As the bad night that was the 2018 Mid-terms ground along, I pointed out something I believe to be a truism: that “progressive” overreach might be its own best limiting mechanism.

The downside (well, not the downside – one of many, indeed) is that we’re going to have to hope that’s the case, or that the opposition gets its act together, or some combination of the two. Because absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Big Left is seeking both:

People need limits in their lives. Anyone who has ever seen a spoiled child knows that these children are deeply unhappy, miserably vicious, and extreme in their rages and demands. Now imagine taking that child and subjecting it to a lifetime of having its every want, need, or desire granted. You will quickly see that you’ve created a dangerous monster. Go through any list of worst rulers (this one for example), and you’ll see how damaging it is when people’s desires are always unopposed.

That’s where leftists are right now. In 2020, thanks to the Wuhan virus and BLM, they manipulated themselves into complete power and, having gained that power, they have lost their grip on sanity. Unless reality intervenes in a way leftists must address, nothing will stop their mad dash into a lunatic world, one in which “science means whatever I say it means,” the economy is no longer constrained by inexorable rules of supply and demand, race becomes the only metric by which to judge people (and whites and Jews are inherently evil), borders serve no purpose, etc.

Nations do not fare well when madmen are at the helm. And as a reminder, while Trump may have had an eccentric personal style, everything he did was within the rule of law, and the mainstream of American, Western, and human history. It was those who opposed him who had abandoned norms. Like the narcissist, who says that anyone who opposes his abuse is at fault for the resulting fights, the left used its media control to announce that anyone who challenged its anti-science, racist, anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian dictates was evil.

The whole thing is worth a read.

23 thoughts on “Pathology

  1. Wait a minute — I grew up hearing from liberals, all day and every day, that the purpose of the constitution was to protect the rights of political minorities.
    So we are golden.

  2. “And as a reminder, while Trump may have had an eccentric personal style, everything he did was within the rule of law, and the mainstream of American, Western, and human history. It was those who opposed him who had abandoned norms.”

    Right. And let us not fail to observe that the first thing the reprobates do when they get their greasy hands on the wheel is to unwind all the safeguards and common sense laws, rules and regulations they find, and get on with new anti-American fuckery.

    Case in point; Trump negotiated with Mexico to secure it’s Southern border and keep the mobs of illiterate, unskilled peasants headed for the nearest US welfare office on their side of the border…the caravans stopped and the border has been calm for the past 3 years.

    Within 2 months of stealing the election, the senile pedophile has put the welcome mat back out and…

    “Border Patrol agents are already seeing a Biden surge in illegal immigration at the southwest border, officials said Thursday, with the numbers surging 21% over the last month alone.

    [He] said it’s particularly dangerous at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on CBP personnel. At least 1,300 CBP staffers are currently quarantined, 700 are currently COVID-positive and 15 have died of the virus.”

  3. Well, once again, Trump has been proven right. He said that the virus would eventually just disappear. By allowing the throng of unvaccinated Hispanic moochers to illegally enter the country, the feckless Biden administration has just declared the virus gone.

    COVID-19 is the least of their worries, because in the past four years, there have been at least 100 of these people diagnosed with a tuberculosis strain that is resistant to current treatment.

  4. Tuberculosis, pertussis even the black plague all coming back across the border, Hoss. Also, bedbugs from Africa and the Middle East are once again thriving here.

    But just think of how much less vibrant it would be without the diversity. Sacrifices must be made.

  5. And who is going to make our tyrants pay a price?
    The media? Big tech? Nevertrumpers? The voters?

  6. Only one group up to the task at this point, MO.

    The angry mob. We just have to wait until they get angry enough, which means the pain the tyrants inflict exceeds the mob’s “nothing left to lose” threshold.

  7. @bh429 Before predicting continued Trump’s dominance of the Republican Party —consider how will Republican elected officials feel after Trump launches his revenge tour? There is about to be 20 months of Republican on Republican fighting.

  8. “consider how will Republican elected officials feel after Trump launches his revenge tour?”

    Pffft. Consider how 75-80 million pissed off Trump supporters will feel after Peloisi and her slobs kicks off their “Truth and Reconciliation” inquisitions.

  9. If not for Trump, we would now be at the beginning of the 2nd term of President Hillary Clinton.

  10. There’s no doubt that Trump cost Republicans the Senate. Still, his skill at blaming others for his own failures serves him well with his cult.

  11. There’s no doubt that Trump cost Republicans the Senate

    You gonna back that up? Link or something else you might plagiarize? Oh, of course not… it’s just that little voice in your head that needs its Goldstein.

  12. Just to show you how far the rot is . . .
    I regularly get emails from the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) urging me to renew my membership. The AAAS’ flagship publication is the prestigious periodical Science.
    These emails only mention science as it relates to ecology and diversity. Nothing about physics, astrophysics, chemistry, geology, etc.
    The TOC of Science includes the usual papers on medical science, physics, etc., but every issue contains at least one article — peer reviewed, of course — with explicitly political content, and this political content is uniformly anti-Republican and anti-conservative.

  13. “There’s no doubt that Trump [lost a free and fair election and pouted about it which] cost Republicans the Senate. Still, his skill at blaming others for his own failures serves him well with his cult.”

    See that bit in the brackets? That’s the premise underlying the conclusion. If the underlying premise is false, the conclusion is false (I’d cite the name of the logical fallacy but I know how badly highly intelligent moderates hate it when I show off my debate guy knowledge).

    Citing the number of court cases which refused to hear evidence, or linking to newspaper articles which parrot the Democrat party line, does not prove the validity of the underlying premise. The issue remains unresolved and therefore the conclusion cannot be said to be correct.

  14. We should all aspire to receive the kind of unhinged, slobbering liberal hate that Rush’s patriotism, talent and vision inspired from these bitter nobodies.

  15. I remember what Christopher Hitchens had to say about Jerry Falwell:
    “If you gave Falwell an enema he could be buried in a matchbox.”

    Be kind to people of every stripe. Go have a great day.

  16. What a nice thing to say:
    “Be kind to people of every stripe”
    Except Jerry Falwell apparently.
    It does fall a little flat when you preface it by propping up dead Hitchens so he can dance on dead Falwell’s grave.

  17. “Trump cost the Republicans the Senate..”. Interesting, because the same guy picked up…. 12-13 House seats ( maybe more).

  18. jimf:

    I think the final tally was 15 and they didn’t lose any incumbent seats, either. And people still want to say that Biden won fair and square?! Huh. Further, something like 150 people attended his “inauguration” and it had so few people watching online, that the media jackals took it down.

  19. I suppose what is going on is that the Dems actually have a very weak hand — bare majorities in the house & senate, a senile, doddering president and affirmative action Kamala as veep (she didn’t sleep her way to success because she was brilliant).
    So the Dems have decided that they can strengthen their hand by demonizing the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump.
    It is not a good idea to run on the theme of “a return to normalcy” and then immediately flood DC with troops and put a man in a dress in charge of the covid response.

  20. “There’s no doubt that Trump cost Republicans the Senate. “

    Let’s Fisk that asinine statement.

    There were 3 GOP candidates in Georgia for 2 available seats. None of them got the required 50% of the vote, but 1 (Perdue) did get 49.73%.

    No Democrat had won a Senate race in GA for more than 20 years.

    2 weeks later, 2 Democrat candidates win.

    Yeah, I can see how Trump was responsible for that.

  21. I should clarify: 1 of the GOP candidates had decided to run as a Libertarian after losing the primary. He stole just shy of 3% of the GOP vote, which cost Perdue a sure win.

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