Four More Years. Of…

LIke MInneaolis doesn’t have enough problems…

Jacob “McDreamy” Frey is going to run for re-election.

As one wag noted:

Suggested camaign motto: “Stay the Curse”.

The thing about Minneapolis, of course, is that if Frey gets unseated, it’ll be to someone from the left.

And that person will be unseated by someone from their left.

I’m afraid the vortex is unescapable.

23 thoughts on “Four More Years. Of…

  1. Crime is off the charts and no leadership in sight except for bad leadership.

    Voting for Frey again after his first term performance would be a serious injustice for the city of Minneapolis and its residents and business community.

  2. Mitch nails it. Minneapolis, as well as a large part of Minnesota, are stuck in a left wing vortex. It’s citizens have proven time and again that they prefer feckless leaders, as long as they are Democrats.

  3. I smell what you’re cooking Allen. No question the next mayor of Mpls will be the one that can put cheat everyone else.

    Antifa and BLM will vote for Minifrey, because he let them burn, loot and assault citizens at will. He wept convincingly at the Golden casket of St. Fentanyl; hugged the 1 baby mama out of 3 that won the right to fly up here with just her shorties.

    Can more moderate reprobates out Alinsky the far left? Maybe. In any case, it really won’t matter. Mpls is clearly on the Detroit track.

  4. One wonders why the Minneapolis City Council gets a pass from the wags.

    Surely the bench of insane policy generators isn’t shallow in Minneapolis?

  5. If he wins, I will be walking through Lakewood Cemetery looking for “I Voted” stickers on the headstones.

  6. boss, a joke somebody shared with me, a rough translation: Bubba vowed never again to pay respect to his parents at the cemetery after he found out they voted for Bidon.

  7. In case you’re handicapping the race, it wasn’t Republicans that drove him from a “community” meeting with chants of “Go home, Jacob!”

  8. Boss, never underestimate the degeneracy or the stupidity of reprobates. DC Mayor Marion Barry was caught smoking crack with a whore. After a couple years on the down low, he ran again and won in a landslide.

    That’s because:

    A. In DC, most of Marion’s base smokes crack and bangs whores, too.

    B. Those that don’t engage in some other form of debauchery.

    C. The rest are dump as stumps.

    I think MiniFry will be reelected easily.

  9. AllenS

    Frey will run on the mail-in vote party, and win convincingly. Try stopping him.

    Yes, with an asterisk.

    Whomever the MIVP endorses will win.

    Remember – people like Phyllis Kath, Ray Dehn and Tim Mahoney, who were to the left ten years ago, are out of politics today because they weren’t “progressive enough”.

    Frey ran on a relatively moderate platform, including police reform rather than replacement. He’s got opposition in the DFL for that reason.

    That’s right. It’s entirely possible that Frey is too moderate .

  10. I’d be willing to bet Frey will be out. Replaced by Ellison (daddy knows the tricks to make that work), or Jenkins (because…YUK!).

  11. Oooh, yeah, Boy Ellison, that’s the ticket.

    He’s not only a Person of Color, he’s also brave and courageous, patroling the streets with a fire extinguisher in one hand and a pistol in the other, looking for White people to kill.

    He’s PERFECT for the job. Hell, I might vote for him, myself, several times. Where do I get some absentee ballots?

  12. Ellison vs. Jenkins.

    Truly the ultimate intersectional smackdown.

    Also waiting to see if Alondra Cano throws in for Mayor, or holds out for a legislative race.

  13. Cano has said she’s not going to run for Council, so she’ll have some time on her hands. (Not that her attendance was especially stellar at Council meetings.)

  14. You would figure that there would be enough liberals in the city of Minneapolis to campaign effectively against a mayor like Frey. For that matter, I have to wonder if if a moderate could be elected who pointed out how idiotic it is that they’ve hamstrung the police.

  15. Ellison vs. Jenkins.

    Truly the ultimate intersectional smackdown.

    Ooooooo, can’t wait to see the capes, masks and fly-power body-splashes off the ropes.

    I am betting on Mr., uh, Mrs, uh, Ms, uh, Zhs Jenkin. She, he, zhe is an animal!

  16. if Minneapolis is going the direction that I think it’s going, it will never have a white male mayor again.

  17. MO, remember what happened with Detroit, no? Things got so bad that they voted for someone who wasn’t part of the central group, but did appear to have some confidence.

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