Stillwater students stage a walkout…

…and I can hear you tuning out already, thinking this is just another bit of canned outrage, with “woke” teachers and administrators using students as their pawns, but hear me out…

…in favor of “Back the Blue“.

A group of Stillwater Area High school students walked out of class Thursday morning to show support for police officers.

Students were encouraged to wear blue and bring thin blue line flags.

Look – I’m not a police fanboy. I think bad cops get the same treatment as bad criminals; being a bad cop is a betrayal of the trust (and power) the public gives them. I’m conservative enough to know why we need poice – and libertarian enough to want just enough policing.

And we don’t have just enough of it in the Metro. Not even close .

But let’s focus on the kids. The fact that some of them are being heard against the woke mob is encouraging. With a little luck, and good parenting, perhaps they’ll start engaging the commies in the classroom, too

This is to be supported.

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  1. I’ve read your blog long enough to know that you’re not a police fanboy.  Thus, I think it’s a reaction on your part to start blowing ‘back the blue’ kisses, ie, a reaction to BLM / antifa.  So, you’re not making an intellectual evaluation of the landscape.

    They don’t deserve it.  If the minimal lefty proposition is that we’re policed terribly in this country…. that’s true.  It’s also true there’s a lot of racism in policing.

    There’s not much about policing that ‘the right’ is correct on.  Qualified immunity needs to go, pre-text stops need to go.

  2. I’ll be interested to see how the Stillwater school administration reacts, and if the “discipline” is consistent with what the woke walkies received.

  3. One thing that is interesting in a town a bit to the south of Stillwater, Rochester, is that “BLM” is now officially immune from criticism in the Rochester Public Schools. The really fun thing about this is that at least as of a few years ago, there were at least two rival BLM factions here in Rochester, with one warning against the other as if they were rival Baptist churches with trivial differences in doctrine.

    I would say “make plenty of popcorn” except for the fact that taxpayer money and childrens’ lives and educations are involved. No problem on my part with the notion that we ought to take great effort to rein in the excesses of the police and improve them. At the same time, I’d have hoped that we would realize that putting criminals into jail is necessary for the health of the community as a whole.

    It is also worth noting that Stillwater is a town where a prosecutor, I believe, has been harassed by BLM/Antifa agitators–I wonder if the students are in effect saying “you Antifa folks are not welcome to harass our elected officials, as our safety and our lives depend in part on the work of men like those you’ve harassed.”

    And yes, I am saying “Antifa”, not BLM. I’d be very surprised if a strong plurality to even majority of the protesters did not primarily associate with Antifa.

  4. Agree with NW, the reaction will be very telling. Could this be the moment somebody will finally stand up to the woke™? I am encouraged the kids are doing this.

  5. Ball Milker’s knee jerk hate of cops is a testament to the irrationality of reprobate leftists. The people they count on heavily to keep them in power are too often being arrested in the commission of crimes….something must be done.

    They cannot start a public campaign to encourage better parenting, or to hold the perpetrators up as examples of how not to behave, which might reduce the consequences; that would cost them votes, so the answer must be to just let them do as they will.

    Inevitably, it will result in the disintegration of civilized society…it’s already under way.

    That’s fine with me. As long as their plan is contained within the geographical perimeters controlled by and inhabited by the reprobates themselves, I wish them joy of their feckless and ignorant campaign.

  6. Tom I’m sure my knee jerk hatred of cops is orders of magnitude less than your knee jerk hatred of black people. Which there’s a word for…

  7. JK,

    Perhaps, but this isn’t really about the subject of the rally. It could be over gun rights or Federalism or whether Nickelback is really underrated, for all I care.

    The fact that we’ve got high school kids calling BS on the woke mob is encouraging to me (and no doubt getting MFT goons dispatched to Stillwater to “fix” things).

    It ain’t the message itself (entirely). Its the medium; kids stepping up for the opposition.

  8. It ain’t the message itself (entirely). Its the medium; kids stepping up for the opposition.

    Yep. Now waiting to see what happens when adults step up.

  9. Hey software engineers – can you set up a virtual ring where those two can be redirected to fight their war of words, far away from the rest of us?

  10. Not to sound like that high school assistant principal everyone still jokes about, but everybody can change their name back to actual names or already accepted pseudonyms by 5 PM today.


  11. All talk about IP addresses and in-person unpleasantness is best kept to threads devoted to flames and shitposting.

    Of which there has been one in 19 years and three months. :/

  12. I never had any doubts you would have the right wisdom on that

  13. Not to be a stickler, Mitch…but maybe you, or Ball Milk can point out where Tom Swift, or anyone else but Ball Milk, talked about wanting to knock anyone TFO.


    My suggestion was to allow Mr. Swift the opportunity to address Ball Milk’s recent spate of libel in his absence by using Ball Milk’s proper name. Nothing more, nothing less.

  14. That’s my opinion of a hypothetical, Ball Milk. That’s not even a request that it happen.

    Personally, I think just about anyone would knock you out if you ran your mouth irl like you do from behind a pseudonym, but you’re far from alone; the internet is brim full of weaklings writing checks with their mouths their asses could never cash.

    I think you’re pretty safe, little fella. Now go wash your face and have a cookie.

  15. Pardon me for the mistake, you’re such a well adjusted, non belligerent, non asshole… Bullshit. You’re playing plausible deniability with words.

    Fuck off, anyway

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