Memorial Day

The image I’ve posted is an American cemetery in France, near Verdun. These graves are for soldiers killed in World War I. There are nearly 15,000 graves at the site. Over 53,000 Americans died in combat in World War I and 116,000 Americans in total died as a result of the war. My grandfather fought in World War I and was able to survive the carnage and come home. He was one of the lucky ones. And because he was lucky, so am I.

My grandfather died in 1959, before I was born. I never did get a chance to know him, or to thank him for his service. He did get 40 more years, time enough to marry and raise a family that included my father. I don’t doubt that each of these crosses represents a man who would have loved to have 40 more years to live, to do the things my grandfather was able to do.

We remember those who gave their all on this day precisely because of the enormity of the sacrifice they made. Every one of these crosses represents a human life that was cut short, a dream unrealized. We owe these individuals our gratitude in ways that we cannot adequately express.

13 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. Wonderful tribute, Mr D. Sadly, America’s treatment of heroes trends toward casting them as victims, which opposes the values they died for. And comparing their deaths to those elderly and infirm (median age 82) people who died with Covid as a co-morbidity. No disrespect, but they weren’t denied a full life.

  2. To quote the great American Vice President, Kamel Toe Harris: “Enjoy the long weekend.”

  3. Memorialize the dead, but do not turn them into idols. Their sacrifice is not our sacrifice, their glory is not our glory.

  4. These are the places where we find our real heroes, not in some sporting venue.

  5. The image posted above — should remind us that it is we the living who must find a way to cope with the absence of loved ones and to honor them by living our lives the best we can.

  6. Does anyone besides yourself, Emery, care about your addition to the Memorial Day thread?

  7. To Emery, even memorial day is only useful if he can use it to exercise his Trump hate.
    He is a deranged person.

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  9. There are certain people on this blog who seem far more troubled by the current VP’s insufficiently appreciate but innocuous tweet — and would rather forget the previous WH statements…

    Love the man — dislike the behavior…

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