For Conservative Reasons

North Dakota appears poised to legalize recreational marijuana – largely to keep the process under legislative control. North Dakota has a pretty liberal initiative and referendum statute – it’s relatively easy to bring legislative issues to a popular vote in NoDak.

I honestly don’t care if North Dakota, or for that Minnesota, legalize ganja. I’ve never used it, and never actually will.

But it would be great if it were possible to pass companion laws making it legal to taze people who sound like stoners. Because they really, really annoy me.

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  1. They’ll strip blunt smokers of their CWP’s lickety split. Then they’ll use it to justify sending in a Tac squad to physically remove all weapons from your house.

  2. I honestly don’t care if North Dakota, or for that Minnesota, legalize ganja. I’ve never used it, and never actually will.

    I used to say the same. After watching someone die from pancreatic cancer, I’m not so sure anymore. It provided significant relief for that person, who had issues with nausea, etc. I have no desire for the stuff now and have never used it, but I could see utility in it in certain very specific cases.

  3. I honestly don’t care if North Dakota, or for that Minnesota, legalize ganja. I’ve never used it, and never actually will.

    I have “smoked” two cigarettes in my entire life, both during my peer-pressure filled teen years. Air quotes because I sucked the smoke into my mouth, but didn’t inhale. I can count on both hands, the number of times I have ever been truly “drunk”….tack on a couple dozen more for “tipsy”. I have smelled MJ twice (once unsmoked in a film cannister someone else found in a street gutter, once as I rode thru a cloud of smoke while riding my motorcycle thru a S Mpls intersection 24 years ago), but never been close to it when it was being smoked. My life has been one of very infrequent chemical enhancement/alteration.

    That said, if MN does legalize it for recreation, I might partake once or twice just to experience it. I doubt I would go beyond that. My greatest fear would be if my (AZ based) company suddenly instituted drug tests.

  4. Back in the days when I had a terminal illness, I definitely would have considered marijuana – medicinal or otherwise. I didn’t get a chance to test its efficacy, but I’m not complaining.

  5. I don’t doubt that people dying of cancer can sometimes be helped by cannabis. If I were in their shoes I might ask for Fentanyl but forget that. The whole medical marijuana schtick was IMO a Trojan horse for recreational pot. I’m ok with people getting stoned IF they don’t smoke and drive and if they don’t mind being unemployed because a drug test is positive. And no welfare benefits either. Actions have consequences. Full disclosure: in the 60s I was a charter member of Woodstock Nation. People smoked pot to get wasted. I don’t think that’s changed. And it’s not good.

  6. South Dakota had a similar voter initiative for recreational marijuana which was approved by the voting public. Meanwhile — SD Governor Noem had other ideas about the referendum.

    South Dakota voters must have found this pretty annoying to have a referendum like this blocked.

    Funny how the people who live to strangle government to an absolute minimum are always so quick to use that same government to repress peoples choices they don’t approve of. Not too hypocritical, are they?

  7. Emery, you’ve got a lot of nerve calling Noem supporters hypocrites when you got in like anyone else to get a dose of the Trump vaccine.

  8. I’ve got a friend who managed to overcome a huge painkiller use and back problems, allegedly by becoming a “tenther”, taking something like a tenth of a gram of the stuff each day. I don’t know how extensive the good uses are, but by golly, it’s time to get some good studies to find out.

    Regarding overall legalization, again, maybe….we should have some research to indicate the extent and severity of mental health issues (e.g. Maureen Dowd’s eating the whole candy bar a while back) as we move to legalize it. I don’t see the side effects as warranting a continued ban, but I could be persuaded.

    Finally, regarding South Dakota and Governor Noem, what really happened was that a judge struck down the referendum because it covered multiple subjects. Now all subjects are part & parcel of how you would legalize, regulate, tax, and grow marijuana, but it is multiple sections.

    Solution–one that honors our republican form of government–is to let the legislature handle this. It’s why we elect them. Side note is that constitutional amendments ought to require a supermajority to be enacted, not just 50% plus one vote.

  9. Emery has twice accused Noem & her supporters of hypocrisy (two types!) while failing to address his own hypocrisy by getting in on the vaccine developed by the Trump administration.

  10. Vladimir Putin says he will get a coronavirus vaccine shot on Tuesday. ~ Moscow (AP)

    Maybe now Republican men will be more willing to get one….

  11. I guess Emery is really a closeted Trump fan.

    Go get your MAGA hat, Emery. We already judged, so what does it matter?

    And this “strangle government to an absolute minimum”?
    Oh my, you can’t possibly have ever worked for the government.
    Nor thought seriously about how government budgeting works.
    It’s funny that you even think your opinion is worth sharing on the subject.

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