VC Day

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Looking back with a year of experience, it’s clear the COVID crisis in Minnesota is over, if it ever began.

70,000 Minnesotans did not die. There was no surge of cases. Hospitals were not overwhelmed, nor funeral homes: the refrigerated warehouse sits empty.  Holiday revelers did not die in droves, nor Spring Breakers, nor school children.  Active cases are in the 300 range, hospitalizations less than 100, out of a population of 5,000,000.  Covid is still a threat to the frail elderly in nursing homes, but poses no general public health emergency.

Why hasn’t Governor Walz ended the Peacetime Emergency and returned power to the people, as he promised he would?

Joe Doakes

Because it was never about public health.

5 thoughts on “VC Day

  1. Why hasn’t Governor Walz …. returned power to the people

    Like, as if it were theirs?

  2. Out here in Cali, Garbage Newsome is keeping the state locked down, past any rational point of reason for it.

    My take: punishing the state for daring to recall him.

  3. Walz is going to try to get some concessions from the MNGOP in the legislature as the price of lifting the emergency order.
    Part of the shittiness of the power grab of the Lefty governors is that they will see their powers trimmed by state leglslatures and the courts, and if we have a real epidemic in the future, God help us.
    They call it corruption for a reason. Once a thing is corrupted, it can no longer be used for its true purpose.

  4. Per MO’s comment, I’d love to vote for a gubernatorial candidate who promised to reduce his own (and the government’s) powers. For that matter, I’d love to vote for a candidate who had a good grasp of reality and the ability to learn.

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