The Strongly Worded Memo

Saturday, after a bloodbath in downtown Minneapolis and the “inadvertent“ shootings of three Minneapolis elementary school kids, chief Madaria Arradondo released a statement:

“Brazen senseless acts of…”


Say its name, Chief.

They are acts of gang violence.

11 thoughts on “The Strongly Worded Memo

  1. If it continues, he’ll release another, even more strongly worded memo. Keith Ellison could not be reached for comment.

  2. … and if you try to stop one of those gang bangers and hurt one of them, Keith Ellison will put your ass in jail.

  3. Every one knows that the real threat to people living in Minneapolis is that a cop will throw them on the ground & step on their neck. Ellison has an entire task force + pro bono attorneys fighting that shit, so you should be good, Minneapolitans.

  4. I believe he was referring to going maskless. People who go maskless should never find refuge in our community. We need leaders to stand up, speak out and denounce loudly that such behavior will not be tolerated. Our greatest strength is when we work together in publicly shaming others. Remember, our children are watching.

  5. There’s too many guns on the street. More guns means more violence. It stands to reason if we just get those guns off the streets, there will be less shootings. First thing, close the gun show loophole. Don’t have any gun shows anywhere in the entire state for a year, that’ll shut off supply of guns to criminals who buy them without background checks. Second thing, close all the gun stores in the city. St. Paul, too. If gun stores aren’t located along the light rail line, people who rely on public transportation won’t be able to buy guns. Less guns, less crime. Third thing, make ammunition expensive and hard to get. Guns don’t work without bullets. Make it impossible to find bullets for sale, people won’t be able to shoot anybody.

    No gun stores in town, no gun shows, no ammunition for sale, that’ll solve your problem right there. It’s easy.

  6. Although, now that I think about it . . . there haven’t been any gun shows anywhere in the state for a year because SCIENCE.

    And there are no gun stores left in St. Paul, and only maybe one in Minneapolis, neither of which is on a public transportation route.

    And the ammunition shelves have been clean since long before the election.

    Why is there still gun violence? These are the tried-and-true remedies that we always demand. Why aren’t they working? Umbrella man? Bad Orange Man? The Koch Brothers?

    It’s almost as if our ideas are pointless and stupid because they ignore the real problem.

  7. JD, you forgot to mention 3D printers! I saw a white supremacist at the library making 3D copies of AR receivers for his buddies!

  8. George Floyd was a big guy, a gentle giant, with a big, round clownish face.
    Now imagine that face with a single tear trailing down his cheek.
    You know why George Floyd is crying?
    Because you refuse to get vaccinated and wear a mask.
    Don’t make George Floyd cry. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated.

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