So Let Me Get This Straight

So we’re told requiring an ID to vote is irredeemably racist; apparently, minorities can’t keep track of government issued photo ID is, and requiring voter ID would make us corrosively racist, Denmark and the UK.

But in New York City, now, one requires a proof of vaccination – a de facto ID card, one way or the other Dash to participate in much of indoor public and social life.

The logical inference: racism is OK when it is about health?

Or something?

16 thoughts on “So Let Me Get This Straight

  1. My wife and I got the jab in Arizona last winter, and we had to show our driver licenses to qualify for the shot. (Proof of age).

  2. Have you seen the vaccination numbers in NY?
    Como might as well just ban black people from public events.

  3. 10/10 NYC tort lawyers are drawing up a class action lawsuit for all the Negroes denied entry into any bar or restaurant.

    Expecting them to remember where they left their bug juice card is racist af. Assuming they would know how to get one in the first place?

    Textbook White Supremacy.

  4. Be real.
    There is no official “I’ve been vaccinated” card. Many vaccination places are telling people to hold onto their vaccination paperwork because they aren’t keeping records. No business is qualified to judge whether your “vaccine compliant” doc is real or if you designed and printed it yourself.

  5. What we do know, as laymen, is that the highest number of unvaxxed people by race are black and hispanic.
    So if you are vaxxed, avoid places where a lot of black and or hispanic people are gathered.
    Do it for your health. Do it to show your patriotism!

  6. It’s easier to cross the border from Mexico than it is to get a meal in NY.

    By the way, any of you peeps here talk to anyone in real life who thinks its Maga voters not getting vaxxed?

    The evidence is now overwhelming that it is not MAGA types.

    School unions, SEIU in Cali (whatever that is) Post Office unions, teachers in New York are balking at a vax mandate, half of MEDICAL professionals are not vaxxed! I just saw a study showing that secular people are less likely to be vaxed. I’m sure CNN will be all over these updates.

  7. By the way, any of you peeps here talk to anyone in real life who thinks its Maga voters not getting vaxxed?

    I was driving home yesterday and in a fit of self-mutilation, I decided to torture myself and listen to Chad Hartman’s talk show on ‘CCO. It is easy, extremely easy to forget what with all the left wing radicals running around that Hartman’s soft-core DFL politics is still pretty common.

    To answer your question, kinlaw, yes, he does *think* (and thus asserts) that it’s the MAGA voters, and especially the evangelical MAGA voters, who are unvaxxed. But he’s not anti-Christian, no sirree-bob. No mention of blacks and hispanics.

    It was part of a show dedicated to validating another viewpoint that government should not get into the business of vaccine mandates. Because that might lead to problems. No, like the little corporatist-fascist he is, he was OK with and even encouraged businesses, schools, churches to act as a proxy vaccine mandate police force. And this, in his mind, would not lead to any problems.

  8. Interesting observation: The same government forcing private businesses to mandate vaccines is telling private landlords they have no property rights.

  9. Republicans and conservative media, including we humble commenters here, have to hammer on the ID for Vax but not to vote.

    If anyone says anything to me about vax proof I am just going to say that: “ID to vax, not to vote, and walk away.”

  10. ID to eat out, but not to vote. Makes sense to me. And then it makes perfect sense that companies can fire you if you don’t get the jabs, but landlords cannot evict you if you don’t pay your rent. I am hoping that soon, the Supreme Court slaps Biden into next week. The man should be impeached for his disregard of the law/Constitution.

  11. Imagine when the first Negro women walks into a NYC Popeyes, hangry for a 25 piece bucket and gets asked for her vaccine card.

    People have been shot at for not putting enough dat sauce in the bag!

  12. From the “Give them an inch” archive: The Supreme Court, by 5-4, said the CDC didn’t have the authority to issue a rental moratorium. And even Biden initially knew that he, too, didn’t have that authority. The fifth SC vote, Kavanaugh, however said that he’d give the moratorium 30 days for an orderly wind-down. Next thing you know, we’ve got a 60-day extension, from both the CDC and Biden.

  13. NW, the commies sent a message to Trump’s three picks: they know where they live and where their children go to school.

  14. The fact that 4 SCOTUS justices voted to uphold a power the CDC clearly does not have is well, just one more brick torn down.

    And Kavanaugh; if you agree they didn’t have that authority, why would you extend an unlawful order???

    This is all so fucked up.

  15. why would you extend an unlawful order???

    @Bill Peterson: First, the DC District Court judge ruled the CDC exceeded its authority with moratorium. Then that judge agreed to stay the order while the Biden administration appealed to the DC Court of Appeals, which ruled the stay should remain in place. When the landlords appealed to SCOTUS, the Biden administration said the moratorium would end 31 July.

    So SCOTUS did not actually hear the case. They just refused to lift the stay:

    Supreme Court allows coronavirus eviction moratorium to remain in place

    Kavanaugh wrote to explain why he voted to allow the moratorium to remain in place. On the one hand, he said he agreed with the District Court that the CDC exceeded its statutory authority by issuing a nationwide moratorium.
    But, he said, because the CDC has said it will end the moratorium in a few weeks he would allow it to remain in place. He said the extra weeks will “allow for additional and more orderly distribution of the congressionally appropriated rental assistance funds.”

    Kavanaugh made clear however, that if the government were to extend the moratorium past July 31, it would need “specific congressional authorization.”

    Short answer, Bill: Because a politician said one thing and did another. And SCOTUS was gullible enough to believe the Biden administration when it said the moratorium would end 31 July. They should have had the court clerk check to see if the Biden attorneys had their fingers crossed behind their backs.

    But hey, at least there’s no mean tweets, right?

    The question not being asked in all of this is why the expletive deleted isn’t Congress doing its expletive deleted job if this is such a crisis– The data would seem to suggest that it’s not, and the cynic in me suspects the Democrats, with their Texas-to-DC-to-Portugal superspreader event and their failures with border security in the midst of a pandemic, are seeking to minimize the political fallout and try to hang this on the Republicans’ necks before mid-terms.

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