Our New, New Normal

Over the past few days, there’s been an undercurrent on social media of people saying the implosion of Afghanistan, culminating [1] in yesterday’s suicide-bomb attack killing (so far) 10 Marines and close to 100 people all told was “the angriest/saddest they’ve felt since 9/11”.

For me? In some ways, it’s worse.

9/11 wasn’t a “surprise”, per se – if you’d been paying attention through the ’90s, with the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers and the first WTC Bombing, it was a natural progression. But it was enemies doing what enemies do. We were attacked – like Pearl Harbor, like the Norks crossing the 38th Parallel, it was people who hated us, doing what people who hate us say they’re going to do.

This past two weeks? That same motivation was – let’s not delve into conspiracy-land here – colossal incompetence on every level of our own government, humiliating this country. It’s basketball team doesn’t just shoot a three-pointer into their own basket, but every member of the team slamming a dunk into their own bucket, as the coach says “yep, that’s the plan – score 100 points for the other guys; then we’ll have ’em where we want ’em”, and the other team does casual free-throws when there isn’t one of our guys hanging from the rim.

They say “never chalk up to malice what can be better explained by stupidity”. But if the Biden Administration had planned from the very beginning to humiliate this nation, what would they have done differently? Make Robin DiAngelo the chair of the Joint Chiefs, and put Steven Colbert in charge of Special Operations Command?

Seeing our nation blind-sided twenty years ago was bad enough.

Seeing our nation humiliate itself? Over and over?

This is a new one for me.

This is not the nation I wanted to leave for my kids, my grandkids.

And as far as I can help it, I won’t.

[1] And when I say “culminating”, I mean “so far”. This seems to be a barrel with no bottom.

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  1. “We don’t have a complete picture, obviously, of where every article of defense materials has gone, but certainly a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the Taliban,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Tuesday. “And obviously, we don’t have a sense that they are going to readily hand it over to us at the airport.”

    Trump killed terrorists.
    Biden gives them guns.

  2. The military is so panicked, they are threatening retired military pensioners to be silent.

    This has never happened. Ever.

    No one is allowed to point and laugh at the doddering fool that is destroying America. They will have to cremate Joe Biden’s remains and dump them in the ocean, lest his grave become an open air toilet.


  3. There’s a pair of contrasting pics going round the internet, one showing Ike Eisenhower, savior of Europe, with a single ribbon on his jacket, the other showing Milley, who can’t manage an orderly withdrawal, with no fewer than none rows of ribbons and four medals on his jacket.

  4. Kameltoe has finished servicing the Vietnamese government, and is back to the US.

    At some point, she’s going to have to open her mouth for more than a sloppy blow job, and defend Joe Biden. Can’t wait.

  5. In exchange for killing American soldiers in Iraq, Trump killed Iranian terrorist-General Qassem Soleimani.
    In exchange killing thirteen Americans and a hundred Afghan civilians, Biden killed some random Afghan goat herder.

  6. Twat wrote: “Mutiny is in the air. And it lays in the lap of the senile, mendacious buffoon who soils the office of POTUS.”

    As a practical matter, I’m not even sure Col. Scheller is correct. Bagram was far away from major population centers and would have required a large footprint to defend. However, even if he is right, the military is not a democracy and it would be impossible to maintain discipline and order if everyone can just wander off and say or do whatever they want.

    Woolly wrote: “Trump killed terrorists.
    Biden gives them guns”

    Allow me to fix this for you.

    The Afghan Army turned over billions in classified military weapons to the enemy and has failed to secure anything.

    The right wing has been fully assimilated into the culture of its conquerors; the Taliban.

    A true defeat.

  7. A true defeat is having to helicopter your spies and diplomats from the roof of your embassy.
    Even a child knows that. Even Biden knows that, or knew it, that’s why he claimed, back in July, “There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of a embassy in the — of the United States from Afghanistan.”


    Almost everything Biden said in those remarks of July 8 has been proven wrong, including this bit:
    Q Is a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan now inevitable?

    THE PRESIDENT: No, it is not.

    Q Why?

    THE PRESIDENT: Because you — the Afghan troops have 300,000 well-equipped — as well-equipped as any army in the world — and an air force against something like 75,000 Taliban. It is not inevitable.

  8. ^ Past Presidents created the mess in Afghanistan and passed them on to the next President. Biden is bold enough not to inherit the messes and refuses to pass them on to the next president.

    100,000 people evacuated so far.

    Largest one in US history.

  9. Biggest airborne retreat in history, LOL.
    This AP reporter simply cannot figure out why Biden is beset by crises: https://yhoo.it/3jnsCmE
    Why, oh why, does it appear that Biden is being overwhelmed by events?
    It’s a mystery.

  10. From the Biden-supporting, Trump hating The Economist:
    “THE TALIBAN is not the North Vietnamese army,” declared President Joe Biden on July 8th, days after America abandoned Bagram air base, the hub of its war in Afghanistan for 20 years, without telling its Afghan commander. “They’re not remotely comparable in terms of capability. There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of the embassy of the United States from Afghanistan.” By August 15th Chinooks were rattling windows in Kabul, shuttling American diplomats from their hulking embassy. At the city’s airport, desperate Afghans swarmed the runway; some clung to the undercarriage of a C-17 transporter, falling to their deaths.

  11. You know, I’m sure the third decade of nation building in Afghanistan would have been the charm. If not the third, then surely the fourth, fifth, or eighth.

  12. There are now leaks coming from the military.
    Supposedly, Biden was told that more than 2500 troops were required to secure both Bagram and the embassy in Kabul during the withdrawal. Biden didn’t want there to be a “Hanoi moment” on CNN, so he said nix Bagram rather than send in more troops.
    There are now over 6,000 American soldiers in Afghanistan.

  13. Emery is swatting at strawmen again.Keep swingin’, little buddy! Sooner or later you might actually run across someone who supported “nation building” in Afghanistan.

  14. The case against withdrawal relies largely on glossing over the mess in Afghanistan over the past 20 years and focusing solely on the mess of the past 20 days. Like using a messy divorce to prove that a fractured marriage should have been saved.

  15. No one here is making an argument against withdrawal. Are you cross commenting to some neocon blog? Or just plagiarizing again?

  16. MP, in his head, he’s heroically standing in the center of a field surrounded by dead and injured strawmen, sweating, his sword bloody, and a cis-gen beauty at his feet looking at him in gratitude and for reassurance.

  17. Rat AssholE squeaked: “Biden is bold enough not to inherit the messes and refuses to pass them on to the next president.”

    Allow me to correct that bullshit. Biden is stupid, incompetent and feckless enough to take a tough job and turn it into an international disaster.

    Rat assholE also Squeaked: “As a practical matter, I’m not even sure Col. Scheller is correct.”

    Yeah well, as a practical matter, I’d bet my next paycheck that Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller(You fucking moron) gives fuckall for an 80 IQ, lying Rat’s opinion on anything.

    Our military is openly questioning Joe Biden’s competence and authority. Just imagine what is being said among civilians. Benito Mussolini feels Joe’s pain.

  18. It just occured to me that pedo Joe and Mussolini share something else in common. Mussolini was called “Il Duce”, and Joe Biden is known as that fucking douche bag.

  19. Has Rat AssholE ever posted anything that was indisputably correct? Anything that was not riddled with factually incorrect statements or otherwise immediately recognized as the inchoate babbling of a genuine idiot?



    No…So what does he think he’s accomplishing here? It’s nothing more than mindless, public masturbation. He needs this release, because to him, as he has said, testosterone is overrated.

  20. Twat — It’s safe to say the soon to be former Marine has some serious delusions of grandeur — similar to you.

    I say former Marine because being removed from command is just the beginning of his problems. I’d list the articles of UCMJ he violated as an active duty officer sitting in his Marine uniform, in his military office, using a government computer to “very respectfully” the leadership of this country, but Twat doesn’t provide enough space in his comments for all of them.

    Members of the military are entitled to their personal opinions but we are not entitled to wear our uniforms and lambast our leadership using government facilities and government time to express them, no matter how respectfully we express them.

    For months the state department put out bulletins with warnings to leave Afghanistan. I think it was March when they offered to pay for flights home. In April, they started to send increasingly dire warnings. Was Biden supposed to send troops to force people to leave at gunpoint? The deadline for the military to leave was May 1st by the Trump/Pompeo ‘deal’. Biden stayed longer in hopes more would leave. Maybe think about that.

  21. Well sure she was raped. Why’d she wear such a short dress to the frat party?

    Well of course he was robbed and beaten. Why’s a White Cracker riding the Light Rail at night?

    We obviously they were left behind. They Wanted to be left behind. They must have, we sent them an email and they never responded. Not our fault if they become hostages tortured on a YouTube jihad recruiting video.

    Blaming the victims. Because it’s so much easier and more satisfying, right E?

  22. I absolutely agree that currently serving military should not criticize their superiors in public. The Marine knows it and knows he’ll be punished for speaking against Biden’s rout.

    He is the ONLY person is the entire Garden Administration with the balls to do it.

    Not the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
    Not the Commanding General of the Army.
    Not the National Security Advisor.

    None of them spoke against abandoning American citizens, none of them resigned rather than be part of such an embarassing defeat, none of them have an explanation for their dereliction of duty. They work for the Constitution, which is The People, not for the President. What a pathetic bunch of spineless losers.

  23. Look there; now the Rat Asshole is telling about the UCMJ…he’d list them, but that would take to long to look up.

    Jfc…tell us, Rat. What branch did you serve in? When? WhAt was your rate and rating.

    What was your unit/command? Where were you deployed?

    You fucking worthless piece of shit. You couldn’t have made it through air force boot camp with the dykes.

  24. Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller wouldn’t squash the Rat AssholE into a wet spot (Probably), because he wouldn’t want to get shit on his boots.

    I’d be honored to lend him my hip boots for that little job.

  25. JD, that’s what makes this case so special. The LtCol thought this through. He knew it was the end of his career. He has 3 years to go to a nice pension. Although I doubt they’ll force him out, he doesn’t care if they do. He’s standing by his words.

    This man is willing to put it all on the table, to call out a bunch of feckless assholes, who are a clear and present danger to the US.

    The fucking Rat Asshole won’t even stand by his words in an obscure blog. He’s just like Bill Peterson; fucking cowards.

  26. It would be interesting to know what Schiller was taught at leadership school. Probably not to ignore errors and bad behavior by his superiors. The military, we know, is all messed up. How many naval commanders have been drummed out for breaking very expensive ships in the last few years?

  27. Yeah, MP…they ain’t much for navigation, or combat, but they can ace the fuck out of their gender pronoun tests.

    I cannot imagine what life aboard a US Navy ship must be like today.

  28. Lol…I remember when we were allowed to have sideburns and mustaches, the old time salts had a shit fit.

    Now a sailor can have tits sewn on.

  29. I have never been in the military (my banner is white with a yellow streak), but I imagine that in leadership school that they teach officers that if someone higher than you in the command chain is a mission hazard because he is an idiot or a drug addict or whatever, that it is your duty to call it out, but you must be prepared to pay the price.
    The person who says “the emperor has no clothes” puts himself in terrible danger.

  30. Sweet Jesus on the water…I missed this:

    “Members of the military are entitled to their personal opinions but we are not entitled to wear our uniforms…” – Rat AssholE

    You miserable cunt. You never wore a uniform. You are a piece of shit.

  31. House Rep Susan Wild, far left Democrat:
    Although it is clear to me that we could not continue to put American servicemembers in danger for an unwinnable war, I also believe that the evacuation process appears to have been egregiously mishandled. In order to move forward, we need answers and accountability regarding the cascading failures that led us to this moment. Our troops deserve nothing less than a complete and unvarnished truth.

  32. New normal: World is shaken when the word’s only remaining superpower, with the world’s largest defense budget by an order of magnitude, cannot accomplish an orderly withdrawal from a 3rd world city. The only person in the US government fired for this is the guy who pointed it out.

    New normal: Michael Byrd claims that he saved “hundreds of lives.” In fact he murdered an unarmed woman.

  33. Byrd would have been better facing the music now. There is no statute of limitations for murder. When the rats are put back in their cages, he will stand trial, and a memorial to Ashli will be put in the Capital building.

  34. Another part of the “New Normal” is that during a pandemic, we close hospitals and lay off nursing staff.
    And shoot rescue dogs.
    It is hard to imagine people more stupid than our “elites.”

  35. Regarding the UCMJ, the no disparagement rule, applies to any officer grade, including Warrant Officer, member of the military, on active duty OR retired, drawing a pension. Many retired officers, most of whom were invisible before they opened their yaps, criticized President Trump, with no repercussions. Of course, they were speaking out against Orange Man, but I seriously doubt that they will prosecute Colonel Scheller.

    MP: to your Friday comment about leadership school, they taught us about unlawful orders by superiors at the Air Force NCO Leadership school. You are also correct on facing the consequences of actions taken in that regard.

  36. Update: he was forced to resign or face disciplinary actions. He did so and is now doing videos to tell people what’s going on. He’s putting his life on the line.

  37. MP, in his head, he’s heroically standing in the center of a field surrounded by dead and injured strawmen, sweating, his sword bloody, and a cis-gen beauty at his feet looking at him in gratitude and for reassurance.

    more like a black knight

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