Independence Day

Hope you all have a happy and blessed weekend – and that you can help tell someone what the day really means, if you’re so inclined.

Mr D, First Ringer and I will be off today and Monday [1] enjoying a long weekend.

But we’ll get back in the saddle bright and early next week.

[1] Actually, I have no idea what the guys will or won’t write over the next couple days – for all I know, Ringer will actually finish that tome about Italians in Abyssynia – but I for one am taking a long weekend, and I hope you all can as well.

9 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Let’s all celebrate our FREEDOM!

    Forget that the leftist scumbags stole the Presidential election.

    Forget that the man in the White House can’t remember the day of the week, and is being controlled by a leftist junta behind the scenes.

    Forget the fact that in his first 100 days, that senile old pedophile has issued Executive Orders to help his ilk destroy America.

    Forget that SCOTUS refused to examine the evidence, because it would upset the country.

    Forget that all over the country, District Attorneys, put in office by George Soros, are refusing to prosecute leftists and blacks for arson and looting.

    Forget the fact that while the leftist terrorists are held blameless, hundreds of people are being kept incommunicado, in isolation cells in Washington DC, awaiting their trials for trespassing. Forget that they just snapped up a 64 year old woman, and threw her in jail for walking through the halls of Congress.

    Forget that the NSA is spying on Americans without a warrant.

    Forget the overwhelming evidence that the FBI colluded to interfere with the 2018 election, lied to the FISA court, created false affidavits to arrest innocent Americans.

    Forget the FBI is still busier than ever at the same black bag jobs, looking to indict anyone who supported the former President of the US.

    Forget that you were ORDERED to stay in your houses for several weeks, and ORDERED to wear a diaper on your face, despite the fact everyone knew they were worthless.

    Forget leftist, reprobate Governors shut down businesses, exempting their friends. Don’t notice those businesses are now closed, and the owners are bankrupt.

    Forget the steaming shitbag Governor of New York condemned thousands of elderly people to death, or that and the mentally ill man in a dress Biden put in as head of the Department of Health did the same thing, but exempted his own mother.

    Forget the fact that widespread coercion is being used to force people to accept an experimental vaccine. Forget the fact that 6000 people have died after receiving the juice; especially young, healthy kids, and the media is in cahoots with the government to cover it up.

    Forget the fact that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has endorsed anti-White indoctrination in the military, and has promised to “root out” dissenters and wrong thinkers.

    Forget the fact that in two years, millions of low IQ, unskilled and uneducated peasants from South America will have illegally entered not just the country, but the welfare state.

    Forget the fact that several leftist shitholes have openly announced they will allow those illegals to vote in “local elections”.

    Forget the fact that gasoline cost $1.50 last year.

    Forget that a violent career criminal and drug addict, who died of a drug overdose in the act of committing another felony, has been proclaimed a national hero.

    Forget that the mayor of one of the countries largest cities knelt at the Golden coffin of that thug, and wept.

    Forget that while statues of America’s founders are being torn down, pissed on and destroyed, statues of that career criminal and drug addict are being erected.

    Forget that a cop was convicted in a kangaroo court, in broad daylight, and sentenced to 22 years in prison.

    Forget that in leftist controlled cities, there are whole neighborhoods White people and police cannot enter, and streets they cannot drive on, on pain of mob attack, severe beatings and death. Forget that 1/2 of the country thinks that’s great.

    Let’s put all that aside and fire up the grill and open a few cold ones and celebrate ‘Merica! Woo hoo!

  2. God Bless gentleman! Wishing you one and all a joyous Independence Day!

  3. Once you retire, everyday is the weekend.

    You will no longer say: “Thank God, it’s Friday.”

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  5. Once again —Tom Swift proves the far left and alt-right are the same. Where alternate reality implodes in the wake of actual reality.

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