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  1. There’s a MAGA rally in Somerset? Today? Crap, I missed it. I was painting the shed, getting ready to sell and move out of St. Paul. I totally would have gone if I’d known about it.

    How’s those bozos make the invite list but I didn’t?

  2. I stopped at the quick trip in Somerset about 4:30. The rally had been over for hours, but the stink of maga was still in the air. I think it got into my clothes. God, will I ever be clean again?

  3. Too many bees to eat outdoors at that DQ. Also southern exposure and no shade.
    I rode through Star Prairie about 11:30 this AM and the place was empty. All at the maga rally, I suppose. My brother assures me that Star Prairie is the heart of redneckdom in Western Wisconsin. “Don’t wear purple or a Vikes hat there” he told me.
    My BIL told me he knows a maga guy and a Q guy from work. Neither would go to the rally because they would have to go through a metal detector. Could be a trap.

  4. ^^ Never confuse the smell of effluent 💩flowing in the Apple River with MAGA.

  5. jpa;

    Exactly! Along with Nancy Piglosi shutting down the second sham impeachment of Trump, as soon as traitor Jamie Raskin suggested that they have live testimonials from certain people and all of the legal wrangling, not to mention the related expenses, to shut down or otherwise thwart the audits. If the 2020 election was “the most secure ever”, why are they not opening everything to scrutiny? What are they hiding and why are they worried about silly audits? We all know that “transparency” is only required of the GOP.

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