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I’ve got a few friends who could qualify as “transgender”. I’ve always done my best to treat them with compassion and respect, the way we’re supposed to treat human beings.

That part is not open for debate.

But there are a few points open for legitimate debate – and the reason we know this is that the trans “movement” – I’ll just call it Big Trans from now on – works so very hard to suppress that debate. In my forays into looking into how Big Trans behaves on social media, I’ve found no group able to mobilize so much frothing ire so fast – not union goons, not Big Karen, nobody. Their “allies” certainly pull their weight in trying to shut down the conversation as well.

Now, there’s a backlash – some parents of putatively trans children are pushing back against the logrolling disguised as “support” that their children, often deeply vulnerable, receive

This piece – first of a four-part investigation – is very long, and so far utterly worth a read.

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  1. I look forward to the other three parts. My niece has started to give hints of this kind of thing, and the explosion in this identification suggests to me that it’s not innate (how would this be passed down genetically, honestly?), and that a lot of people are indeed being persuaded to give up the prospect of normal adult and family life, all without any clear indication of better psychiatric outcomes.

  2. I’ve heard that the reason for the explosion of teenage girls deciding that they are boys, is early exposure to explicit pornography. They say to themselves “Yuck, I don’t anyone to do that to me!” and I can’t blame them, I wouldn’t want anyone to do it to me either.

  3. MO, if you’ve got a source you’d be willing to share, that would be great. I did see how exposure to pornography was implicated in any number of other sexual patterns, but didn’t explicitly (no pun intended) link things to transgender ideation.

    Weird to think that someone looking at porn would think “I’ve got to modify my external genitalia so nobody does that to me.”, as if “consent” doesn’t matter, but that noted, one of the chief criticisms of porn is that in that “genre”, consent doesn’t matter. So it sort of makes sense, though I’d recommend someone simply get a carry permit instead.

  4. I’m just repeating in opinion articles articles, Bikebubba, and I hope that I’ve given context so that no one knows I am seriously proposing this as the scientifically proven cause of female adolescent gender dysphoria.
    Iam, however, 100% sure that whatever the expert opinion is of this, it will be wrong.

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  6. The trannies that are struggling deserve the same compassion due to anyone suffering serious mental illness.

    The ones out there chasing the kiddies deserve to dance on pikes.

  7. There was a regular in SiTD comments, quite a few years ago, that declared himself female. Forget his name, but he disappeared; killed himself, probably.

  8. The parents simply cannot get their sons’ therapists to deal with comorbidities: in particular, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and poor communicative and social skills, often coupled with an extremely high intelligence, which leaves parents unable to find schooling that can cater to their sons’ needs.

    When you look at the literature on just about every deviation from monogamous, heterosexual sex, what jumps out at you is their association with physical, psychological, and social pathologies. Homosexuality in men, for example, is associated to a greater extent then heterosexuals with things like drug abuse, diabetes, alcoholism, “justice system involvement,” even lower birth weight.
    This isn’t to say that there is some sort of causal relationship between, say, alcoholism and homosexuality, but that both, perhaps, have a common origin.
    But God help you, these days, if you are trying to use research to get at the truth about the link between homosexuality, gender dysphoria, and any kind of pathology. It would be like trying to research racial characteristics in Nazi Germany. Any research that does not conform to ideological orthodoxy will destroy your career.

  9. So, in my 6;29, I mention homosexuality, drug abuse, and nazis.
    No moderation.

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