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Last year, when the FBI triiumphantly claimed that they’d busted a plot to kidnap MIchigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, I said, in as many words, “I bet a shiny new quarter this was a setup by the feds”.

My quarter is looking safer and safer:

The explosives expert was the undercover FBI agent. He was the one who figured out where to plant the explosive and offered to obtain as much as the group wanted. Would there even have been a plan to blow up the bridge without him? The Iraq War veteran is heard barking at the other members about not hanging around unless they were “down with the thought of kidnapping.” It almost sounds as if he had to talk some of them into it. A government informant from Wisconsin was the person who traveled around the country and introduced various militia members to each other, sometimes paying their travel costs. Many of the eventual members had never met each other before this. There were fully a dozen informants and undercover agents involved every step of the way.

When you put all of that together, you are forced to consider the question that Buzzfeed is asking. Without all of those agents and government informants holding people’s hands and guiding their steps, would there even have been a conspiracy without them? The defendants are saying no. They claim that the whole idea of kidnapping Whitmer never rose above the level of fantasy, though they freely admit going to paramilitary training sessions together and engaging in anti-government conversations and online chats.

My two cents: the establisment wants to deliver on that “wave of white supremacist terror” they’ve been promising since 2009, they’re willing to create it from scratch.

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  1. I read this article yesterday and was actually surprised that it appeared in Buzzfeed.

    I would also bet a shiny new quarter that this is the same thing that happened in DC on January 6.

  2. We don’t know what happened on January 6th. What we have is a series of literal snap shots and short edited videos.

  3. Re: the January 6 “insurrection”, it’s funny that none of the protesters in custody have been charged with insurrection.

  4. Every time you see “unindicted co-conspirator” in reports or charging documents, you should assume that person is a government agent or informant.

  5. It ticks me off for starters that the FBI may have kicked off a crime that otherwise would not have occurred. It ticks me off far more, however, when I consider that at the time, the FBI had two other BIG cases in Michigan that have thousands of victims that they should have been, but largely were not, working on; the cases of Larry Nassar and Robert Anderson.

  6. Kinda happy to see bike getting ticked off as he is, in contrast to me and a few others here, a lagging indicator of ticked-off-ness. Not happy to think about where that might lead but nonetheless…

  7. jdm: :^) Love it.

    Seriously, I get ticked off, but I try to write measuredly to see if I can get that vast middle to clue in to what’s really going on. People can debate over whether that’s smart or effective. :^)

  8. The FBI has actually adopted the left wing play book perfectly. They create a problem, then solve it and voila! They prove their worth, at least to some people.

  9. It’s been in the FBI playbook for years. The Klan had more G men than Bubbas. A number of jihadi wannabes got enabled by the Feds. There’s Fast and Furious from the Obama/Holder administration. I’m all for catching bad guys, but the latest Kabuki play may be the worst yet.

  10. No, we don’t have the whole picture of what happened on Jan 6. However, we do know:

    The DOJ is corrupt to the core, as proven by the RUSSIA!!! hoax, letting Hills skate, holding back on the prosecution of Hunter Biden, not charging ANY of those who committed fraud and perjury, except one who basically got a time out, not charging any BLM?Anti-Antifascists with anything after all the deaths (12 or so) and destruction of property they caused, not even trying to investigate the fraudulent election (no really, Biden got 80 million votes. Really).

    We know what is usually right on the money though, and call it common sense 101, or Occam’s razor, or smell test, but it’s a safe bet the FBI played a huge role in Jan 6.

  11. One other reason this ticks me off is that as recently as the spring of 1989, just before Nassar started osteopathic school at MSU, I received care in the Jenison Fieldhouse training room–the same room where many of that man’s crimes occurred. I was a marginal distance runner on the track team. I don’t know any of his victims personally, but I may have met some of them. I remember mostly Mario Izzo (at 6’11”, he was hard to miss) and the men’s gymnasts lining up for care.

    So the FBI pulling this kind of stunt with a wannabe Schicklgruber Jugend group while putting effectively zero effort into far more important investigations hits me personally, to put it mildly.

  12. Close to half the people in the group were informants for LE, including the #2 guy.
    The whole “plot” seemed to have been thought up by people who drank too much. Put Witmer on some kind of boat out in Lake Michigan? There is a huge navy base on Lake Michigan.
    Some skepticism from the media would have been nice.

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