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It’s entertaining to make fun of people running around promoting wide-eyed, far-right, moon-bat crazy, pants-on-head conspiracy theories. Like, for instance, Trump didn’t lose the election, the election was stolen from him. Biden and Harris were never the popular choice, they’re merely placeholders until the Real Usurper pulling the strings behind the scenes can be installed as President-For-Life. Okay, it’s completely nuts and nobody believes it, but just for kicks . . .

Biden is senile and Harris is hated. Kill Harris in a false flag operation blamed on Conservatives, bum-rush Congress into appointing the Real Usurper as Veep, then use the 25th Amendment to remove Biden. Could work. So who’s the Real Usurper?

Here’s an article reviewing the 50 most popular Democrats in America. Those are the talent pool to replace Biden.

Some of them are dead. Carter, Clinton and Gore are too old. Pelosi, Warren, Bloomberg are theoretically possible but carry a lot of baggage.

Tulsi is cute but I doubt she has the influence to pull it off.

Bernie is wildly popular with the Democrat base. They’d do anything for him. He’s a real possibility.

Obama. He couldn’t be ELECTED to a third term, but he could be appointed Vice President and then move up. With the new election laws being rammed through Congress, he wouldn’t have to worry about winning another election as long as he lives. Question is – does he still have enough influence with the Democrat party and the Deep State bureaucrats to pull it off? And does he hate America enough to fundamentally transform it from a republic to a dictatorship, with himself at the helm?

Might make a good novel but it’s all a wild fantasy, right? Nobody would ever believe it, right?

Joe Doakes

14 thoughts on “Ersatz Replacement Usurper

  1. Are you people wondering what has happened to our country? Eight years of Obama set all of this in motion. Notice what happened when Trump was elected, the whole of the government was against him and fought Trump the whole 4 years. Obama promoted those government workers who are running this country. Obama promoted those armed forces officers who are such miserable failures now.

    Shame on anyone who voted for Biden, it’s your fault also.

  2. Kill Harris in a false flag operation blamed on Conservatives

    Not a chance. That would leave the senate 50/50.
    That is the Dems dilemna, if joe resigns or is removed from power they lose their razor-thin majority in the senate.
    And Biden didn’t choose Harris, his advisers chose Harris. Their is no cadre of geniuses pulling Biden’s strings, the people controlling his are idiots. His primary adviser is probably community college teacher-instructor Jill Biden.

  3. I thought the Senate was 50 GOP, 48 DEM, 2 IND, with Harris (DEM) as VP being the tie-breaker. If the VP dies, are you expecting 50 Republicans to block any replacement?

  4. Well, I’m thinking that Barackus Obamanus and idiot Susan Rice are pulling the strings. I offer as evidence, the military is now using Obamanus’ favorite tactics – drone strikes.

  5. Just spoke with someone by phone (reader, lurker, doesn’t comment) who says I’m all wet. They won’t install Barak Obama. Too much baggage.

    They’ll install Michelle Obama. First Black Woman (soon-to-be) President. Her first guest in the White House will be Oprah.

    The media love-fest will run 24/7. The Senate will fall all over itself to confirm her. Barak will sit in his castle on Marth’a Vineyard, smiling.

  6. If the VP dies, are you expecting 50 Republicans to block any replacement?
    Yes. McConnell is good at this kind of thing.

  7. if wishes were horses…

    Wouldn’t a Biden/Harris murder-suicide be a satisfactory resolution? Oh wait that means Nancy(80 and frail), but she would still have to nominate a VP and she’s no great fan of the Obama-Jarrett-Rice cabal, so there is a sliver of hope there.
    This is starting to look like the USSR lineup on the bench when Brezhnev died.

  8. I read something yesterday that indicates Kameltoe was whisked away before the Dover ceremony, due to some kind of emergency.

  9. JD, you are really that hard for material you are recycling old threads? My answer today as it was then is Mayor Pete.

  10. bh
    I saw some pics of the incident and it is clearly a 4 point carry – her feet aren’t touching the ground. If it was Harris it doesn’t bode well.

  11. her feet aren’t touching the ground

    That’s Kameltoe’s natural position.

  12. My thought is that the biggest risk of one man rule is that the one man gets the bureaucracy and journalists working for him, and then rules quietly from his new home in DC. My guess is that to a degree, it’s been going on for over four years now.

  13. jpa – here’s a glimpse how SITD works for me. I pelt Mitch with emails which he sifts to find anything worth posting and discards the rest (like panning for gold only not as worthwhile). Sometimes emails get posted out of order, sometimes the later ones expand on an earlier theme, just depends on what’s on his spindle for the day.

    Besides, I find the question intersting. The notion that Biden won the election and is running things seems improbable. The notion that Kamala is the heir apparent whom every Democrat can’t wait to promote seems odd given her stunning lack of performance in the primaries. But if those two hacks didn’t win and aren’t in charge, who’s running the show and how long until that person takes over for good? And who is it?

    It’s all in fun, of course. Everyone knows the election was the fairest and most secure election ever, and that Biden is bravely making the hard decisions which former presidents weren’t tough enough to make. I just enjoy alternate history fantasy fiction, that’s all.

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