The one, potential silver lining to the Democrat sweep at the federal level is the inevitability of “Progressive” overreach. With luck and a GOP that isn’t completely indolent, that could turn into a 2022 midterms that make 1994 look like Lena Dunham in a Swedish Women’s Beach Volleyball tournament.

And that overreach is happening. From the “Moderate” “Uniter” Joe Biden, no less.

To quote that great moral authority Dan Rather, “Courage”.

4 thoughts on “Proceeding

  1. Oh, I think the bill going through regarding new regulations and doctors approval for gun and ammo purchase, as well as registration and taxing will have some unintended consequences as well.

  2. Unfortunately, dem voters are like battered women, they will still vote dhimmi.

    Like the ponce pm in canada who was angry at Biden for shutting down the keystone pipeline, but now is singing the ‘looking forward to working together’ song. About green jobs and unicorn farts.

  3. “Over reach” is a synonym for ” success”
    Still waiting for that Obamacare repeal. Boy, the GOP really tricked Obama into signing that, didn’t they?

  4. Has there been ANY rollback of democrat/prog “overreach” (at a federal level) in the last 30 years?

    Besides Trump and some SCOTUS decisions? Don’t think so.

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