Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Oh, please, please, let this be as good as it looks.

Joe Doakes

I’ve read a few good reviews – although I’ve tempered my enthusiasm by remembering that, outside classical music, the “critic” class is bastardized beyond salvation.

Still – if one couldn’t hope, why would one live?

26 thoughts on “Preview

  1. Whoa Dude!!

    Can’t wait to fire up the AMC Eagle and take a road trip to where ever this is showing…… if there are any movie theaters still around by then.

  2. Dude, you had me seat through a Colon Blow commercial to get to the preview. Not Cool!

    Lemme see, 1 and 2 were OK, then franchise went stale and woke and now we are going to resurrect with kids. How fucking predictable! Hollywood is indeed devoid of ANY new ideas. Not… a… one… I blame comics, woke culture and general dumbing down of society, naturally.

  3. I can’t stand comic book movies.
    They are literally puerile. The bizarrely costumed heroes are inhuman, the villains are human (Superman/Luthor). If the super hero starts out human, he or she will suffer trauma that makes them inhuman — and their moral sense is somehow improved by this process. Or it makes them evil. It’s random, so why bother?
    Have you ever seen a super hero movie that showed an adult, intimate relationship in realistic terms? And OMG now they want to have nominally gay and trans super heroes and they can’t even realistically portray a mature heterosexual character.
    If a person enjoys comic book movies, it tells you something about that person.
    #nevertrumpers Jonah Goldberg and David French are huge comic book movie fans.

  4. ^ Says the guy who’s Pseudonym is a Marvel comic book character.

    MO wrote: /“If a person enjoys comic book movies, it tells you something about that person.”/

    What does reading a comic book tell you about that person?

  5. Looks like Wednesday is “let’s try adjusting the dosage “ day at Emery’s house.

  6. Anyone who trots out “Trump Derangement Syndrome” after January 6th shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    It’s not derangement when the person youo criticized proves beyond a doubt that he was even worse than his critics thought.

    I don’t recall the deranged left trying to steal an election and storming the capitol to assault people and defecate on the floor.

  7. If they don’t mutilate it like the feminist version of Ghostbusters, I could see myself occupying a theater seat for that one…..especially if the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man makes a cameo.

  8. Wow, Emery. You are off your meds.

    Have you been paying attention to what’s happening in Portland, Oregon, due to deranged left wing policies?

    Further, two congressional Democrats, brought large contingencies of protesters to the capitol within the last 2 months. Of course, since they were both black, they just got “arrested” for the photo op to show their most likely angry constituents that they were “doing something”. One of them was the physics genius Hank Johnson. I’m sure that he didn’t bring many people with him, for fear that the capitol might capsize.

  9. I’m intrigued by the Ghostbusters “resurrection”, but I’m not going to over commit at this point.

    The 2021 version of “Dune” directed by Denis Villeneuve, however, has hope springing eternally in me.

  10. I tried reading Frank Herbert. It left me cold, the way Asimov leaves me cold.
    Now, with CGI as advanced as it is, they could a very nice version of Vance’s Cugel’s Saga, or Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun trilogy. Now that would get me into a theater.

  11. Emery, you’re aware that Maximum Overlord is from Capital, but the movies to which his namesake objects are from Marvel, right? This is a huge, important distinction. Duh.

    Regarding the failure of comic book movies to realistically portray intimate relationships, it strikes me that the actor that is able to communicate that kind of nuance is going to have different opportunities than a Marvel movie. Really, most of Hollywood gave up on serious acting a few decades ago. I miss it.

  12. Years ago I played World of Warcraft. One of the people in my guild had named himself or herself “Maximum Overlord,” which was kind of cool, and just to tweak him/her, I renamed myself “Super Maximum Overlord.”
    Is “Maximum Overlord” really a comic book character?

  13. Emery/Hayduke/Avidor/Weiner comes to the defense of cartoon characters. Lol

    You fucking buffoon.

    Tell us, sweet meat. Do you check under your bed at night to make sure Trump isn’t hiding under there, Weiner? Does Roberta know about your little deranged obsession?

  14. Emery/Hayduke/Avidor/Weiner, when you kys during some bizarre sexual ritual, what mental institution should we not send donations to in lieu of flowers we wont send?

    Tia Weiner!

  15. Re: DC vs Marvel. They are both equally ridiculous. They produce comic books. Hell, occasionally I enjoy watching old Looney Tunes cartoons, but they aren’t literature. They are intended to entertain children, and appeal to the childish part of adults.
    I know adults, people in their 40s and 50s, who only read juvie fiction or romance novels. They like to read, but only juvie fiction or romance novels. There is something stunted in their imagination, they have struck some low ceiling that they cannot rise above.
    I can give chapter and verse about how these comic book films are puerile. I suppose I would exempt some of the Frank Miller stuff, but I would also propose that these are not really comic book films — no super heroes — which, I would remind you, means “above heroes.”

  16. Oh, FINE, MP. Leave it to a Hulkster or Black Widow like you to bring seriousness to my stupid joke. Darn you, darn you to heck! :^)

    On a serious note, I want to avoid realistic (or otherwise) depictions of intimate relationships between non-heterosexuals as much as possible. Just sayin’. If it means I don’t watch many movies made after 1960, so be it.

  17. I’m going to put on my critic hat and say that the actual sex act is such a strange intimacy that a mature, human relationship consists of minutes of actual sexual activity each week or month, and hour upon hour of non-sexual interaction that allows those scarce, intimate moments to be possible. That narrative is more interesting than the actual act. If you are an adult, anyhow. The sex act is pretty universal, what makes it possible is where the variety lies.
    I am thinking of all that a person imagines when Mae West complains about her husband (W.C. Fields) “He’s always bothering me.”

  18. So much of human identity is based on the sexes having different sexual goals. Most primates do not put a premium on female sexual selection. To chimps and gorillas, every sexual episode is a rape committed by the dominant male in the troop. She don’t get to choose who impregnates her.
    So I get a little kick out of people insisting that human beings are just the smartest primates. We are different in kind, not in degree. Reproduction of the fittest in chimps and gorillas is not a matter of intelligence, it is a matter of how well and how long the dominant male can continue to impregnate females. Physical size and strength are more important than the ability to think abstractly. Second place would go to the ability to manage the aggressive instincts of the lesser males, since 2 or 3 of these might be able to topple the dominant male from his throne, if they work together.
    Chimp battles for dominance are horrific. They literally tear each other to pieces.

  19. Looney Tunes cartoons, but they aren’t literature.

    The heck you say! How many kids (and adults) were turned onto Hamlet and Ivanhoe and Wagner and classical music and musicals just by watching a 3 minute cartoon?

  20. Any cartoon made after 1945 is crap. Personally, I think color corrupted the whole enterprise.

    Max Fliescher was a genius.

  21. Side note; my 9 year old son wanted to see Black Widow, so my wife and I took him last night. What a mess–it was like someone with ADHD was trying to induce PTSD in the audience.

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