End It

I received an update from the Bar Association lobbyist on activities at
the state capitol.

“To avoid a government shutdown, the House, Senate, and governor will
need to agree on a new budget by the end of June. Throughout
negotiations, the MSBA will be focused on ensuring that Minnesota’s
courts, public defenders, and civil legal services are adequately funded.”

Governor Walz has been able to hold the state hostage for an entire year
with impunity.  This is how Republicans free the state.  “Governor Walz,
end it now, agree to reforms to prevent it from happening again, or we
shut everything down.”

Anything less is not merely capitulation, it’s enabling.

Joe Doakes

It’s gotta happen, GOP.

We’re running out of patience with the excuses.

2 thoughts on “End It

  1. “Timmy the Terrible” won’t be giving up his throne anytime soon, and the DemonCrats aren’t going to force him to stand down.

  2. As long as “Go-along Gazelka” runs the senate, this state will never shut down.

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