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I’d like to say the MN GOP Executive Committee took at least a half-measure at its emergency meeting last night.

To be honest? It was maybe more of a quarter-measure, voting for a financial audit.

The party really needs an independent legal review over the sex harassment charges, on top of the financial audit…

…and of course, Carnahan, whose financial and personal relationship with Lazzaro remains the elephant in the room.

Rebecca Brannon was able to watch the Zoom meeting – which, apparently, was itself a subject of a fair part of the meeting, by her account (read the whole thread):

So the party apparently plans to go into the State Fair with this as its status quo.

I may just have to go to the fair, if only to see how that works out.

More constructively? Anyone leading a petition effort to get signatures to force a Central Committee emergency meeting can have time on my show. Have your people call my people.

12 thoughts on “As Expected

  1. Um, could someone summarize what is going on? I live in Cali, and don’t get much MN news.

  2. I live in Minnesota and I don’t know, either.

    I don’t watch much television and don’t read local media.

    I did hear some GOP guy posted DNA test results proving Ilhan married her brother and was promptly arrested by the Feds. Is this part of that, or something else?

  3. From JD’s link: “There is no statute of limitations for immigration fraud, but there also appears to be no appetite in Democrat-run Minneapolis to investigate the claim that has dogged Democratic “Squad” member Omar for years.”

    Yep. CD5 has shown they would rather a criminal represent them, than a Republican. Twice.

  4. The link is very interesting. You first of all have the claim, apparently with some support, that Ilhan Omar married her brother, a claim that got nowhere with law enforcement officials (was not investigated), and then apparently soon after Lazzaro had his data, the FBI busted him for underage sex trafficking, which is notoriously hard to prove.

    Assuming both are true, which has yet to be demonstrated by a court of law, of course, that indicates what kind of things are possible when the FBI is, or is not, motivated to investigate a case.

  5. One correction; the charges are not sexual harassment, but rather sexual trafficking of minors, presumably linked with sexual assault. Not that sexual harassment is a little thing that deserves little investigation, but what’s really being alleged by the FBI here is far more serious.

  6. Bill C, didn’t CD5 show they would rather a criminal represent them than an apparently honest (and socialist) Somali immigrant in the 2020 DFL primary?

  7. Two hours later still stuck in moderation, edited

    Bill C, didn’t CD5 show they would rather a criminal represent them than an apparently honest (and s@cialist) Somali immigrant in the 2020 DFL primary?

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