Common Sense

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

A frequent commentor asked: “What utility does a ghost gun have that a
serial numbered gun does not?”

It’s a question frequently asked by those in favor of “common sense” gun

To which I reply: “What utility does a Catholic have that an Anglican
does not?  Why can’t we have common sense Catholic control?”

And, “What utility does conservative political speech have that liberal
political speech does not?  Why can’t we have common sense speech control?”

To ask these questions is to reveal the fundamental disagreement between
my view of how government should operate and the questioner’s view,
between the Founders’ view and modern-day Democrats’ view.

How far we’ve strayed . . .

Joe Doakes

My other preferred answer: “I’m a citizen doing something I have a Constitutional and statutory right to do. The utility it has is giving people like you a big f*** you”.

44 thoughts on “Common Sense

  1. I’ve got a safe bursting with firearms of all descriptions, unencumbered with numbering of any kind, being of my own manufacture for my own use, as they are.

    And not a fucking thing any reprobate can do about it.

  2. and Kraephammer wants us to believe he’s capable of reasoned discourse…pffft
    all you are buddy is a common guttersnipe.

  3. You all’s hyper fixations and I dare say, ignorance and lack of worldliness, prevent you from getting into the proper headspace to answer that question.  Now don’t go all “debate me” guy on me Mitch.  You may have in fact read every issue of the American Rifleman for the last 25 years cover to cover and sucked John Lott’s cock as well, where I have not.  It is more of a question of temperament, that I ask

    I wouldn’t want an AR built with a Brownell’s lower that Mitch, or Joe, or Tom bubba gunsmith finished for assembly with a Black and Decker drill.  And on some level, I think you guys understand the logic of that.  

    It’s time and a waste of money and you get a bad rifle and there are other options.  So why ya bother?  For your confiscation / insurrection fantasy, just plan on telling the agents you had a ‘boat accident’.  Isn’t that the go to gun guy masturbation fantasy, the “boat accident”? 

  4. ” Critically inspecting a rather large booger on the tip of his finger, Mandingo Faphammer opined; You all’s hyper fixations and I dare say, ignorance and lack of worldliness, prevent you from getting into the proper headspace to answer that question.

    And with that, popped the gnarly trophy I to his mouth and toddled off, chewing contentedly.”

    ~ “A day in the life of a reprobate sophisticate”. Pg 212.

  5. Pig, I think all decent people would agree that furtively rubbing one off while fantasizing about “fucking Tom’s wife” with a massive black dick is a sad, depraved excuse for a sex life.

    But consider the degenerate brothels and mad houses reprobates are raised in….they just don’t know anything else. God knows what else Faphammers 2 fathers taught him.

  6. John K – you’ve been hacked. Somebody used your name to post sensible, reasonable comments yesterday, not at all like the 6:53 above.

  7. ^ It’s an obnoxious post to start with, directed at me, and then you got Merg’s mental gimp Swiftee shitting all over it. I’m responding in kind.

  8. Mr Kraephammer, I wonder why”ghost guns” are an issue with the left. What are they really after? The number of ” ghost guns” used in crimes is quite small, like the number of nra members who commit violent gun crimes.

  9. John,maybe if you want to be taken seriously, cut the nonsense out about cuckolding people? Just sayin’.

    Regarding the notion of someone doing the gun with a black & decker drill, two issues with that. First, lots of people do have good basic machining experience and tools–you can get aged Bridgeport mills for a reasonable price that will be capable of holding decent tolerances. Second, don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, the guys doing components might be very aware of the limitations of home machining, and just might design things to work with bigger tolerances than might be acceptable at Kimber or Wilson?

  10. ^ MO: I think that’s a reasonable question to ask.  Targeting “ghost guns” for policy initiative isn’t serious, practical wonkery.

    But I can argue from a lawyerly and policy driven place that yes, the govt has a regulatory interest in firearms that is proper in manifesting a serial number requirement at the manufacturer level.  And this isn’t an abridgement of 2A.
    No, of course I don’t want a law that subjects garage tinkerers to criminal sanction.

    As a gun guy, I think it’s a personality feature of hyper fixated 2A guys that would makes them want to have their own unserialed AR or printed pistol… and that this is kinda stupid, its dumb.

    … several things can be true, and not in conflict…

  11. You have to hit craigslist every day for 2 years to get Bridgeport for under 3K….

    …I recommend fellas who want to do a little casual gunsmithing get a Taiwanese RF30 variant for say a 1K, and live with the round column and having to move the head up and down manually…

  12. Mitch, that’s hysterical that you’d moderate blog comments for quality and / or that they insult Swiftee.

  13. 👆The buggy moderation system is a disservice to the continuity of the thread.

    That said — I’m just here to watch Swiftee get pummeled with logic.

  14. Several things can be true and in conflict. That’s very true.

    For example, you make a moderately cogent argument – one with which I disagree, but can find grounds for a discussion…

    …and you end it with “I think it’s a personality feature of hyper fixated 2A guys…that this is kinda stupid, its dumb.”

    Nothing gives you a rational argument like pop-psychoanalyzing your opponents.

    Back on point? I’d see your point about serial numbers – if gun owners could trust the government not to abuse the tracking of those numbers.

    The record shows – we can not.

  15. And here we are, more proof the host is only interested in engaging mindless trollbots while intellectual challenges (as in part 4, by quite a few folks) remain either ignored, or deliberately avoided to drum up more fodder for the trollbots.

  16. Oh, that’s right… the blogger and its commenters never pop-psychoanalyze.. That’s not what righties do when they contemplate / ascribe motives of the left, that’s different…

    They don’t track them.  Post factory report, the serials in the dealer bound books are in custody of the dealers.  It’s an arduous process to track a used gun through several dealer transactions.  You gotta go visit them in person.

    The other product of the hyper fixation is the paranoia.  There’s never going to be gun confiscation, Mitch.  Not in our lifetimes.  It’s not politically tenable, and it’s not logistically tenable such that the federal government could bother to try.
    Hyper fixation prevents you guys from dialing into reality.  I know, camel’s nose and all that…

  17. Mitch you don’t think the govt has a regulatory interest in firearms that is proper in manifesting a serial number requirement at the manufacturer level, and that its not an abridgement of 2A?

    They do, Mitch.  It doesn’t matter what you think about it as an ideological construct, it doesn’t matter that you believe a maximalist interpretation of 2A is the right one.  They have the interest.

    So debate it, debate me guy.

  18. But I can argue from a lawyerly and policy driven place


    Sure, sure Mandingo. You’re the Swiss Army knife of scary smart shit…but can you do it while fapping yourself raw while fantasizing about BBC and “Tom’s wife”, Faphammer? I’m convinced you can, but try it now, and report back to the group.

  19. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that like me, Mitch doesn’t give fuck-all about what the govt has a regulatory interest in. We’re concerned with what the US Constitution says and what SCOTUS has ruled; because that’s all that is important.

    We have the right to manufacture firearms for our own, personal use without going through the bother of getting an FFL or manufacturers license and the ATF agrees. So nitwit trolls can bugger off.

    We make firearms because, fuck you. That’s all the answer that is required.

  20. Regarding whether we can trust a government to not track serial numbers, if you read the comparison of the 1922 German firearms act (Ja, ich kann Deutsch) with the 1968 U.S. Gun Control Act, you’ll see some uncanny similarities. And along those lines, states where firearms have been registered have very often to move (e.g. California, New York) to confiscate them.

    Now thankfully, it hasn’t been done yet the way it was done in Germany in 1938–confiscate guns from a group as rhetoric against that group escalated–but the ugly reality is that I’ve read a number of opinions from people on the left urging that Trump supporters be put in re-education camps. I guess the question is whether we’d get beet soup, a thin gruel of rice, or a slab of black rye bread as our daily ration.

    Meaning that those who read and understand the history of genocide in the 20th Century just might think “huh, might want to have something that the Stasi don’t know about….”

  21. For starters, JK, not sure where you get the “Debate me guy” schtick. You’re the guy who came here with your anonymous piss and vinegar, calling people “tard”. Not sure I’m the one with the issues, here.

    Second – when you say “Mitch you don’t think the govt…” – I already said they had “an interest” in the subject. Government has lots of interests that conflict with freedom, either intrinsically (taxes) or because the people in government can’t be trusted with the power to enforce those “interests” fairly, dispassionately, and while respecting the liberties that the letter and spirit of the law calls for.

    The government “has an interest” in having cameras and microphones in your bedroom, but I think we can all agree we can push back on that, right?

    The government, least of all a Biden administration acting as a beard for the neo-Maoist Democrat mainstream, don’t rate being trusted to use that “interest” responsibly.

    There is supposed to be a tension between order (without which prosperity is impossible, without which freedom is academic) and freedom (without which order is onerous). Our current government does not make the case to violate the tension in the direction they prefer – not by a long shot

    Hint: repeating “they have the interest” several more times doesn’t actually prove anything.

  22. Hint: repeating “they have the interest” several more times doesn’t actually prove anything.

    Right. It’s along the lines of these nitwits chirping “You don’t have any evidence (of voter fraud)” and then throwing out a court case with hundreds of pages of evidence.

    Reek has been squeaking about 64 cases Trump “lost in court”. That’s complete bullshit. Being dismissed for a bogus technicality doesn’t constitute losing. In the case of the blatant election fraud the reprobates have pulled off, it’s nothing more than the courts saying “we don’t want to get involved…GFY”.

    *That* cowardly position, btw, is as much to blame for the storming of the Capital as anything else.

  23. The government has an interest in solving crimes.
    The police want to be able to trace firearms used in crime to find the shooter.
    Serial numbers could be used to trace the firearm.
    Firearm serial numbers are kept in firearm dealer books.
    Dealer books show who the firearm originally was sold to.
    The police go to the person who possessed the firearm at the time it was used in the crime and arrests that person for committing the crime with the firearm.
    Therefore, every firearm should have a serial number.

    John, there’s a break in the chain of logic. Knowing who the firearm originally was sold to does not tell you whether (a) that person was the real buyer instead of a straw buyer; (b) the original buyer sold it to someone else in a private transaction; or (c) it was stolen or lost, whether or not reported to the police.

    Police departments know this, which is why they don’t bother tracing most guns. The estimates I’ve seen say only 15% are successfully traced. Some people weigh the theoretical reward of tracing against the historical record of firearms confiscation in other countries and conclude the risk is greater than the reward. That’s the utility in owning a firearm without serial numbers.

    This is an academic debate anyway. It won’t matter much when the Biden Administration acts. The plan is to outlaw possession of certain firearms and firearms parts, plus offer a token payment to ‘buy them back’ instead of confiscating them outright. It’s a variation on the condemnation process used to take land for a highway or school, which is why they think it will pass constitutional muster.

    But after the buy-back period ends, anybody who possesses a prohibited item will be a criminal. Anybody who uses one risks being ratted out. Children will be quizzed at school. Divorce lawyers will encourage clients to squeal to gain an advantage in the property settlement. Neighbors will be offered a reward to Turn In Traitors. And people who use prohibited items to repel home invaders will be charged with the felony of possessing a prohibited item, which converts an otherwise justified self-defense shooting into felony-murder.

    It has nothing to do with the quality of the build.

  24. Regarding the end mill, looks like Harbor Freight has them, new, for under $2k. Get together a few friends and put some guns together, it pays for itself.

    And again, the manufacturers know how to design around the limitations of home machinists.

  25. I have the HF mill drill. Its a lot of PITA to just do some AR lowers. It weighs 750 lbs, and you need a 220 line to run it.

  26. Yes, but a lot of guys already have a 220 line in their garage or shop so they can weld, connect a dryer, and the like. Cheap tools are a PITA, but then again, so is finding yourself disarmed because the government followed up on what we ought to have predicted in 1968.

  27. I have the HF mill drill.

    Yeah sure you do, and your right hand man, Reek owns prime lakefront properties and spends the winter gliding the birkie.

    You fucking people…

  28. Oh, and it’s 120VAC…

    You’d think a magnum intellect like Faphammer would have taken 5 minutes to investigate his fucking lies, but hey, reprobate right?


  29. Say Faphammer? In case you’re wondering, I knew you were fucking lying because the safe I keep my un-numbered firearms in weighs 700lbs. I had to rent a climbing dolly to get it up 5 steps into my house.

    An HF benchtop mill/drill? Lmao…you fucking moron.

  30. Swift is a fucking poseur asshole. Fuck you, Tom.

    I do in fact have a RF30 variant HF Mill Drill, “the good one”. And yeah, I use an engine hoist to move it when I have to.

    Kiss my ass little man. You are absolutely sexually frustrated.

  31. Can’t speak for Tom Swift, but Dr. Strunk can read.

    John Kraephammer on January 21, 2021 at 4:08 pm said:
    I have the HF mill drill. Its a lot of PITA to just do some AR lowers

    The “good one” is a vertical milling machine…says so right there in the ad. It’s not the “mill/Drill”.

    I can see the difference, and would know which I had, if I had either. I also know the difference between 648 and 750 lbs.

    When the issue of milling machines came up, you said:

    “John Kraephammer on January 21, 2021 at 11:03 am said:
    You have to hit craigslist every day for 2 years to get Bridgeport for under 3K….

    …I recommend fellas who want to do a little casual gunsmithing get a Taiwanese RF30 variant for say a 1K“

    And yet, you bought “the good one” from HF for well under $3k?


    You’re a fucking liar, Faphammer. A proven liar. But don’t be so triggered.

    Every single stinking leftist that has ever slithered through these comments was a fucking liar, too. Comes with the Reprobate party membership, I guess.

  32. Now would be the perfect time for Reek to plagiarize some inane twaddle, and for padded cell boi to tell us about his world famous friends and neighbors.

    C’mon fellas. Your pal Faphammer is dauber down…help him out.


  33. You’re out of your depth, angry fag boy. The RF30 variant = the “good one” at Harbor Freight. That’s the mill, dipshit. And its got a base that makes the total weight > 750 lbs.

    What’s your deal Tom, your mom’s boyfriend make you suck his cock as a boy?

  34. From the ad:

    “Shipping weight 648 lbs”

    You saying they shipped the base separately, Fapliar? Haha! Sure they did.

    You said you bought a “mill/drill” until Joe offered “the good one”. I paid my way through college turning hand wheels, Fapliar, I know the difference between a knee mill and mill/drill. You would too, if you’d ever laid hands on either.

    You’re a liar, my man. We know it, and putting the sexually degenerate thoughts that flow through your empty skull into writing won’t change that fact.

    Hahahaha! 😂

  35. The question of why leftist reprobates are all liars has come up here before. It just seems to be part of the symptoms of the mental disease they have.

    Strangest thing.

  36. Well, now I’ve done it. Looks like Fapliar has taken his butthurt and gone home.


    Or maybe he’s gone to the UP to glide the birkie with Reek!

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