Ecology Theater

An Indian wag and devotee of Mahatma Gandhi once quipped “It costs us a fortune to keep Gandhi poor“.

Likewise, it takes an immense amount of carbon-based fuel for Transportation Secretary and choo-choo train fanboy Pete Buttigieg to virtue-signal his carbon neutrality:

There are, of course, innumerable such conundra on the left. For example, it takes a staggering amount of the fruits of western capitalism to keep Ilhan Omar’s anti-western hatred in business.

Keep it going.

13 thoughts on “Ecology Theater

  1. Typical libidiot/socialist! That moron couldn’t even get the potholes repaired or the streets maintained in South Bend, but someone was dumb enough to think that he would make a good transportation Secretary?! Let’s not even touch his racist attitudes towards his black police chief.

  2. I admit this is an aspect of elite culture that I cannot understand.
    I can think of no good motive for behaving in this way. It would drive me crazy, I couldn’t do it, I am not able to engage that level of double-think.
    It’s a bit like MY TIMES columnist and uber-environmentalist Thomas Friedman. He jet sets all over the world writing about global warming. He married into a very wealthy East coast family that made its hundreds of millions by financing suburban shopping malls.
    He built a 14,000 square mansion in Maryland, in the process cutting down an acre and a half of creekside forest.
    And he paid for this sin by buying “carbon credits,” adding to the portfolio of his financial advisors and some lucky guys in an NGO.
    I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t help but think to myself “Howabout if I buy an existing, more modest house, and still buy the carbon credits? Wouldn’t that be best?”
    Somewhere now, probably in California, a showbiz millionaire is driving around in his prius, adding up the CO2 he has saved by switching to LED lighting, cursing some poor Mexican guy in a smoke-belching pick up loaded with work tools for being an environmental disaster, when the Mexican guy’s carbon footprint is 1/10th that of the showbiz millionaire.

  3. MO, exactly!

    When our elite masters fly NY-LA on a private G-IV jet they burn through roughly 4,400 gallons of fuel. With my aged Suburban at 11mpg for 15,000 miles per year, it would take me over 3 YEARS to consume as much fuel as a glitterati does in one flight.
    In a 2021 Prius with 53mpg economy it would take me 15 years to consume the same amount of fuel as the aforementioned glitterati in one cross country flight.

  4. St Paul CM Jalali recently was featured in the local paper because she, who ran as a renter, recently bought a house. She credited her parents as helping. Her parents, she says, are hardworking immigrants who own small businesses. Her campaign has been partially funded by developers, who constantly outbid single family home buying to tear down and develop houses into multi unit rentals, which she fully supports, despite there being no lack of vacant lots around the city.. Yet every chance she gets, she rallies against capitalism and policies that would help the poor and working class. It apparently takes a lot of capital to keep her in power to keep the peasants down.

  5. Mjb – Perhaps Jalali figured she better buy a house now while her parents can still help her – and before her policies drive them out of business.

  6. I managed to buy a house without “help” from my parents. So did all four of my siblings.
    But I guess that’s because we are more privileged than Ms. Jalali.

  7. Seen a lot of memes made from that clip. Most involve photoshopping items on the seat.

  8. Regarding Jalali’s home purchase, I wonder if she admitted on the mortgage forms that part of the down payment was a loan from parents. If not, she could be sued or prosecuted. Just sayin’.

    Regarding Buttigieg, it strikes me that if DC streets are anything like South Bend’s, he’s going to need those fatter tires on his bike. And if Buttigieg were at all smart, he might figure out how to do meetings via WebEx like I’m doing now.

  9. bike,
    Yup! I have a comment sitting in moderation that points out Petey’s ineptness on street maintenance in South Bend.

  10. It’s a form of White Man’s Burden, or Noblese Oblige, in which the enlightened civilized people show the ignorant savages how to do things correctly.

    Like the scenes in Airplane where the man shows the natives how to play basketball as the woman demonstrates Tupperware.

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