Our Illiterate Overlords

As seniors try to navigate buggy, inept MN-IT (but I repeat myself) websites, or pile in to try for a single-digit percent chance of a shot (maybe, or again, maybe not), teachers union members get a special vaccine event…

…even though they’re still ambivalent about going back to work at all.

Just saying – when David Brooks is right, he’s very, very right. Teachers unions are just as intelledtually vacuous and immune to real science as the most blinkered pandemic conspiracy theorist:

in-person learning can be done safely with the right precautions. This was unclear last March and April, but now study after study has shown that schools can be safe. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just attested to this fact. The evidence seems clear.

Private and some public schools are already operating safely all around the country, with little evidence that attendance is spreading the virus.

[But] teachers unions don’t seem to have adjusted to the facts. In Washington, Chicago and elsewhere, unions have managed to shut down in-class instruction. The Chicago public schools union is on the verge of an illegal strike, even though 130 private schools and 2,000 early learning centers have been open safely since the fall….The Chicago district installed air purifiers in classrooms, conducted ventilation tests, increased rapid testing and held more than 60 meetings with union leaders, but so far the union has been able to keep public schools from reope

Of course, it’s not about science – because the Teachers Union is no more about science than it is about, well, teaching:

A study by Michael T. Hartney and Leslie Finger found that political partisanship and teacher union strength explain how school boards approached reopening. Another survey, conducted last year by Chalkbeat and The Associated Press, found that roughly half of white students had access to in-person learning, compared with a quarter of Black and Hispanic kids.

Readers, many of us got involved in the Black Lives Matter marches last summer. I guess I would ask you, do Black lives matter to you only when they serve your political purpose? If not, shouldn’t we all be marching to get Black and brown children back safely into schools right now?

There were many haunting moments in MacGillis’s ProPublica piece [cited elsewhere in Brooks op-ed]. One comes when he asks the National Education Association president, Becky Pringle, about her claim that reopening schools could lead to the death of 50,000 children. MacGillis points out to her that, in fact, the number of American children known to have died of Covid-19 up to that point is around 100.

The unions are not reflecting reality. Instead of addressing legitimate fears with facts and evidence, they are using their political muscle to inflame those fears. The most vulnerable people in our country are the victims.

The whole thing is worth a read.

9 thoughts on “Our Illiterate Overlords

  1. An illiterate, uneducated voter is a demoncRat voter. What else is there to understand? Only the elite should be able to learn that 2+2=4 and not something else. As such, the unions are indeed living in reality – reality of their master’s choosing.

  2. Remember? Back in the old days? When a guy could kinda tease some teacher acquaintance person with “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”? And how you both could get a chuckle out of it because it wasn’t really all that true and teachers hadn’t declared themselves to be the enemy of Western culture?

    I miss those days.

  3. They don’t need no steenkin’ badges.


    Forget it Mitch — it’s Teachertown.

  4. The question for me regarding vaccination is why the state has a website at all for managing this. Yes, I’m spoiled because my care is at Mayo, but when they’ve got a procedure or vaccination that they think I ought to have, they have this really weird habit of letting me know. So anybody familiar with the fact that almost all care south of the cities is in the Mayo system should simply allocate a proportional # of doses to that system and let them at it. I bet Ridgeview and others could do the exact same thing.

    Regarding schools, what says it for me is that my local schools went for a year with no need to keep buses running, a great opportunity to reduce heating, cooling, lighting, and janitorial costs, greatly reduced needs for building maintenance, and they STILL asked for 10% more from local taxpayers.

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  6. For the most part, every teacher I have met has been a decent person. I’d actually say they are good people.

    Why then are teacher’s unions without exception evil?

    I think the answer is simple. Good, caring, empathetic people are the most easily manipulated by borderline psychopaths.

  7. So who should we vaccinate and in what order?

    Science would suggest, the most vulnerable first, followed by those who have the most contact with the public.

    In other words, put grocery store clerks ahead of teachers.

  8. I’m thinking truck drivers first, too. Or, what the heck–since you can’t get everybody to come in at once, you start calling people and asking them to make an appointment, and you keep filling up the appointment books until you’ve matched your number of doses.

    Come on, folks, this ain’t that **** hard.

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