This Is What Urban Progressive Privilege Looks Like [1]

Every spousal abuser in history: “Yeah, sure, I hit you. But you provoked me – again. So you’re at least partly to blame. Maybe mostly. I mean, actions have consequences, baby…”

Big Left’s latest line – through one of its local mouthpieces, former Reprentative and Lt. Gov. Candidate and Urban Progressive Privilege poster child, Erin Maye Quade:

This statement ticks off nearly half of the traits one associates with someone with a serious personality disorder.

And before anyone stars a’yappin’ – I’m not saying Ms. Maye Quade suffers from any psychological illness.

Merely the movement she’s part of.

[1] Not to mention a culture of abuse, and a serious collective group personality disorder.

27 thoughts on “This Is What Urban Progressive Privilege Looks Like [1]

  1. The pedophile and the woman beater the Kenosha Kyle so neatly cancelled, as well as the one who now has a tiny Tyrannosaur arm, got all the consequences they wanted, and more.

    Fuck around and find out is a thing in the current year. Can’t wait until dueling makes a comeback…lot of scumbags need cancelling.

  2. And speaking of consequences, the filthy reprobates that were in charge of the impeachment circus entered into evidence, things that were proved to be falsified.

    Now, I’m sure they’ll say “Hey, hey, hey…we weren’t under oath!!”, because if a particular bit of scumbaggery isn’t defined as crime, the Democrats are all for doing it.

    But isn’t there something called an Ethics committee, in charge of dealing with this kind of thing? Why are the Repubs not demanding the scumbags be stripped of their committee assignments?

    Because it’s turtles scumbags all the way down.

  3. isn’t there something called an Ethics committee


    It’s run by Dems, for at least the next two years.

  4. Ah, so it’s the Committee for Squeaky Clean Fuckery and Fuck You If You Don’t Like It.

  5. See, now that’s why I like reading Dr. Pete’s comments – he’s good at thinking outside the box.

    In the olden days, Conservatives and Liberals played by the same set of rules. When we lost fair and square, well, them’s the breaks. We’d try harder next time.

    But Liberals have stopped playing by that set of rules. So there’s no sense in us playing by them. What are we doing to do: Vote Harder next time?

    But we can’t respond by using their rules, because the media is fully on board with the “rules-for-thee-but-not-for-me” paradigm. Liberal rules are for Liberals, only.

    So we need a different response. A different set of rules. Code Duello, a set of alternative dispute resolution rules as old as our nation, might serve nicely. Good thinking, Dr. Pete!

  6. For the ideal duel I choose a matched pair of Holland & Holland Royal Over and Under Game guns with buckshot at 20 paces – winner gets the guns!

  7. See, even John likes the idea.

    Great, we have the challenge and the choice of weapons. Now, where to hold the duel and who are the seconds?

    Oh, and it’s traditional for a medical doctor to be in attendance. Anybody know one?

  8. “I don’t think a little man like you could hold onto a TC in 45-70”

    I wouldn’t get to “cocky” fapliar, just because you can grip your micro-benis in a death grip.


  9. Thinks to self: To delete all the pointless personal name calling, or to see if it becomes a free-style art form?

    I’ll allow it for now.

  10. “I’ll allow it for now.” This, Mitch, is why I never want to be a judge. I got enough of that grief while presiding over student mock trials during the state tournaments.

    The judge’s actual job during a trial is to determine what ‘goes in the record.’ Imagine ‘the record’ as being a tin bucket sitting on the judge’s bench. Whatever is in the bucket at the end of the trial, the jury can consider in reaching its verdict. Not in the bucket = cannot be considered.

    “I move to enter this in the record” followed by “objection” calls for a ruling from the judge. Allow it into the record and risk being overturned on appeal [to the amusement of your peers] or exclude it from the record and risk being overturned on appeal [and being the butt of jokes at the next bench-and-bar party]? And moving to ‘strike it from the record’ might work if the item can be physically rmoved from the bucket, but if it’s oral testimony, how does the jury ‘un-hear’ it? Frustrating.

    You’re lucky: you are not only the judge and jury and court of appeals, but also the executioner. You’re exercising amazing patience and neutrality. I always hated having to do that.

  11. How about a standing thread where you move all the offending posts and trollbots and regular denizens can insult each other there all they want?

  12. Maria” Kraephammer simpered:
    “I try to not get involved in more than 1 thread here daily, partly as a courtesy.”

    Try harder!

  13. I think Ms. Quade’s comment reads better in the original German, nein?

    Seriously, I view the latest about face by Fauci in this way, as he reversed himself on Harris’ idiotic comment about “starting from scratch” vis-a-vis COVID today. In any sane world, Harris’ comment would have earned about a thousand “Pinocchios” from any reputable fact check group, as Trump’s plan helped get several vaccines to market long before almost anyone thought was possible.

    But no, because the federal government didn’t accompany every vial of vaccine all the way to the recipients’ arms, and as if he were unaware that doctors often hire “receptionists” who can give prospective recipients a call and get them vaccinated, and as if he were unaware of the existence of state health departments, Fauci folded as if he remembered Yezhov.

  14. Herr Doktor Professor Strunk — completely OT, but today I closed the deal on a low mileage 2003 BMW R1150.
    Now I just have to get it to my house from the other side of Wisconsin.

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