Ivy League Alums Ponder Restraining Orders, Injunctions

David Hogg, who has built a very rewarding career slandering law-abiding gun owners, is his immense expertise from “gun safety” to industry. Seeking to “own” Mike Lindell [1], he announced last week he seeks to start a pillow company.

Last Friday, it turned out Hogg’s big idea had run into the same roadblock as his gun control agenda – reality:

That Harvard education is serving the lad well, isn’t it?

19 thoughts on “Ivy League Alums Ponder Restraining Orders, Injunctions

  1. Insanity looms over the heads of leftist reprobates like a black cloud.

    Young Mr. Hogg supposes his fellow mental deficients will buy pillows of any sort from him for purely political reasons.

    That suggests he either believes Mike Lindell is the only pillow manufacturer in business right now, or that he himself can sell pillows better because of his noteriety.

    I admit to having purchased pillows from Lindell, for the purpose of supporting his quest to prove the fraud 1/3 of the country is already convinced occurred.

    I had to wait an extra week for delivery since Lindell was flooded with orders, but I find that in addition to supporting a worthy cause, I’m now in possession of a couple of pretty good pillows. That isn’t a surprise, since Lindell went into business to make good pillows, not sell unremarkable crap for political purposes as Hogg is out to do.

  2. The Pillow Guy’s website has towels, robes and pillowcases with Bible scenes.

    Anybody tried the towels? They’re two-for-one right now.

  3. I suppose that Hogg believes that he can use his social media & other media power as a kind of pixie-dust capital to crush Lindell’s business & punish him for wrong speech.

  4. I have, at times, mused that I would like to be King of Portugal. I’ve never been to Portugal, nor do I speak Portuguese. My qualifications for the position of King of Portugal mirror Hogg’s qualifications to be a pillow manufacturer.

  5. Never tried the towels, but I don’t think Lindell actually manufactures them himself. The pillows are pretty comfortable; they hold a position after a minute or two and are well made.

  6. Citing your lack qualifications isn’t likely to gain the confidence of the people of Portugal, Mr. D. Does Hogg think his lack of experience, or knowledge of manufacturing anything but bullshit is likely to attract capital investment necessary to get his pipe dream off the ground?

    No, he is counting on the ignorance and mindless hatred of his fellow reprobates to finance a boondoggle because it appeals to their emotional instability.

  7. I’ve had a My Pillow for about 5 years now and I’ll never have any other pillow again. In fact, my son loves his, too and we’ve both bought the travel versions. As recommended, I wash it about every month or so, which leads me to my only complaint. It takes about four to five cycles to dry and you have to move the fill around inside the pillow between cycles. I throw a couple of bath towels in with it and leave them in until the pillow is dry.

    I also have the Giza dream sheets, which I like a lot. Even my wife, who is always hot when she sleeps, loves them.

  8. Citing your lack qualifications isn’t likely to gain the confidence of the people of Portugal, Mr. D.

    Right, but that would make a more benevolent despot than most of the despots currently at large.

  9. bh
    and you have to move the fill around inside the pillow between cycles. “

    throw half a dozen tennis balls in with the pillow, they’ll move the fill around for you during the cycle

  10. All I know is that I have been sleeping better since January 20, so maybe I just needed to know that the government is no longer in the hands of an incompetent, malignant narcissist and his coterie of sycophants.

  11. Threadjack alert. I can comment that I am no longer sleeping as well now that the government is in the hands of a man with obvious dementia who thinks that the world’s #1 sponsor of terrorism can be trusted without routine inspections, and whose sycophants include the mainstream media and the staff of many colleges and universities.

    But back to the subject, it is so reassuring to think as well that a thought leader in the political world at one of the nation’s most elite universities is unaware that union textile goods manufacturing pretty much ended in this country a decade or so ago. What a brilliant use of research and logic on his part! I would dare say he’s a good fit for the administration of the current senile President, including for good measure a hearty dose of the narcissismthat pervades Mr. Biden’s administration.

  12. Yea, Emery. We know that you’re more comfortable having a demented old pervert puppet of Chairman Xi in there, killing jobs, causing inflation and lying about his virus fighting plan. Apparently, the message has reached his mouth piece, Orange Girl, because she spewed out that even if you get the vaccine, you still have to wear a mask. Brilliant!

    Oh, and BTW, Trump has won 21 cases where the evidence was reviewed, with about 16 more still in play. The ones that were rejected, had to do with jurisdiction or procedures, some of which may be appealed.

  13. Say Reek? You should invest in Hogg’s Pillow Company. Gonna be a real hot one that you can add to the massive GaiNz you made and the Pr0Fits took back in March…then maybe you can afford to buy a chalet near the birkie and stay up there all year!

  14. bh
    a friend of mine swears by baseballs to fluff up comforters, pillows, winter jackets, etc but I can’t stand listening to the racket they make so I use tennis balls

  15. I don’t know of a US pillow manufacturer that is union.

    I don’t think most are even made in the United States!

    Oh, wait, MY PILLOW is made in Minnesota!

    We bought them and like them.

  16. Mac, why baseballs or tennis balls? Bowling balls work best!

    And hate to be the contrarian, but we bought Lindell’s pillows a couple years ago. They are OK, but definitely not the “last pillow you’ll ever buy”. We have since moved on, still searching for that utopian ideal.

  17. jpa
    “Bowling balls work best!”

    its a matter of class privilege, not everyone has a spare bowling ball.

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