I Tried

I tried to warn everyone.

During the presidential campaign, every time candidate Biden went on one of his roughly 200000,000,000,000 television ads saying “… I have a plan…“, I warned you.

“Ask for specifics“. What is the plan. Tell us.

I mean, neither I nor any of you could ask the campaign directly, of course. That fact got me thinking – wouldn’t it be cool, and salutary to democracy, if we had an institution with printing presses and transmitters and – work with me, here – perhaps rooms full of people who consider themselves a nearly monastic class of information gatherers, processors and disseminators, who take it not merely as their job but their calling to ask questions of those who would aspire to power, to hold them accountable, who might have asked those questions in our stead?

To paraphrase John Lennon, you might say that I am a dreamer.

And when it comes to schools – they of the infamous “plan“ to re-open them all within 100 days of coming in the office?

The “plan“ is apparently to put the goal posts on a C117 Globemaster and fly them to Diego Garcia.

27 thoughts on “I Tried

    The only things a president can guarantee accomplishing within 100 days are executive actions. There is no democratic input to these plans.

  2. What MP says about executive orders. The only ones I want to see are those that repeal intrusive, un-constitutional orders.

    Regarding the schools, the ugly fact is that when the matter is studied, they have found that those places that re-opened schools did not observe a measurable increase in COVID infections. As far as I can tell, the main reason for not re-opening the schools is the teachers’ unions have realized that getting full pay and benefits for not going to work is a pretty sweet gig.

  3. The ONLY thing that can right this is a tax revolt. You know – taxation without accountability, as in your property taxes going to schools that are closed? Yeah, like THAT will happen as sheeople are getting subjugated and enslaved more and more, as constitution undergoes living document transformation, turning this once great country into a banana republic.

  4. You can say what you want about EOs, but you might want to be informed before editorializing. If you actually look it up, there is a long and storied history to using them. The number of EOs issued by the last four presidents is small compared to Reagan, Carter, Nixon and Eisenhower, not to mention the never to be beaten, champion, FDR.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with Executive Orders, per se. It’s what they’re used for.

    “I order everyone in the Executive Branch to stop using paperclips because I don’t like paperclips. Use staples, instead.” It’s an order from the boss to Executive Branch employees; nothing wrong with that.

    “I order all Border Patrol agents to go home and stay there. Do not stop people crossing the border. Do not enforce deportation orders.” That’s also an order from the boss to Executive Branch employees but it has the effect of completely undermining federal immigration law enacted by Congress. That’s wrong.

    It’s not the number, it’s the effect that matters.

  6. but it has the effect of completely undermining federal […] law enacted by Congress. That’s wrong.

    But if you and your party really, really [pretend to] feel strongly about some federal law, then it’s so much easier. What was that saying again? We’re not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help they need. I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,

  7. Closing those wretched monuments to failure is the only positive thing to come of the Bat flu Dempanic.

    The perpetual wards of the state are learning exactly what they normally learn: nothing. No harm is being done there.

    The children of parents without the wherewithal, or the will to make the sacrifices necessary to give them a quality education may not be learning much, but at least they’re not subject to daily assaults by the aforementioned wards of the state.

    The kids of caring, dedicated parents have moved en mass to private schools or are being home schooled. They’re golden.

    Keeping them closed permanently would be a blessing; hell, I’d even be willing to allow the reprobate Union members to continue to fleece the taxpayers in exchange for staying away from the classrooms.

  8. I want to be governed by laws originating in the house, passed by the senate, approved by the president, and affirmed as constitutional by the courts.
    It’s pretty lonely over here.

  9. It’s pretty lonely over here

    You’d be a bit less lonely if the various members of Congress over the years had had the same opinion as you. But, as you should know, Congress has been giving away its powers to the Executive branch on a regular basis for a long time now. Which is why EOs are so #trending.

  10. I should’ve listened Mitch. My wife, her boy and I have reservations to the Florida Keys, same place that got shut down last year. My fault.

  11. Beginning with Wilson, both the president and the US congress have gained immense power. This came at the expense of states and individuals.

  12. jdm commented: “Why do you think they’re running a second impeachment?”

    How would you react if a Democrat in the White House did exactly what Trump is accused of? I think we all know the answer.

  13. I think we all know the answer.
    Mind reading again.
    Impeaching a president after he leaves office is a madness known to infect only Democrats.

  14. We know how the Democrats respond wen they lose election.
    Look at the multiple attempts to deligitimize Trump’s presidency. The “Russian Collusion” fraud was just the first of these.
    Then we can look at the career of Dem “vote truther” Stacy Abrams.
    And then you can go back to Bush V gore in 2000, and the attempt to deligitimize Bush’s Ohio win in 2000.
    There is no well spring of respect for the wishes for the voters for the Dems to fall back on.

  15. If Donald Trump didn’t incite this deadly riot who did? Why aren’t republicans trying to find the culprits who did?

    Trump’s defense is that trying to overthrow the government is constitutional but holding him accountable for it is not. And that it’s unconstitutional to impeach him for it.

    You are just blathering at this point. People who are not capable of presenting a sound argument resort to blathering.

  16. Woolly—didn’t you claim officer Sicknick died as a result of a heart attack — therefore Sicknick’s heart attack at the MAGA insurrection was just a coincidence?

  17. Why aren’t the Republicans trying to find out who did incite the riot? Um, maybe, Emery….that’s the job of the FBI, and a person can actually get arrested for doing a private investigation?

    Maybe because the Democrats say they’ve investigated, and all they’ve got on him, really, is a couple of statements they’re taking out of context? That if Trump’s chief persecutors can’t find any more than that, then….maybe there’s nothing there?

    Yes, people not capable of presenting a sound argument do resort to blathering. Maybe say it to the guy you see in the mirror when you shave, eh?

  18. I’m beginning to understand why Trump doesn’t pay his lawyers. I’m quite surprised his attorneys haven’t acknowledged Hunter Biden’s role in the violence on January 6th.

  19. “You are just blathering at this point. People who are not capable of presenting a sound argument resort to blathering.” More cut-and-paste, and no more relevant this time than the prior times.

    That cop didn’t die at the “riot.” He left the Capitol, went to the hospital, was discharged, went home, and eventually died and nobody knows why. Even CNN admitted the medical examiner’s report stated he had no signs of blunt force trauma from being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher, which was the centerpiece of your prior justifications for impeachment. That story was a lie and you can put that bloody shirt back in the drawer.

    If Trump didn’t incite the riot, why aren’t Republicans operating a shadow government to track and arrest the criminals who did? Um, because that’s the actual government’s job? And because the actual government is tracking and arresting Republicans for putting up tweets in 2016, and downloading Photoshopped photos of Buffalo Man to put in the court pleadings.

    Here’s a question for you, E: what evidence led you to conclude the Capitol ‘riot’ was NOT a false flag operation?

  20. Emery on February 12, 2021 at 1:34 pm said:

    Woolly—didn’t you claim officer Sicknick died as a result of a heart attack — therefore Sicknick’s heart attack at the MAGA insurrection was just a coincidence?

    I never said any such thing.
    This is the third or fourth time you have lied about what I have written on SITD, Emery.

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  22. Republicans know who incited the riot. It was the reprobates that unilaterally changed state election laws in violation of the state constitutions.

    It was the reprobates that sent ballots out to every registered voter in their states, requested or not, then refused to verify the returned ballots were from the people they were sent to.

    It was the reprobates that accepted more ballots long after the deadline had passed.

    It was the reprobates that declared a “mailed -in” ballot didn’t need a postmark!

    It was the reprobates that filled in fraudulent ballots; the reprobates that transported them to the counting rooms; the reprobates that counted them and the reprobates that not only kept GOP representatives from being present to watch while they were counted, they covered the windows.

    It was the reprobates that censored unflattering stories to shield the degenerate family of the degenerate Democrat candidate.

    It was the reprobates that manipulated flawed machine counters to change vote totals, then refused to allow anyone to examine them.

    Finally, it was the reprobates wearing judges robes that refused to give an aggrieved 75 million Americans out day in court.

    We know who they are, and we know what they did. Question remains what are we going to do about it.

  23. Tom wrote: “It was the reprobates that sent ballots out to every registered voter in their states, requested or not, then refused to verify the returned ballots were from the people they were sent to.”

    >Ballot applications<—there fixed it for you.

    Republicans hold a majority of seats in the Michigan House of Representatives with 58.

    Republicans hold the majority of seats in Georgia as well.

    Wisconsin Republicans hold majorities in both chambers.

    Pennsylvania both houses of the state legislature are controlled by the Republican Party.

    As a result of the 2020 election, Republicans retained control of Arizona state government.

    Feel free to correct me — but isn’t the cardinal rule of Shitposting is to commit to your bit. Even if everyone thinks you're an incredible idiot, and then when that facts don’t support your premise not to lose your nerve. The world will catch up eventually. And if they don't, well, it was fun while it lasted.

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