All In This Together. Yuuup.

Vice President – and let’s be honest, future President, most likely after January 2023, so she has the statutory opportunity to “serve” two full terms of her own – Harris, expressing her deep empathy for working parents with kids at home:

If homeschooling, charter school and private school activists don’t start using this in their ads, they have only themselves to blame.

18 thoughts on “All In This Together. Yuuup.

  1. Don’t these cackling harpies realize how gratingly annoying they sound? Did Kameltoe somehow come to conclude it worked great for MeMaw Clinton?

  2. I saw the video a couple of days ago. Realized (again) why the primary voters rejected her. Perhaps a gift to GOP. Use it, boys and girls.

  3. Seriously though, nervous laughter is a tell that the speaker knows xe is lying. Kameltoe’s cackle is an incredibly bad attempt at a guffaw, to get her audience to acknowledge an irony there that doesn’t exist. Kameltoe and MeMaw laugh and cackle almost every time they open their pie-holes, which I am convinced, smell like an unflushed toilet.

  4. Slow Joe and Kamel Toe are the two best things going for Conservatives at the present time. If a new internet form of getting the message out is developed soon, watch out, there will be a constant flow of info for the voters to see who is proof positive of dumb personified.

  5. I wouldn’t make a bet on Harris replacing Biden.
    She has negative charisma, even with many Democrat voters.
    Harris sent an awful lot of blacks to jail for simple possession. And remember, like Hillary, she slept her way to the top. She didn’t get there on her own.

  6. Perhaps, MO. Your reasons are valid, but they just makes it more puzzling why she was chosen at all.

  7. If a new internet form of getting the message out is developed soon, watch out,

    Drumpf says he’s rolling out his own social media platform. Says nothing like it has ever been done…gonna be Yuge.

  8. It is obvious why Harris was chosen.
    Just as Obama chose Biden for VP because he was an old white guy, Harris was chosen because she younger, female, and passes for black.

  9. younger, female, and passes for black

    And all packaged with negative charisma. Nah, I’m still puzzled.

  10. Speaking of schools. There was a story in the PiPress yesterday, about an obese black woman, and BLM activist naturally, who was ejected from a restaurant when she and her posse became disruptive towards the staff and the civilized people trying to enjoy a meal.

    According to the obese, disruptive black woman, the Asian staff (it was a Benihana), where channeling White Supremacy. The cops didn’t agree, and booted the whole bunch out.

    All that is dog bites man. Loud, disruptive behavior accompanied by ignorant statements are part of the obese female, BLM activist experience. The real story is, the obese, disruptive black woman is a member of the Saint Paul school board when not out doing BLM shit. That’s not important because she can’t behave among civilized people, it’s important because of the comments she posted on her Facebook page.

    Her screed is a grade 5 syntax and spelling nightmare. Her grammar is exactly and precisely what you’d hear from 2 drunken black women screaming at one another on the corner of 37th and Portland, just before the weaves get torn out.

    And there she sits, making decisions that effect 35,000 school kids.

    We are so broken.

  11. Mike Lindell, the pillow guy, just recently said he’s developing a conservative voice on the interwebs.

  12. golfdoc50 on April 1, 2021 at 9:30 am said:
    I saw the video a couple of days ago. Realized (again) why the primary voters rejected her. Perhaps a gift to GOP. Use it, boys and girls.

    She dropped out on 12/03/19, before the primaries began. Tulsi Gabbard nuked her during the debates. But your larger point is spot-on, doc — she’s repellent and it’s gonna take a lot of hagiography to pull her across in 2024.

  13. I’m hard pressed to think of enough profanities and vulgarities to describe her!

  14. Regarding the cackle, I think she’s doing so because she truly believes that anyone who disagrees with her is not just wrong, but a buffoon. It’s a big part of why she got shot down so hard in her campaign for the big job.

    On the light side, has anyone ever seen her with Margaret Hamilton? (watch out for little girls named Dorothy, Kamala!)

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