Reading Governor Klink‘s response to the situation in Brooklyn Center…:

… Several questions jump to mind.

One of those questions is not, as it happens, “who is side is the governor on“. That’s easy; whichever side gets him credit with the “progressive“ wing of the DFL, to whom he owes his position in every possible way.

This is, of course, the inevitable and result of single party democrat governance. You dear Fellers like to chant “you we own this town!“ After your little lopsided, fraud a tinge to factories.

Yes, you do. Every bit of it. To the hilt.

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  1. More weak sauce from Sedition Boy.

    By resigning, the 2 officers keep their pensions. They may not have had they been fired.

    If settlements in these cases were coming out of the police unions retirement funds, rather than the localities budgets, perhaps the police would be more apt to get rid of the “bad apples” among them. Sounds like a move toward a solution.

  2. Sedition Boy: tell us more about the 1900+ deaths you claim that resulted from the Covid vaccines.

    Right on cue after as I said and a courtesy he will never, ever offer to any of the right-thinking folk… After having his snout pushed into the doo doo of his own creation multiple times, the thing will not admit that it is incapable of basic keyboard skills.

  3. jpa, I have zero doubt large city PD’s are scraping the bottom of the barrel to fill billets. The fact that you’d take a job in a city with leftist reprobates running the show proves you’re not a bright bulb, Q.E.D.

    But they’ve been hiring nitwits due to skin color, or degenerate sexual appetites, or having a flapdoodle for many years. This is just stress taking it’s toll.

  4. “More weak sauce from Sedition Boy”

    That isn’t my sauce running down your leg, Tater. Better check those depends.

  5. Remember when Timmy Walz said he ws afraid to send in the NG to quell last year’s mple riots because they weren’t capable? Because they were nineteen year old cooks?
    I imagine the nineteen year old cook ng member telling his friends “Walz? Governor? Commander of the guard? He’s a retired gym coach!”

  6. Well, we all remember what happens when the left imposes quotas. We got Mohammed Noor.

  7. The job of the media is to keep us citzens informed, because we rule this country.
    So what do we know about the death of Duante Wright?
    We know his name, his age, his criminal record, the crap he posted on his social media account.
    About his killer?
    Nothing, other than that she is a female member of the BC police force, though I suppose that by now she has been “fired.”
    No name. No age. No biographical info at all.

  8. Sedition Boy’s writing more often than not resembles the graffiti in public restrooms and
    Porta-pottys. Sad really.

    “Glad you asked, Tater. It’s up past 2200 now…check it out for yourself”

    If you are shocked about 6 women getting blood clots from the 7 million people who took the J & J vaccine, wait till I tell you about how many people died who didn’t get a vaccine at all.

  9. So, Emery, did you get the Trump vaccine?
    Which one?
    You can’t criticize others for not getting a vaccine when you remain unvaccinated.

  10. Woolly: Try and keep up — that’s been already been addressed.

    Allow me to fill this in with some facts.

    First, Moderna was already poised to go to clincal trials well before Operation Warp Speed was even an idea. Based on their work on vaccines for Zika virus, Moderna had already developed much of the technology needed to create an mRNA virus. On January 23, Moderna announced that they had reached an agreement with CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic and Pandemic Innovations) to fund phase 1trials of Moderna’s vaccine. Moderna had its first batch of vaccine done in on February 7. In March, Moderna began clinical trials, long before OWS was even announced.

    The BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine also entered clinical trials before OWS was announced.

    What should we make of this lighting fast development of these vaccines?

    I would argue that there are three overarching issues of import.
    First, the RNA vaccines were not developed in a vacuum, but were the result of the fact that there had been many (actually decades) of research into using nucleic acids (not just RNA) to elicit biological responses in cells, and that many of the key problems, such as delivery and stability had been worked out before development of these vaccines. Second, Moderna and others had extensive experience producing vaccine candidates against other viruses. Adapting this for COVID-19 was not that difficult.

    Second, the science is never a guarantee. There could have been many reasons this vaccine would not work. Even now we don’t know how long immunity will last or if long term side effects will arise. If the mRNA technology did not work, there would be nothing to celebrate. Sometimes even great design does not mean success. Fifteen years ago, none of this would have been possible.

    Third, there were clearly trade offs. The vaccines have only been tested for two months. Ordinarily, clinical trials would have gone on for much longer. We are betting that the good news will continue.

    So what did OWS contribute?

    Ironically, it is probably the later stage vaccines that will be most indebted to OWS. With three well advanced candidates, it is probable that absent the government putting money into vaccine development in other companies, most of these pharmaceutical companies would not be willing to risk the expense of clinical trials. Having additional vaccine candidates will probably be a very good thing down the road.

    Second, it probably did help Moderna move forward faster than they otherwise would have. It takes a lot of money and expertise to scale up production of a vaccine to hundreds of millions of doses. No doubt that OWS helped with that. But at the same time, OWS probably made a mistake in not buying all of the vaccine that Pfizer offered. If OWS is going to take credit, it should also take some blame. I understand their decision, but handing you take the good with the bad. OWS probably did relatively little to help speed Pfizer along. It certainly helped Moderna, but the credit should largely go to the fact that the Moderna people (and their investors) put in years of effort ahead of us even knowing about COVID-19.

    Lastly this. All of this RNA technology is built on a combination of academic and industrial research that spans many decades. This academic research is exactly what Trump has tried to cut, over and over. You never know how this research will result in the next life saving technology, which is why you just have to make the investment. But if people like Trump had their way, there is no chance we would have anything like these vaccines now.

    That is just the way science works.

  11. Talk about missing the point . . . and then trying to cover up with blather, almost certainly plagiarized.
    Why are you so reluctant to say whether or not you’ve taken the Trump vaccine, Emery?

  12. 👆So the facts are “blather” and you still ‘got nothing’.

    Do you remember how you answered my query regarding if you were considering getting the vaccine?

  13. Your getting off track, Emery. I am not telling people to get the vaccine or avoid it. You are saying that people should have no fear of it — of any of them.
    So did you get the vaccine or not?

  14. Perhaps you missed the reveal — there’s a reason Tom uses the term “2-jabs” when replying to me. 👍

  15. Tater bleated: “ First, Moderna was already poised to go to clincal trials well before Operation Warp Speed was even an idea.”

    Allow me to fill you in with some facts.

    Moderna is 10 years old. In the 9 years before the quest for big juice, they never got 1 of their concoctions to FDA trials. Not one.

    All of a sudden, Trump orders the FDA to toss caution to the wind and Boom! Moderna gets one by them.

    Of all the adverse effects from the various bug juice flavors out there, the 2 mRNA concoctions have had the most serious, and of the 2 Moderna has had the most.

    It’s no surprise they’re also having the most failures.

    “So the facts are blather”…

    No, cockwomble, they’re weak sauce.

    But hey, give it another try…

  16. MO, it wouldn’t take 2 minutes to find the original source of Tater’s little screed, but why bother?

    Everyone knows he couldn’t even spell half the words the real writer wrote without cut and paste.

  17. 👆From — weak sauce to — thin gruel all in the same thread. Well done Tom 😂

  18. “ I would argue that there are three overarching issues of import.”

    Imagine the hubris, and complete lack of self respect it takes to prologue a long plagiarized piece with that bit of mendacity.

    Tater couldn’t argue his way past a precocious 6 year old without getting wrecked and squeaking “weak sauce…that’s weak sauce!”

  19. Isn’t “two-jab” a reference to a premature ejaculation issue?
    Not that there is anything wrong with that!

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