Just So We’re Clear On This

I’m far from “Anti-Vax”. I got the J&J vaccine – partly to shut Karen up, and partly because the science that exists convinced me it was worth the fairly minimal risk.

But there are times I wish this country had a national organization, one dedicated to disseminating unvarnished, unbiased, scientific information about public health to the public.

But I dream.

If we did have such an organization – and a news media that actually reported facts rather than emotions and political narrative…

…again, I dream.

By the way, I commend for your attention this 8-10 tweet thread on the latest science re the immunity provided by both natural and vaccine-based immunity. The news is largely if not uniquivically good…

…and you’ll hear little to none of it from our useless media.

I bring that up to arm you all for the upcoming fight – with the CDC sending out trial balloons about renewed mask mandates, and bobblheads like Gavin Newsom actively locking things down again. And if Newsom is talking about it, you know Tim Walz is fantasizing about reliving his Mussolini days, too.

Now, for me it’s an emergency, no matter what our idiot bureaucracy says; I have parents in their 80s in about the health one might expect of people in their eighties, so I take the precautions needed, either way.

But as the inevitable tsunami of Karens who believe one “believes” science, and whose idea of “science” is an NPR piece from April 2020, by a morose millennial reporter living in an apartment in Brooklyn venting their personal depression in the form of a “news” piece about how awful things are, I urge you to keep an eye on the actual science:

Because this time, there can be no deferring to the good will of the participants, like most of us did in the spring of 2020.

This isn’t public health,. This is a social power grab. Nothing more. .

34 thoughts on “Just So We’re Clear On This

  1. I got vaxed as soon as I could, Moderna. Shoulder hurt but otherwise no worries.

    I remember how everyone treated each other so well in the first few weeks of lock down, we can get through this together. Then it never ended, until a couple of brave and very smart guvs actually “followed the science”. Lockdowns did more harm than good.

    If they try it again there will be trouble, right here in river city. The silent majority is mad, angry, and done being kept in the dark and fed shit.

    Bring it beotches.

  2. Just fill out a prescription for Ivermectin and stop worrying about your folks Mitch.

  3. Depending on whose numbers you use, if you are fully vaccinated, there is 0.1% to 0.2% chance of contracting covid.
    Six or more of the “fully vaccinated” Texas fleabaggers have tested positive for covid.

  4. MO, you might want to look at case counts in Israel, Malta, and Iceland; all highly vaccinated countries.

    You can twist and turn this Kung flu thing anyway you want, but it was never about keeping people well. It was about power. The newest example is happening right now as thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants, some of whom are infected, are moved from the border inland.

    None of the people telling you to worry about the Kung flu are actually worried about Kung flu.

  5. Why should the vaccinated be responsible for the health of those who haven’t taken responsibility for their own health?

    They will literally take anything except the one thing that we know works.

  6. My Dad is 91. He survived the privations of The Great Depression, World War II and Korea; had polio, three heart attacks and now has Type II diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholestoral.

    He had the first dose of vaccine but suffered an adverse heart reaction so his doctor told him not to take the second dose. The last year has been hard for him, for me and for my siblings. We want to visit him but with lock-downs and variants, we’re not sure it’s safe and nobody wants to be the one who coughed on Dad and killed him.

    Goes to church every week, though. And the grocery store, because the curbside pickup order is never right. I sure hope he doesn’t catch Covid. Be a shame if he was cut down in the prime of life like so many others.

  7. Why should the vaccinated mask up to protect the unvaccinated from themselves?

  8. The E-Collective’s 12:19 raises a good point about public policy, which is not limited to one specific disease.

    The same question could be asked about taxpayer funded abortion on demand, Obama phones, illegal immigrants . . . the list of grasshoppers supported by us ants is lenghty and getting longer. Is it even possible to wonder what society would look like, if we transitioned back to constitutional government as it existed before 1900?

  9. Why on earth should the vaccinated care about me being unvaccinated. They’re protected, right? Right?

    Last November one of the people who deer hunt on my property, tested positive for the Communist Chinese Wuhan Bat Flu Lung Rot on Wednesday, and was out here hunting on Saturday. We shook hands like we always do.

  10. ^ It’s a public health crisis. It effects everybody.

    If the government banned jumping off cliffs, AllenS would still say everyone should have freedom of choice.

  11. Apparently Little red Lying Hood’s answer to why mask if you vaxed is one for the books. I have not read the text yet but the professor is calling it “snide, condescending, arrogant and uniquely irritating in a way of a long time political parasite”.

    In other words “shut up and obey, peasant!”

    What a cucking funt she is.

  12. The main rational reason to get vaccinated is to avoid hospitalization or death, not to avoid the petty inconvenience of wearing a mask. Also, the blame for the vaccinated having to wear masks lies with the unvaccinated, not the CDC.

  13. Regarding why the vaccinated would care, it all hinges on two realities; that vaccine induced immunity is a probability, not a certainty, and that the likelihood of contracting is one’s immunity (5% as likely as usual to get it) times the # of exposures. So even if one confines one’s interest only the the well being of the vaccinated, there’s some reason to continue encouraging the rest of the population to get vaccinated.

    The other reason is that we all depend on each other economically, and putting large sectors of the economy into the dumpster because lots of people are sick isn’t the way to keep an economy going. Finally, you’ve got the reality that some of us do earnestly care about the well being of our neighbors.

    Now there’s a question of whether the best way to approach this is through a mandate or persuasion, of course, and I think we’ve got a clear idea of the dismal results of the mandates, and of the better results of persuasion. The persuasion ought to start, of course, with the admission by the CDC and NIH of their failure to read Cuomo et all the riot act for sending COVID patients into nursing homes, and also for misrepresenting the science for face masks.

  14. The seasonal flu shots are FDA approved. I got one once, because it was free and I thought “what the hell”. Got sick as hell.

    None of the various bat flu brews are FDA approved. Several have been banned from differing countries because they killed people and made them sick. The list of deadly, and life changing side effects is too long to list here.

    A heretofore healthy, 21 year old kid who gets Myocarditis from that shit will live with scarring for the rest of his life. The CDC (via VAERS) admits to just shy of 7000 deaths attributed to bug juice. Given their history, it’s probably well in excess of 20K.

    I never got another seasonal flu shot, and I cannot remember the last time I got the flu. I traveled widely while Pedo Joe was locked in his basement. Never wore a stupid cloth mask; stayed at hotels; ate at resturaunts; shook hands, like men do…they say I might have had bat flu, but since the PCR tests are shit and being pulled from the market, who knows. What I do know is, if I had it, it didn’t affect me at all, and if I get it again IDGAF.

    If this genetic witches’ brew was approved, and if the pharma corps were liable for any fuckery their products caused me, I probably still wouldn’t take it, but I damn sure won’t now.

    If getting Karen off your ass is high on your list of things to do, go for it. If you’re an 80 IQ leftist wombat who wants it to show how much you care, by all means…please get two.

    But I refuse to have my body used like throwaway trash by a bunch of scumbag leftist politicians, OR “conservative” kneelers.

    Thank you for your time.

  15. Come on, anti-vaxxers! Keep pouring gas on the fire. You need to shut this reopening down! Keep encouraging folks not to get vaccinated. You can do it. Go Team Covid!

  16. Vaxxes by race is basically: asians most, whites second, hispanics third, blacks fourth. Damn Trump voters

  17. What the EFF is up with your comments Berg, 6 times I have hit post and it just disappears

  18. Sure, Emery sez he is vaccinated.
    But I haven’t seen any proof.
    What we have, then, is a dyed-in-the-wool Trump hater, vax status unknown, urging Republicans, and only republicans, to get the jab.
    Seems a little suspicious.

  19. Hey Emery,

    What kinlaw said. The largest group of unvaccinated people are blacks and Hispanics, in counties that Joey Demento won. I quote kinlaw; “damn Trump voters”.
    Oh, and by the way, numb nuts, the hordes of quatamexidorians flooding across our borders, are refusing to take the jab(s), but Joeys minions are flying them all over the country to make it the state’s problem. Gotta love leftist pricks! They want to control everything it’s citizens do from the federal level, until they don’t.

  20. Sounds like a large group of the population doesn’t want the Biden vaccination. They probably don’t trust the moron, and whatever comes out of his mouth.

    Another large group of the population doesn’t think that the vaccination they received is worth a fuck. In other words they are afraid of other vaccinated people. I must have an immunity, and I would imagine that a very large group has the same immunity.

  21. Say, Dickhead/Hayduke/Emery/Pendergrast? Have one of your estate servants read this for you…

    The Long Shadow of the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine ‘Fiasco’
    “To avoid an epidemic, the CDC believed, at least 80 percent of the United States population would need to be vaccinated. When they asked Congress for the money to do it, politicians jumped on the potential good press of saving their constituents from the plague

    The World Health Organization adopted more of a wait-and-see attitude to the virus, writes Kreston. They eventually found that the strain of flu that year was not a repeat or escalation of the 1918 flu, but “the U.S. government was unstoppable,” They had promised a vaccine, so there needed to be a vaccine.

    SmartNews Keeping you current
    The Long Shadow of the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine ‘Fiasco’
    Some, but not all, of the hesitance to embrace vaccines can be traced back to this event more than 40 years ago
    This 1976 photograph shows a woman receiving a vaccination during the nationwide swine flu vaccination campaign. (CDC)
    By Kat Eschner
    February 6, 2017
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    In the spring of 1976, it looked like that year’s flu was the real thing. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t, and rushed response led to a medical debacle that hasn’t gone away.

    “Some of the American public’s hesitance to embrace vaccines — the flu vaccine in particular — can be attributed to the long-lasting effects of a failed 1976 campaign to mass-vaccinate the public against a strain of the swine flu virus,” writes Rebecca Kreston for Discover. “This government-led campaign was widely viewed as a debacle and put an irreparable dent in future public health initiative, as well as negatively influenced the public’s perception of both the flu and the flu shot in this country.”

    To begin with: You should get a flu shot. You should certainly get all of your other vaccines and make sure your children get them. They will protect you and others from getting deadly and debilitating things like mumps, whooping cough, polio and measles. But this is a story about one time over 40 years ago when poor decision-making on the part of the government led to the unnecessary vaccination of about 45 million citizens. We can’t blame it for the modern anti-vaccine movement, which has more recent roots in a retracted paper that linked one vaccine to autism, but it certainly had an effect on the public’s view of vaccines.

    On February 4, 1976, a young soldier named David Lewis died of a new form of flu. In the middle of the month, F. David Matthews, the U.S. secretary of health, education and welfare, announced that an epidemic of the flu that killed Pvt. Lewis was due in the fall. “The indication is that we will see a return of the 1918 flu virus that is the most virulent form of flu,” he said, reports Patrick di Justo for Salon. He went on: The 1918 outbreak of “Spanish flu” killed half a million Americans, and the upcoming apocalypse was expected to kill a million.

    That earlier pandemic was another form of swine flu, di Justo writes, and researchers at the Centers for Disease Control thought that what was happening could well be a new, even deadlier strain that was genetically close to the 1918 strain.

    To avoid an epidemic, the CDC believed, at least 80 percent of the United States population would need to be vaccinated. When they asked Congress for the money to do it, politicians jumped on the potential good press of saving their constituents from the plague, di Justo writes.

    The World Health Organization adopted more of a wait-and-see attitude to the virus, writes Kreston. They eventually found that the strain of flu that year was not a repeat or escalation of the 1918 flu, but “the U.S. government was unstoppable,” di Justo writes. They had promised a vaccine, so there needed to be a vaccine.

    This all happened in the spring, with emergency legislation for the “National Swine Flu Immunization Program,” being signed into effect in mid-April. By the time immunizations began on October 1, though, the proposed epidemic had failed to emerge (although Legionnaires’ Disease had, confusing matters further.)

    “With President Ford’s reelection campaign looming on the horizon, the campaign increasingly appeared politically motivated,” Kreston writes. In the end, one journalist at The New York Times went so far as to call the whole thing a “fiasco.” Epidemiology takes time, politics is often about looking like you’re doing something and logistics between branches of government are extremely complicated. These factors all contributed to the pandemic that never was.

    The real victims of this pandemic were likely the 450-odd people who came down with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare neurological disorder, after getting the 1976 flu shot.”


    450?….that’s peanuts vs. any of the current bug juice, according to the CDC.


    Neurological Complications of COVID-19: Guillain-Barre Syndrome Following Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine

    It’s a daisy chain of dickheads, and you’re the clean-up manlet. Be sure to get your boosters.

  22. I have never had a flu shot. I have never had the flu. The VA always wants me to get a flu shot and a tetanus shot because I work around metal and a lot of it is rusty. I presently have a fingernail that was mildly crushed and I now have dried blood under the nail. Yet, I’ve never had tetanus.

    I simply do not want any foreign juices injected into me that I don’t think that I need.

  23. Vax Cheerleaders don’t care about children.
    “Power To The Politicians!” they say.

  24. Who dare types my name without fear in the sound of their keystrokes!

    Woolly wrote: “Sure, Emery sez he is vaccinated.”

    I’m ready for the monkey pox vaccine — straight up no chaser…

  25. I’ve never had a flu shot, either. Despite the fact that my doctor almost begs me to get one and the shingles vaccine. I haven’t had so much as a cold in 8 years. Despite the almost daily reports of side effects, I’m hoping they don’t hit me. Funny! Lancet just reported a study that shows a significant drop in COVID antibodies in people within weeks of receiving the Pfizer jab. Further, the FDA has pulled the current Wuflu tests because they are unreliable. This whole exercise is about control over the population and now they know, much to Bill Gates’ delight, a large number of true believing sheep will accept anything the government wants to stick in their arms.

  26. Yeah, I forgot about the shingles shot. Nobody is alive that would know if I had chickenpox. The VA wants me to get the shot anyway. I keep refusing. They haven’t brought the topic up for a couple of years now. They’ve given up, I guess.

  27. The world is filled with trade offs. A fact big government likes to forget. It wants to promise “No (fill in the blank) left behind.”
    I have a suggestion. Let’s reduce traffic deaths. Mandate a speed limit of 10 mph. Reduce drownings. Drain all swimming pools, scrap all bath tubs. Require people to wear life jackets near all bodies of water.
    We’re looking at another year (at least) of mandated masking in schools, Government buildings, airports, planes, buses. They people advocating this have no proof it will help and their credibility is already shot. Of”If masks are so effing effective, then at risk people should be able to wear three or four at a time and not get sick, right? Why burden the rest of us? I’ve been vaccinated. I’m not bullet proof and I accept the reality I will die someday of something. It’s not a stretch to propose that lockdowns and masking have had a hand in untreated depression, untreated cancer, untreated heart disease plus spikes in murders and violent crimes. Time to accept the trade off that’s on the table and put aside fairy tales.

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  29. I swear that their are freudian impulses behind this insistence on goverment agents poking you with needles or sticking qtips up your nose.

  30. MO.
    Yup! And although they don’t want their customers to know it, 23 and me is selling their DNA data. The primary buyer is allegedly a Chinese company.

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