Over The Target

The Center for the American Experiment has had to reschedule a “Critical Race Theory“ event in Duluth.

Due to threats.

Three times:

For the fourth time in a month, a Duluth venue was pressured into canceling the Raise Our Standards event put on by Center of the American Experiment. Within minutes of the announcement yesterday that the Cast Iron Bar and Grill would host the event, the owner received threatening phone calls pressuring them to cancel. American Experiment will now hold the event in the Lafayette Park Community Center in Duluth.


Hundreds of Minnesotans attended the first 16 stops on the Raise Our Standards tour focused on the state’s draft social studies standards and Critical Race Theory. The original Duluth appearance was postponed on June 17 after the Northland Country Club and Holiday Inn both backed out of hosting the event. The AAD Shrine Meeting & Event Center also canceled with American Experiment after signing a contract to host the event next Tuesday.

You see, that’s why Big Left is making such a huge deal about “January 6“; it allows them to deflect away from the way they behave every day, everywhere.

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  1. And, once again, capitalism fails to step up and protect free speech.

  2. You have no evidence of what was said in the calls.
    You have no evidence the caller was a Leftist.
    You have no standing to object when a private business cancels an event.
    You waited too long to complain.
    Shut up.

  3. I don’t think it’s intuitive at all that the people making threats are lefties. How many thousand of “your MAGA uncle” types would you guess live on the range and don’t know CAE is a righty think tank?

  4. One problem with today’s society is we’re too willing to defer to artificial procedures in place of using common sense.

    In criminal trials, the rules are carefully drawn to prevent juries from saying, “The defendant has always been a worthless no-account. We don’t know if he committed THIS crime, but he undoubtedly commited SOME crime and therefore, lock him up.” Evidence of a person’s character or character trait is not admissible to prove that on a particular occasion the person acted in accordance with the character or trait.

    But in real life, people routinely apply the Bad Character rule because it’s economical. Refusing to give the benefit of the doubt to people of Bad Character avoids getting hurt by them.

    Applying that principle to the current situation, ask yourself this: over the last couple of years, which side of the political spectrum has enthusiastically embraced ‘cancel culture’ to shout down conservative speakers and threaten venues who host them? Which side routinely bans conservative commenters from social media? Which side is most likely to be trying to prevent a discussion of Critical Race Theory?

    This isn’t a criminal trial where we need Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. It’s real life where the standard for rational action is More Likely Than Not. And More Likely Than Not, the cancellers are Liberals acting consistent with their character.

  5. You’re making an assumption that CAE getting death threats on its CRT seminar is a manifestation of cancel culture.

    That’s a “possible”…. I don’t rule it out, or can go further to acknowledge that as a reality of some sort.  Mind you, Mitch doesn’t have a good link on his article, so we have no idea who is observing what he’s stating about death threats etc.  My google of CAE’s CRT tour shows the NAACP has protested here and there.  That’s not actually “cancel culture”.  That’s what the NAACP does. They protest.

    But you ask that we ask ourselves “over the last couple of years, which side of the political spectrum has enthusiastically embraced ‘cancel culture’ to shout down conservative speakers and threaten…” Social media being a driver here, for sure, the insipid churlishness of the pack of pseudonym conservatives I observe on FB everyday spouting their BS platitudes and slogans is the certain equal of lefty “cancel culture’.  One can absolutely see where that crowd could have sent some death threats.

  6. So, Uncle MAGA caused the cancellation of multiple venues in Duluth that were arranged by the CAE because JK knows about “pseudonym conservatives [he] observe[s] on FB everyday spouting their BS platitudes and slogans”. Makes perfect sense.

  7. Social media being a driver here, for sure, the insipid churlishness of the pack of pseudonym conservatives I observe on FB everyday spouting their BS platitudes and slogans

    Two can play at this game. How do you know they’re conservatives, and not merely Antifa conducting a false-flag operation?

  8. ^ That’s not what I said

    I’d like to read where Mitch’s clip comes from, see if there’s anymore useful context in the original article.

  9. Stealing from JD on the other thread: Liberals insist they can’t be held accountable without Proof Beyond All Doubt whereas Conservatives should be punished based on Any Suspicion At All.. And here you go, right on cue…

  10. No, you didn’t. Your 12:04 doesn’t relate accurately what I said.

  11. Silly jdm, that’s what he said but not what he meant, hence not what he said. Get with the program, dude!

  12. One would hope that we would infer from the amount of “canceling” that the left has done that there is an obvious most likely candidate–thugs on the left. But that said, if we want to stop this kind of garbage, what we’ve got to do is to work with venues so that those involved can track the phone calls and other threats they’re getting–and punish those responsible.

  13. jpa, I hang my head in shame.

    bike, I’m pretty sure that the ability to track phone numbers already exists. For free even. The “venues” might want to invest in call recording to tie to phone numbers – but really, if the authorities thought this was a problem, they’d be doing something about it. But given how woke Duluth is, I’d say, they don’t care.

  14. jdm, but they do care! If it was the woke that were harassed, then they would spring into action looking for the cowhead and umbrella men!

  15. Geez, jpa, I hadn’t thought of that. It was Uncle Umbrella-man from the Range that was making the threatening calls. Because everyone would assume it was those poor lefties – everyone *except* the JK. He knew.

  16. Lol, kraphead strikes again.

    Sure, it was Pappy Maga hat who called in a threat. Conservatives LOVE CRT.

    And they are TOTES for defunding the police.

    And want open borders.

    And hate energy independence.

    And want WAY more gun laws.

    Yup, you sure got the right nailed down there pardner.

  17. One of my mistakes here has been to credit you guys with self-awareness… You’re obviously all MAGA uncles.

  18. You make the weakest of arguments consisting primarily of insinuation and gainsaying and then criticize others for weak arguments. You drop into this blog and write comments about how you approve of this joke or that argument and then talk about a lack of self-awareness. Doctor heal thyself.

  19. Yeah I recall that… I approved of the joke, said bravo.  AllenS was disappointed the guy wasn’t shot.

    And what you take away from that thread is you’re bugged I’m the obnoxious one commenting.

  20. I have no problem with BLM or the NAACP renting a venue and flinging lies at their audience.
    Kraephammer is drawing a false equivalence. It’s what he does. Shame that he is so vested in krazee.
    But sure, AllenS (or someone else) commenting on SITD is the same as threatening businesses that host liberal get togethers.
    Sure it is.

  21. I went to the Burnsville Center for the AmExper event. It was packed, standing room only. A very wide demographic was there. People were signing up for the AmExper contact list. Afterwards I told Mr. Hinderaker this very line, “you’re over the target.” I had listened to MPR that morning and they had an article on the CRT-inspired school program at Pequot Lakes. It didn’t go over well there. MPR in the spoken/radio broadcast did NOT mention CRT but the online article does. Of course MPR nicely mentions the conservative Center AmExper is opposing it as anti-American.

    I took the occasion to follow the link to the SEED project. I looked at the background documents for the SEED project and lo and behold, they are anti-American criticizing the myth of work hard and succeed. And more. Yup, don’t want my grandchildren at that school.

  22. Passout76-
    What an amazing, shoddy bit of propaganda from MPR.
    I guess that this is the “new” journalism, where not to take sides with CRT is to be racist. Unbelievable that educated people swallow this garbage.
    “Someone had recently threatened on a community Facebook page to rush the podium at the meeting like Capitol rioters had on Jan. 6.”
    Savor that line for moment. The “someone” is not identified. Not even the community facebook page is ID’d. The writer (Elizabeth Shockman) wrote the line only to associate the group of parents with Qanon junkies in the lamest way imaginable. As a smear it is not even well done.
    And no source is given. You can’t even fact check it becuase it’s not really a fact.
    I am sure Kraephammer will be right on it!

  23. There’s glory for you!’

    ‘I don’t know what you mean by “glory,”’ Alice said.

    Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. ‘Of course you don’t—till I tell you. I meant “there’s a nice knock-down argument for you!”’

    ‘But “glory” doesn’t mean “a nice knock-down argument,”’ Alice objected.

    ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.’


    Liberals do this all the time – use a familiar word in an unfamiliar way. “Gay” no longer means “Happy,” it means “Homosexual.” Thus, “Cancel Culture” becomes “Commenting on Facebook” rather than “Banned from commenting on Facebook.”

    The problem, of course, is that when one’s words lack shared meaning, they cannot convey useful information. They leave the speaker but a walking shadow, a poor player, / That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, / And then is heard no more. It is a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing.”

  24. Here I am, good morning…

    If the MPR story is true, the “someone” who wanted to rush the podium is assuredly an “Uncle MAGA” Type.  And there’s Facebook again.  The great irony of the moment with all this concern about the Big Brotherism of Big Tech is that FB is a righty grass roots tool.  It’s replaced talk radio.  That’s reality.

    MPR’s reporting is a drippy style where yes, I’d say the reporter doesn’t know that much about CRT but assumes to be against it is to be racist.  By the way, I don’t think they should be teaching “CRT” in high schools.  I do elect to gainsay on individual attributes / details that are asserted that aren’t true.  My gainsaying routine started here at the blog having observed you guys get everything wrong about the Floyd trial for a year.

  25. I am sure Kraephammer will be right on it!

    MO, have you been holding out on us? You sure all that star gazing and hobnobbing with the aliens of the extra-terrestrial kind did not imbue you with ESP?

  26. Kraephammer wrote:
    If the MPR story is true
    Oh, you can’t assume that. Note that the author gives you no way to determine if her statement “Someone had recently threatened on a community Facebook page to rush the podium at the meeting like Capitol rioters had on Jan. 6.” is true or false. It’s a paraphrase of an identified comment on an identified FB page related to her by an unidentified person.
    Such a child you are.

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