuke Texas – For The Unborn Children.”

    I wonder what the other point will be?

  3. But, but, I was under the impression that health care is a right – oops, sorry, Health Care is a Right!!! And My Body, My Choice!!!

    Mitch, are insinuating that these quips only exist in the service of commie propaganda?

  4. Joe Doakes nails it:
    “Plan to defeat a virus by doing all the things that didn’t work last time”

    If you will not admit to making mistakes, you will never learn. And when have you heard Biden admit to making a mistake?
    Those 13 Americans killed in the bungled surrender in Afghanistan? That was the flawlessly designed plan being flawlessly executed.
    The only mistake was made by Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, who said he wanted senior military members held accountable for some imagined errors.
    Scheller was held accountable for his mistake by being fired.

  5. A question I’d put to the learned Ms Marcus (is she a doctor like Dr Jill Biden?) is this: if vaccinations are highly effective and masks are highly effective, then why are all the masked, vaccinated people so upset about anti vaxxers? We know that children rarely if ever die or become seriously ill from Covid, so pursuing vaccinations in people under 25 is a fool’s errand. If an adult chooses the risk of skipping the vaccine, OK. But withholding treatment is not an option. I’m a real doctor and I believe others in my profession agree. Did we withhold treatment of gay men with HIV because they stupidly continued having anonymous sex with men? Nope.

  6. The largest demographic of non-juicers is blacks, but that’s not who she is talking about. She is expressing her hope that White people die; traditional, Western culture centered, White people.

    And who is it, that is always at the forefront of the kill Whitey movement? BLM?…lol, no

    Background and education
    Marcus was born in Philadelphia in 1958 and grew up in a Jewish family in Livingston, New Jersey.

    Every. Single. Time Once you notice, you cannot stop noticing.

  7. Re: Memory-holing

    First they defaced, then they tore down a beautiful statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond. They cut it into 3 pieced (to make sure), took the contents out of the 150 year old time capsule, and replace it with woke bullshit. It was Richmond’s center piece, but i’s just a statue, it can be replaced in due time.

    The National Archive has slapped a trigger warning on the US Constitution.

    You think that means nothing? You’ve learned nothing.

  8. Wife and I had a photo taken of us standing in front of that statue back in 2012 (before it was defaced). We could never have guessed it would become an historical, family heirloom.

  9. Every. Single. Time Once you notice, you cannot stop noticing.

    Born: Dec 24, 1940 (age 80) · Brooklyn, NY
    Education: Cornell University · College of the Holy Cross
    Descent: Italian
    Religion: Christian

    Shaun King – white and Christian.

    Biden – white and Christian

    Pelosi – white and Christian

    Every. Single. Time Once you notice, you cannot stop noticing. Take your antisemitc trope elsewhere you bigoted maggot.

  10. Calm down, jpa. “Many reprobates are Jewish, so all Jews are reprobates” is a logical fallacy. Plenty of Jewish patriots out there, but statically a problem in way too many instances.

    Don’t hate the messenger; don’t deny the message out of hand. Help fix the problem.

  11. I understand Australia plans to prevent the spread of Covid by exterminating all the hosts. I believe they got the idea from China. Sounds reasonable to me.

  12. Don’t hate the messenger; don’t deny the message out of hand. Help fix the problem.

    When you help fix the problem with Biden. Pelosi et al, we’ll talk. Mmmokay, bubbala?

  13. JD, it is much, much worse than that. They are confiscating liquor door to door. Not kidding, look it up.

  14. Better yet, science™!

    The Biden administration tightened its masking guidance after one of the country’s most powerful teachers’ unions — the National Education Association (NEA) — threatened White House officials with publicly releasing harsh criticism of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), according to internal emails obtained by Fox News.

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