The New Conspiracy

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

There is a new wide-eyed, pants-on-head, bat-s**t crazy, right-wing, Trump-inspired, anti-vaccine conspiracy theory going around. Don’t fall for it.
The claim is the vaccine does not prevent people from catching Covid and does not prevent them from spreading it; therefore, the vaccine is useless as a preventative and universal vaccine mandates are unnecessary at best (ignoring side effects) and potentially harmful to some (considering side effects).
The claim is supposedly supported by a study which is not peer reviewed, did not appear in any major medical journal and was only reported on one website. Few, if any, mainstream media have covered the story.
Don’t be fooled. The entity which conducted the study and published the results has a history of making unsupported claims, errors of judgment and reversing its advice.
The study, performed by the Centers for Disease Control and announced in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, as reported by CNBC, confirms what I’ve been saying all along. Either it’s wrong or I’m right.
What a terrible dilemma for the trolls.
Joe Doakes

That’s the thing about being a troll. There really are no terrible dilemmas.

8 thoughts on “The New Conspiracy

  1. JD refers to the Provincetown outbreak. I submit that the lifestyle of those affected differs significantly from the mainstream, so it doesn’t surprise me that microorganisms were freely exchanged. We can ask, but won’t learn anything about the immune status of the participants in the parties. Because sexual orientation means absolutely nothing when it comes to spreading diseases.

  2. a study which is not peer reviewed, did not appear in any major medical journal

    Given the current state of science, pal review and gatekeeping journals do not ordain credibility.

    On the other hand, anything you come across on the net is most certainly wide-eyed, pants-on-head, bat-s**t crazy drivel.

    The only defense is extreme skepticism, which is always wise, about everything.

  3. Because sexual orientation means absolutely nothing when it comes to spreading diseases.

    That may be true in the biological sense, doc, in that diseases have the ability to spread uniformly among humans. But it gets defenestrated when *opportunity* is added as a variable.

    Practitioners of sodomy lead the spread and contraction of every STD known to man with the exception of Chlamydia. Buried deep within dire warnings of Syphilis and Gonorrhea outbreaks are always the acknowledgement that it’s not affecting people who don’t engage in filthy sexual practices.

    Given that, I put an asterisk on your observation.

  4. if somebody, anybody at all, would just follow the money… This is one time when I want World Court to get into the action and charge these political monsters with crimes against humanity.

  5. What Swiftee says, and to add to this, there are apparently 10,000 (mostly homosexual) men who come to “Bear Week” for at least some period of time. Now I would at least hope that those who know they’re HIV positive would take some precautions and not “fully participate”, but it’s a good bet that a good portion of the infections were among men who were already immunocompromised, and hence whatever vaccinations they had would be of theoretically “lesser value” to them.

    One would hope that actual peer review would uncover this and force the researchers to deal with it, but I’ve seen a bunch of things lately that would seem to argue against this.

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