Mass Death Fails To Materialize: Big Karen Bereft, Distraught

Big Karen warned us – those Super Bowl tailgate parties in Tampa were going to lead to the extinction of Florida Man.

Those of us who paid attention in high school science noted that there’s incredibly low correlation between outdoor gatherings and Covid transmission.

“The science says ‘obey or die!'”, Big Karen responds.

Observation indicates – well…

You can almost feel the disappointment wafting out from Big Karen.

When they’re not busy deflecting away from the fact, that is.

25 thoughts on “Mass Death Fails To Materialize: Big Karen Bereft, Distraught

  1. the first story on MPR’s hourly news break this AM was about a new strain of covid-19 that . . . is different than the other strain and comes from South Africa.
    Nothing at all about the incredibly swift decline of covid cases and deaths in the US, before any vaccine could affect the numbers, and in the time frame when the experts were terrified numbers would rise because of silly humans socializing over the holidays.
    The jig is up. Again.

  2. Pedo Joe was supposed to have given us the good news regarding his miraculous win over the bat flu during his State of the Union speech, back on the 20th.

    That date has come and gone, and there’s nothing on his calender. Huh. What gives?

    Could it be that Pedo Joe’s caregivers have called a lid on such lengthy nationally televised appearances? Is the risk he’ll blurt out more “n*ggers” too great to risk during prime time?

    Or perhaps the sight of the POTUS sharting his diapers during a joint session would put national security at risk.

    According to their own fake news sources, many reprobates in Congress are suggesting its not a good idea to let Pedo Joe have exclusive control of the nuclear football. They want him to hand over the keys and let someone else drive.

    For myself, I demand Bidophiles put their man on display, per the Constitution, ASAP, so we may all determine just how far into the toilet they have put the State of the Union this time.

    Plus, we could all use a good laugh.

  3. *Sharting pants on TV has been done already, by none other than Jerry Nadler. And of course Eric Swallowell ripped a long, dry one during an interview.

    What nasty creatures these filthy reprobates be!

  4. Alternate Biden reality proves more resilient than Covid. He breathlessly announces the Covid toll of 500K, compares it to combat deaths in all US wars, ignoring the average age of the 500K is 82 and that of military deaths early 20s. People are taken in by this and other lies. I predicted the mask mania would continue and it has. Commissioner Malcolm announced a goal of zero Covid deaths and hospitalizations. Complete insanity.

  5. They’ve been milking that South African mutation in Europe for weeks now. Have literally shut down everything again. And don’t expect to re-open until fall.

  6. I began to hear, on the MSM, stories about new covid-19 “strains” and “variants” in mid-December.
    With no exceptions, these stories included warning that the new variants were more communicable than standard covid-19, and might be more deadly and resist the vaccines developed for covid-19.
    And here it is, the end of February, and covid-19 cases and deaths are plummeting.
    From the beginning of the epidemic, we have been treated like like children and lied to, while our “adversarial press” refused to do their job and, on the contrary, published government lies, slogans, and press releases as new stories.
    Our first amendment rights to peaceably assemble and to worship have been trampled, on the flimsiest of excuses, with no end in sight. Walz, Evers, Newsom & the other Lockdown Lords cannot even tell you the criteria for ending their one-man ’emergency’ rule. And the courts, the last redoubt of constitutional order, have been mostly silent.

  7. Every year, new strains of seasonal flu make their presence known. People get sick; some die, most suffer a day or two and go on. Mankind has never succeeded in eradicating a virus. When we come close, they mutate; the best we can do is fool them.

    The reprobates have decided to go with fooling 1/2 the country.

  8. One year ago today — Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, told the public that health officials were preparing for a pandemic. This made the president so mad he threatened to fire her.

    Trump reportedly threatened to fire a top doctor at the CDC for sounding the alarm about the coronavirus in February

  9. And here we are today — 500,000 deaths later. I was really tired of winning. All of Trump’s magic wasn’t enough. The audacity of Dr. Messonnier to do her job

  10. JD, isn’t it funny how the libturds never, ever commented on how things should have been done different to prevent any of this, other than blathering Orange Man Bad. Always obfuscating and misdirecting – shit and run, shit and run.

  11. Trump was not mentioned in Mitch’s post. Trump was mentioned in two comments, both by a frequent commenter who says that he is not obsessed with trump, you are.

  12. REEK!

    Why has your guy, Pedo Joe, skipped out on delivering a SOTU squeek to a joint session of Congress?

    It would be a great time to tell everyone how he saved the world from bat flu and Orange Man Bad. He could explain why it is in America’s best interest to protect pedophiles in the country illegally from being sent home. He could have the mentally ill man in a dress he chose for HHS stand up and take a bow. He could challenge Trump to a rasslin’ match out back…but*crickets*.

    Are you Bidophiles ashamed of your hero, Reek?


  13. Speaking of being tired of #winning, it seems Reek’s fellow Bidophiles are already tired of Pedo Joe’s successful fraud:

    “House Democrats ask Biden to give up sole power to launch nuclear bomb”

    What they’re saying is, they subverted Democracy and stole an election to put the fate of the world in the hands of a senile, old pedophile.

    Does that make you proud to be a Bidophile? Squeek, Reek!

  14. The news that a new Covid variation has arisin in South Africa gives Joe Biden a perfect opportunity to show the nation how one man can stop the spread of the virus, unlike that pathetic loser Trump who allowed half-a-million grandmas to die by his failure to act.

    Biden should go on television to announce the steps he’s taking to stop the spread of the South African variant, when he’s going to do them, and under what authority. That’s real leadership. That’s what America wants.

    Do it today. For the grandmas.

  15. JD, that mutation is from South Africa. It might have to be treated with care to avoid charges of racism.

  16. JD, what a disheartened America needs is a Hero. Picture a shirtless Pedo Joe, deeply tanned, flexing his mighty pecs, sporting an 8 pack, chasing down the Trump Virus™ with a spear, on horseback.

    What do we get? A senile old pedophile stumbling along on stick legs, chasing little girls.


  17. I’m thinking the demented Biden will give the SOTU either in writing (not his script), or on TV read from a teleprompter. Of course Covid will be the reason that he won’t appear live before Congress, even though he’s been vaccinated and wears multiple masks. His handlers won’t risk him dicking things up in spite of his craving applause and adulation.

  18. It will be in writing. He couldn’t stand at a podium long enough without shitting his diapers. They can’t count on him maintaining the illusion of awareness long enough to do a SOTU squeek from a teleprompter. 10/10 he’d blurt out some of the insane shit floating around the mush in his head.

  19. “The risk to the American people remains very low. … When you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.” ~ former occupant of the White House a year ago today

  20. Back when I was younger, and respect for elders was stressed, I believe we would have addressed Karen as “Mrs. Grundy”.

    “Freedom begins when you tell Mrs. Grundy to take a hike.” – The Notebooks of Lazarus Long

  21. “Look, the range of challenges Europe and the United States must take on together is broad and complex. I am eager to hear, nigger hear, next from my good friends and outstanding leaders such as Merkel about her thoughts and the way forward.”

    Pedo Joe Biden, live on TV; 2/20/2021

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