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  1. I bet that as he had the police drag the fired pregnant lady from his office, he told her “I’m not the one obsessed with Trump, you’re the one who is obsessed with Trump!”

  2. So what’s stopping fired lawyers from opening their own firm and suing the old?

    Also is it not free speech to fire someone for cause of being a Trump supporter? Isn’t that, like, the worst offense evah? Worse than murder?

  3. Isn’t there such a thing as an “at-will” employee? Which means they can be fired without cause or without stating a cause, as long as it does not violate state or federal law.

    I seriously do not know, but is there actually a law that says an at-will employee cannot be fired for their opinions?

    Remember Ward Churchill?

    From what I gathered on wikipedia, he essentially cheered 9/11 and accused it’s victims of being “little Eichmanns”.

    The University of Colorado fired him. He sued for wrongful termination and received $1 in compensation – then appealed and the higher court took back the dollar and told him to pound sand.

  4. In MN, all employees are at-will. A lawyer once explained it to me by example as a manager could come into work one morning and tell you that you’re the best worker in the company, you’re fired. That’s legal.

    From what I’ve heard about the St Cloud law firm, two of those fired were partners meaning they have a personal stake in the success of the firm. This might change things. The third was an employee and is probably out of luck.

  5. If it is indeed illegal to fire employees for their political beliefs, perhaps an even better remedy for this situation is disbarment. No? I can’t speak to whether it is or not, but I’m thinking the law firm’s head has a lot more to fear than just a lawsuit here. This kind of thing should qualify for sanction, no?

    It also strikes me that if indeed the head of the law firm is one who would fire Trump supporters after the Capitol riots without even giving them a chance to state whether they supported them or not, and who would fire three more employees for the “crime” of pointing out they believed the firings were illegal, I think you’ve got a very real question of whether the lawyer in question has the requisite temperament to, well, be a lawyer.

    Strikes me that there are, or ought to be, bigger things afoot here than just a civil suit.

  6. If it is indeed illegal to fire employees for their political beliefs

    I don’t see this as a true statement.

  7. I’ve been following this story, and partners are involved who had contracts relating to that. The contracts included buy-out provisions, which they applied and the president of the firm initially agreed to, and then reneged. It may be the head of the firm is a not only a poor lawyer, but a poor executive as well.

  8. Interesting. Assuming they are equity partners, they can’t be “fired” technically. The other equity partners have to vote them out and buy them out of their part of the partnership. Sounds like the prez of this firm has an ax to grind. And is a dipshit.

  9. If NW is correct, and the head partner was reneging on a contractual obligation, that will be of great interest to the board of law examiners. Stealing from colleagues and clients is one of the key ways lawyers get disbarred.

    (time to get some popcorn, this one might get really, really fun)

  10. Fresh update. This idiot has now fired the three lawyers that told him that his actions were likely illegal under Minnesota law. He is a real left wing whacko. Apparently, he told employees that all of the capitol protesters should have been killed.

  11. Believe it or not, protests within the capitol did not begin on January 6, 2021.
    Previous attacks have mostly come from the far left, which is why Democrats didn’t see them as political tool that could be used against Republicans.

  12. The feds are trying to spy on Americans and hold American citizens accountable for Wrong Think:
    This involves creating contexts in which those who are family members or friends or co-workers know that there are pathways and avenues to raise concerns and seek help for those who they have perceived to be radicalizing and potentially radicalizing towards violence.
    Both pathways and avenues! We are so blessed to be subjects of King Joe!
    Love that phrase “who they have perceived to be radicalizing and potentially radicalizing towards violence. ” Not “radicalizing towards violence” but “Potentially radicalizing towards violence.” The department of Future Crime is here, thanks to the Biden JD! And every American can be part of it!
    I hereby nominate the thugs who now control Minneapolis. I imagine that the Biden JD will get right on that.

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