Rhetorical Exercise

If your question is “in what way does the cause, as well as all of the current political classes analysis and pro hose solutions, about the problem in Minneapolis involved the transfer of money from the taxpayers to one part of the political class or another?“

The answer, as always, is all of them.

13 thoughts on “Rhetorical Exercise

  1. Read anything written by David Horowitz about the Black Panthers in the 60s and you will find a disturbing parallel.

  2. My, my, my.
    I predicted this would occurr months ago. I do tend to be correct in my forecasts. How do I do it?
    I use wisdom and common sense. Unlike liberals, my mind is free to roam where it will. I am not obsessed with Trump, or racially ID’ing others, or following the Woke Rules of Permitted Thought.
    Anyways, what we now have in Minneapolis and Brooklyn Center is city government paying off criminal gangs to do the work police would normally do.
    When you read that an “ex gang member” is currently involved in a “community group” being given a contract by the city you are really being told that a person with extensive contacts to city gangs is now a city contractor. They even wear colors when they are on the job fer God’s sake.

  3. Paragraph 1 / sentence 1 there… 46 words.  Could use a shorter rewrite in grammatical and punctuation correct English.

    Good to see you like my Reformer link from the other day.

    I think your analysis is a reflection of some long time ideological axe grinding against the city, this ideological axe not being wholly incorrect, but it is here.  This GF square thing fails an analysis of being typical patronage purchasing from the city coffers.  The gang there received a ransom for the square.  It’s really quite a bit more derelict and radical a thing.  

  4. If you are a person who identifies as a member of a persecuted minority you are no friend of democracy. Why should you be? Your interests are aligned with your minority status, they will be forfiet, by definition, in a democracy.
    You will be no friend of free speech, or any other freedom, since your freedom, as a minority, will always be countered by the majority exercising its freedom. The majority’s free speech will be louder, their freedom to own firearms means the oppressing majority will own more guns, etc.
    The only way that a minority of 15% of the population can achieve “equity” with a majority of 60% is if they are given exactly 4x the political rights of the majority.
    We are at the point where simple, obvious truths like this need to be stated.

  5. They received a ransom from the city for the square, and they aren’t apparently going to give it back now, either.

    This is incredible. If ever a bitch about the city continually electing the same people was appropriate, its here. Cuz they will re-elect this crew.

  6. There is some damned interesting history and historic parallels between the origins of the mafia in Sicily during the 19th century.

    It all started with land reform.

    Sicily was dominated by a handful of landowning families. When those estates were broken up and redistributed to over 20,000 small landowners, no regard was given to security.

    The small landowners were beaten, robbed and abused by local thugs.

    …so they hired protection.

    Uh-huh, the protection they hired turned around and beat, robbed, abused and extorted the landowners.

    The small gangs were absorbed by larger gangs and the result was what we now know as The Mafia.

    Here is a wonderful pull-quote from History.com’s Origin of the Mafia:

    Although its precise origins are unknown, the term Mafia came from a Sicilian-Arabic slang expression that means “acting as a protector against the arrogance of the powerful,”

    Sound familiar?

  7. John Kraephammer on June 12, 2021 at 1:18 pm said:

    “I’m not Strunk. I’m the man who broke Strunk.”

    LMAO! You “broke” nothing, you ignorant little Punk, you struggle to pull the bloody tampon out of your ass every morning.

    I left because I am tired of wasting my 100% correct insights, of mingling with preening, midwit leftists and lying, 90 IQ Dunning Kruger assholes like Emery. You’re not worth my time.

    I’m 10/10 your intellectual and physical superior. But hey, maybe you think I’m wrong. Let me know whenever you want to make good on that fantasy and “break Dr. Strunk”.

    BTW…do you know what faggots call their peckers? Kraep Hammers. I’m convinced Freud had you pegged.

  8. Awesome, Tom. Welcome back. Mitch has been working hard on the place. You’ll do a lot for that.

  9. It looks like JK is throwing a red herring to try and convince us that Dr. Strunk is not his sock puppet. Or perhaps JK is Dr. Strunk’s sock puppet?
    It’s all a conspiracy. Wheels within wheels, my friend. Wheels within wheels.

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