I’ve been writing this blog going on 20 years, as of next February.

And while blogging is traditionally, stereo typically fairly solitary a past time, we’ve had some company here over the years.

Of course, back in the day Johnny Roosh was a regular. Bogus Doug/Diane wrote a thing or two. And when the subject of history comes up, the First Ringer makes the occasional, much welcomed appearance.

And of course, Joe Doakes, while not quite wanting to take the plunge and become an official contributor, is about as regular as it gets. He is second only to me in terms of volume of posts over the past decade or so.

And, tomorrow morning, we will welcome a new writer to the stable here at SITD.

Why yes – I’m going to leave you a cliffhanger.

Tune in tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Renovation

  1. I’m just too excited to keep this secret. Fellas, it’s me. Mitch thought the place could use a contrarian voice. Thanks Mitch.

  2. “…lights farts…

    Mitch perks up.

    Mitch, since you are into bicycling, please take this word of advice: Do not attempt said entertainment device whilst wearing spandex biking shorts.


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